Legend of Zelda DLC Coming to Sonic Lost World

During todays Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Sonic Lost World would be receiving a free piece of DLC themed on Yoshi’s Island.

Skip to 17:51 to see the Sonic Lost World Segment.

But it wasn’t just Yoshi’s Island that was confirmed. Mr Iwata said that there would be two Nintendo themed DLC packs for the game – the first is Yoshi, and for the second, a not-too-cryptic hint was dropped.

Fans will be able to ‘Link’ their Wii U systems to the Nintendo E-Shop early next year to download this DLC as well.

Hmmm I wonder who it could be? I guess we’ll find out early next year.

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  1. Hoohoo. 😀 Today was a real treat for me! I’m off to play that Yoshi DLC. Who knows? Maybe with all this Sonic X Nintendo stuff adding up, that third Nintendo/SEGA partnership game could be….

    Nah. I dream.

  2. It has to have something to do with windwaker…considering the hd version was just released.
    It would fit in well with the toony style of lost world.

  3. I’m prefectly happy with Nintendo world/character DLC in a Sonic game, considering that it’s on a Nintendo console after all. I think some different worlds is beneficial nevertheless. Considering it’s optional DLC there isn’t a lot to complain about, maybe.

  4. I am just glad that Nintendo and SEGA are making more out of their partnership than just developing games together. Heh, just imagine what would happen if we went back to the 90’s and showed everyone this. They’d go bananas. 🙂

  5. This is a leap forward to an actual Mario & Sonic crossover platformer that is canon to both franchises. Whether Nintendo and Sega share the same universe. Who knows but debatable.

  6. Yes! I’ve been waiting for a DLC that lets Sonic play in a Final Fantasy stage!

    *shot for making bad joke*

    But seriously, a Zelda stage in Sonic is amazing.

  7. I just wonder the video of Sonic Lost World level from Nintendo The Lgend of Zelda of release date?

  8. After playing the Yoshi’s Island DLC, I must say I am very shocked even still. I am so stoked to see what they do for the DLC they make for The Legend of Zelda. What game will it be referencing (if one is chosen in particular), will we see Link, what kind of enemies can we face? How will Sonic blend in with the environment of maybe Skyward Sword? Oh the questions.

    Also, I know if they did this, you’d probably need to pay for the DLC, but I don’t care. Wouldn’t it be cool if the DLC packs all became worlds with full bosses and cutscenes rather than one level? For being free, this DLC is a-okay, but I was curious from day one of its announcement as to what NiGHTS DLC would be like as a full world. I mean… travelling through Spring Valley in Act 1 or so, you know? With Yoshi, I’d think it would be fun to fight bosses like Kamek and Baby Bowser. But that is just me harking on what could have been. 🙂

      1. I’d hope too. In fact, that seems like the most likely choice, considering the fact that so far The Wind Waker HD is the only Wii U game out for the franchise. I’d love to see Sonic go through Windfall Island, or one of the dungeons in the game.

    1. Hells yeah to bad nintendo doesn’t really care about that franchise anymore, metroid and starfox too

      1. Metroid got two games for the Wii, Starfox got a remake for the 3DS, what did F-Zero get? A Nintendo Land minigame, and so did Metroid, only that one was bigger!

    1. Team Rocket get enough stress from Ash. Let them enjoy what little time off/benefits they actually get (if any).

  9. So I can only assume they’re talking about the old Gamecube-GBA “link” cable, meaning this is either Rayman or Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles themed DLC!
    …Right? 😛

    1. Sorry bro… Hate to break your heart, but it’s not either one of those… Here’s a hint:

      Take a careful look at that wall that Sonic is running along…

      That’s alllll I’m gonna say!! ^___^

        1. Heh… It’s alllll good ma bro!! I can totally appreciate that sense of humor!! ^__^

          I like your idea on DLC btw… Especially Rayman!!

          Just think about it! A DLC level where Sonic becomes totally limbless… What moves do you think he’d have? IF it ever happens… Day one download… STRAIGHT… UP!! 😀

          1. Well, a limbless Sonic would probably have moves similar to the Werehog, extended reach and all that.

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