First 4 Figures Announce “Sonic Generations City Escape” Statue

First 4 Figures have just announced the first in a new line of Sonic statues… and it’s incredible.


Part of a new Dioramas series of statues (yes that does imply there are more to come), the first in the series is ‘Sonic Generations City Escape’ and shows classic and Modern Sonic skateboarding through City Escape.

No details on price just yet, however pre-orders open up on November 19th (next tuesday) for those who are interested.

I hope your wallets are ready!


  1. I wonder if Tails will be featured in this series. I still have to get the first Tails exclusive xD
    I also wonder how much it will cost hehe

  2. Man, this is the perfect time to start getting some of the F4F Sonic stuff. I’ll likely be pre-ordering this.

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