Sonic Rejoins the Brawl! Blue Blur Confirmed for Smash 4 via Nintendo Direct!


IT’S HAPPENING! Sonic the Hedgehog returns to the Brawl in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!

Wanted to have the 90’s Console War mascots deck each other in the face once more after Super Smash Bros Brawl? Wanted more Sonic and Mega Man action after Archie Comics’ Worlds Collide crossover? So did we!


The surprise announcement came by way of today’s Nintendo Direct, and along with Sonic’s sudden confirmation comes his own stage representative, Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World!

Check out the gallery below!


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  1. As grateful as I am for this, I hope this isnt the third game…

    But hey, Sonic’s not a newcomer or guest anymore, he’s a veteran fighter! He so belongs in that world

      1. Whatever. Looks better than the centered mouth anyway. Sonic’s mouth was always meant to be seen from the side.

        1. Meh. I think it’s better in the center. He looks weird with it on the side. Who has their mouth on the side? Not Tails. lmao Unless it’s 2D artwork then it looks better on the side.

          But the new models look better with it on the side than than in the middle cuz every time they put it in the middle with the newer models it looks weird. I think they just don’t know how to shape the mouths right with the new models. lol

          1. Middle Mouth Sonic…? Ugh, no thanks.
            Even back in the Adventure days I wondered why his mouth was in the middle instead of on the side. How is Sonic gonna do his awesome smile when its stuck in the middle? For younger characters like Tails, Cream and Charmy, it’s fine though…

          2. Because mouths are generally in the middle? Why would someone have a mouth on the side of their face? lol I find it funny that you always wondered that even back then. xD And the smile is shaped like the like a swoosh, so naturally it pulls to the side a bit regardless of if the mouth is in the middle or not. So that’s not a problem. Even so, why would he need to do that smile in 3D? It’s a 2D smile. lol But like I said, with Modern Sonic it’s more cartoony looking so it fits more trying to be like a 2D image somehow. lol

            For younger characters it being fine just makes it make even LESS sense. why is it fine for them when they also have their mouths on the sides of their faces in 2D artwork? Charmy has the same face structure as Sonic! Seriously! XP

        2. That’s not the case, Nintendo could have actrally modeled an actrual mouth on the side, but they made it texture.
          SEGA made an mouth model on the side in Sonic Generations.

  2. Community, we need to ban together and get Knuckles playable in this game. Don’t give me bullshit and say “No lets put Shadow in, ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!!!” No He would be a clone, Knuckles would be perfect for this game and deserves to playable alongside Sonic more than any other character in the series.

    1. Don’t give me bullshit and say “No lets put Shadow in, ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!!!”
      Okay…ahem….I WANT BLAZE 😀

        1. It would make more sense for her than Knuckles anyway. Name one good game where Blaze was playable that wasn’t a Nintendo exclusive?

          1. At the very least, they could add them as trophies. I’m pretty sure Shadow felt pretty lonely in Brawl…

    2. The only bullshit I’m going to give you is that Sonic is more than enough Sonic-verse characters for Smash Bros and you whining and trying to get another in is embarrassing.

      1. Sonic is in it. Now while i would completely embrace Knuckles or Blaze (Even though they would add Knuckles before her) I am not going to beg, plead, or worse DEMAND them. Just leave it be and be excited he is in there. The only thing i would ASK for is better alt skins, like, a Metal Sonic skin or maybe a Shadow skin.

        1. I’m also hoping for some unique skins for most (if not all) characters… though I get the slight suspicion that Sonic’s alternate colurs/costume will probably just be the Virtual Hedgehogs from Colours and Lost World.

  3. I knew he would return. I told everyone Nintendo and Sega are buddies and have a great relationship. Why would Nintendo take out a character who was in high demand in the last game and Mario’s friend/rival? Glad he is back. Now if Pacman will join too which i have a gut feeling he will it will be Sonic Mario Megaman and Pacman! four different mascots fighting in a match.

    1. I fucking laughed. I couldn’t have asked for better announcement music. Just be glad the stage isn’t Seaside Hill again.

      1. I was hoping that if Sonic got in, we’d get Chemical Plant Zone, or Death Egg as a stage, but Windy Hill looks great for Super Smash Bros. 🙂

  4. Of course he is. There’s too many reasons for him to be there.

    The partnership.

    The fact that they’d be missing out on having A Mario, Sonic, and Megaman crossover! Seriously, who would do that? Have a chance like that and then pass on it.

    Of course Sonic’s back.

  5. YES!!! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!! Finally a battle with Mario, Megaman and SONIC! 😀

  6. Even more reason to look forward to the new Smash Bros for me now. I wounder he they will make him less of a cheap shot in this new game.

