Simon Joins the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Roster


Alongside a 300MB update, PC owners can now download Simon from Yogscast as a racer in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The DLC pack costs £2.99 and all money raised goes to the chairty Special Effect, who you might remember from this years Summer of Sonic?


Yogscast, the UK’s most watched YouTube channel, run an annual charity drive for the month of December. This year, they are teaming up with SEGA and taking the drive to the next level in a race against the fastest Hedgehog in the world. The Yogscast’s very own Simon Lane, aka Honeydew, is now available as a brand new DLC character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™ with 100% of all SEGA and Yogscast proceeds being donated to the SpecialEffect charity.

For more information about Special Effect and the fantastic work that they do, please visit their main website,

No video of Simon is out yet, however a few images were posted to the Steam product page showing off his vehicle in full which you can see at the end of this update.


So if you’ve not donated anything to charity yet and have been considering it, why not buy this character? You’ll be donating to a good cause and get something to play with at the same time.

Source: Steam Store

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  1. I’m glad the PC version hasn’t gotten any characters that I actually care about. It’d be nice if the consoles could get some DLC though.

  2. Worth Noting that Transformed is also Free to Play again this weekend. So Simon or not, you should really give the game a shot.

    Gotta say, I DO like his vehicles. I still wish Sumo would stop teasing us with the ‘real’ DLC though…

  3. Regretting siding with Simon earlier on. His ingame model looks a bit too similar to his own self and less to his new cartoony styling. Not saying that I don’t like Simon, but I really like the look of the CG cartoon model, since it looks quite expressive. Simon looks very blank on his ingame model, and it’s kinda unsettling.

    1. i hear you there!
      blank character faces are quite off putting. that was my problem in the first ASR (blank faced results screen)…

  4. First DLC Pack was 1 character and 1 stage = £1.99
    Second DLC Pack was 1 character = £2.99

    Errrrm…I know it’s for charity but that still doesn’t make sense.

  5. …The rainbow pig. That’s…hilarious.

    His model doesn’t seem quite finished, however. Too blank faced, which doesn’t fit someone who is always laughing and joking.

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