    1. He wasn’t entirely cheap in the last game, he was more…unwieldy. His speed was fun and useful, but required timed precision to make sure you could stop and hit anyone. And also, as overpowered as Super Sonic was, it was difficult to control. I really hope they do a good job refining his moveset in this game. (please have only ONE spindash!)

  7. His rendering looks SO much better now. He’s less lanky, his irises are no longer too big and his mouth isn’t in the middle. He looked creepy in Brawl, in my opinion. XD

  8. huh anyway i wanna a PS4 Sonic game soon sega announce that third game already so we can have him on PS4 or PSvita
    and thank you

    1. not gonna happen, Nintendo made a partnership, Sega would only making games for wii u and 3ds now for awhile

    2. Yes! I’d totally get a PS4 just for that while Waiting for the issues on PS4 to clear up (There’s always going to be problems with consoles at launch).

  9. Oh my God! Yes! I thought Pac-Man was a shoo-in for another guest star, and I thought my favorite blue buddy wouldn’t be in, but MAN am I glad I was wrong! 😀 He also looks beautiful in this game! Very vibrant, he is.

  10. This is great news, but I cant shake the feeling alot of the returning cast are only there to promote the new games, Toon Link for Wind Waker HD, Sonic for Lost World etc, kinda like Raiden and Dante in playstation all-stars….besides when are we getting new characters? I’m sure this game will be awesome but Brawl had over 18 new characters which made it exciting, this smash bros has only 3 so far…

    1. THIS.
      I thought I was alone on this one, it makes me fear they will do the same for newcomers. Smash bros is notorious for being late on things

  11. Anyone else hearing Jason Griffith’s voice clips? I suppose they’re just placeholder

    1. No, I definately heard Roger in there, although he seems to be doing his higher-pitched, ‘Lost World’ voice.

      1. To me it just sounds like a clip from Generations. I remember hearing that grunt during gameplay.

  12. Mario characters – Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, Peach, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, possibly others I have forgotten

    Sonic characters – Sonic

    Come on Nintendo/Sega, at least give us important ones like Tails, Knuckles and Shadow!

    1. I’m not desperate for more Sonic characters, but it would be nice. I mean, if they’ve got the ‘Villager’ and ‘Wii Fit Trainer’, it’d be nice to see Tails or Knuckles!

    2. It’s called Super Smash Bros. Not Nintendo Vs. Sega. You should write a letter saying to make a spin-off of this series called Nintendo Vs. Sega with the whole “MARVEL Vs. Capcom” idea in mind. lol

    3. Mario Characters: Mario-Luigi-Peach-Bowser

      Yoshi: Yoshi

      Wario = not confirmed

      Donkey Kong Country: DK-Diddy not confirmed neither are Mario characters.

      Sonic is 3rd party and as such he is the only represenative and if random chance maybe one more. Mario, LoZ, Pkmon, Kirby and such are 1st party and by default have more REP because it was originally about only Nintendo characters/all-stars duking it out anyway.

  13. Is it sad to say that a SINGLE announcement video showing Sonic reappearing as a character in the New Smash Bros game has sold me on the game, And on buying a New System, more than what Lost World has shown me in the past months since it was announced…?

  14. Nice to know we’re gonna be able to play as this little bastard. Though he looks kinda lifelessly odd for some reason.. Still excited though.


    1. Mega Man: “ACK! Cut it out! I’m multi-platform!”
      Mario: “Mama-Mia! *sigh* Here we go again…”

  16. Dude that picture up there of him in running pose looks kinda Sonic Adventure-ish. It’s like a modern Adventure model. Dude it looks AWESOME! He should look like that. I’m not so much an Adventure fanboy as I am just a big fan of that art style. XD lol I just think it looks cool. Though his cheese in the model for this game seem a big weird. Like they shouldn’t stick up as much or should at least be further out. But he looks so different in a really cool way.

    I like how their trailer for announcing Sonic is back kinda gives the vibe of how big of a character he really is to come back like that, and the trailer sort’ve emphasizes the idea that there are now 3 major mascots in the game. Mario, Sonic and MegaMan. : D I like it!

    1. I just wish they gave him an over-the-top cinematic like they did with Mega Man. Sonic Heroes is almost too upbeat to sound epic in this trailer. But whatever, it did what it needed. It got every Sonic fan in the world to squeal at the same time.

    1. I mentioned it to my friend… tho I am kinda surprised no one’s said it in the comments yet. Why does Sonic’s model look updated? o3o is it a sign? lol

      1. It’s updated because everyone’s is updated…to some extent. Anyway, the new model and stage is obviously part of promoting Lost World, as well as the rest of the Nintendo-Sonic games in the next year. It looks like they’re keeping the spherical design of the stage. I wonder if you can travel a full 360 degrees…That would make launching opponents off of the stage SOOOOO much fun!!

    1. Seriously, I don’t even care about the lack of cutscenes anymore (well, not as much anyway)! Now that both Mega Man AND Sonic are in this game, it’s like I practically already own it. I only hope they tweaked his moveset a slight bit, i.e. only ONE spin-dash, an awesome parkour feature, and even more hilariously annoying taunts! I also really hope that this isn’t the “third SEGA/Nintendo game” that they were talking about, because that hardly counts as a full partnership effort. But I digress, if Nintendo really does plan on having Mario and Sonic save the Wii U, they’ve definitely guaranteed a purchase from me.

      Plus, Sonic’s pretty much a veteran character now, so I’m going to be expecting him in any future Smash Bros games.

    1. What if it’s a Wisp Power? XD Asteroid or Frenzy! lol

      Or maybe Unlimited Color! Out of nowhere you start shooting all the Wisps at someone. “Lazer! Drill! Cube! Spike! Rocket! Hover! Frenzy!” Be like “The hell? WHAAAA!!!!” XD lol

  17. Great Job Nintendo also by Sega for putting Sonic back ! Then one more thing Nintendo change Mario clothes to Dr Mario please !

  18. I REALLY hope that this isn’t the third special game…I’d be sad…IDK why, but I was thinking it’d be something along the lines of Sonic and Mario Kart.

      1. Not it isn’t. It REALLY isn’t.

        His Brawl mouth was just fine. Sonic’s mouth does not have to be so awkwardly at the side.

    1. Pac-Man.. I swear… Pac-Man. He’s coming. I know it. People think I’m crazy. I’M NOT CRAZY!

        1. Maybe it’s because he has his own show again…? I don’t know…At this point, if anybody suggests another popular third party character like Pac-Man or Rayman or whatever, then we can call it squarsies. But I’d still be super happy with Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man. Ultimate fantasy, here I come…

          1. I’m just guessing because of the recent Nintendo/SEGA/Capcom/NamcoBandai crossover on the 3DS. They’re all obviously buds so Pac-Man or a Tekken character would be perfect.. heck, maybe even Klonoa if the rights for the other 2 are already taken

        2. 1. Namco is helping develop the game.

          2. Pac-Man’s been in quite a number of games with Mario.

          3. The sheer amount of fans wanting to see the largest gaming mascots duke it out.

          4. He’s getting a new game soon based off the recent TV show, and I think it’d be a perfect time to announce him then.

          Again, this is all my own theory and all… but that’s my evidence as to how I think he’s very likely.

  19. If they would add any other character from Sonic into SSB, (As much as I love Blaze or Knuckles) I’d want Chaos 0 to be in the game. Recognizable villain from the serious that is a drastic difference from Sonic in terms of playstyle, assuming they’d use some of his Sonic Battle traits. A heavy small character, with powerful hits, and extended reach. And his Final Smash? Perfect Chaos could be very fun to control for a few short moments. XD

    Glad to have Sonic back. Will be maining him again. I don’t think they’ve changed his moveset, but I’ll manage. Won’t have to adapt too much. 🙂

  20. I can see 3 possible candidates for the last guest character (and I say last because Nintendo told the guests will be a minimum number)

    Pacman: Namco is co-developing the game, and we’d have 4 mascots
    Bayonetta: SEGA partnership with Nintendo, Bayonetta2 beeing Wii U exclusive, her beeing a perfect fighter and a female character too.
    Rayman: same reason as Pacman, but he has less chances

    1. Nintendo already confirmed just because Namco is giving them a helping hand, their not getting guests. Besides, the director said he didn’t want to focus on third party characters, and Mega Man was simply an exception. There were only 2 playable third party characters in Brawl, and since Mega was announced, some people felt he was Sonic’s replacement. Now that isn’t the case, I’m sure he’s the last guest character.

  21. I Feel like its great that they brought sonic back into the smash bros series, It would’ve been nice if It was classic sonic this time though that would’ve have been kind of cool and slightly would’ve put a twist on things

  22. I’m really liking the new look and the idea of using Windy Hill instead of Green Hill Zone. I mean, I think it’s logical to use W.H. because of the exclusive agreement between SEGA and Nintendo.

  23. At first, I wasn’t going to get this game. Then this happened! Now I am so enthusiastic about getting this game that not even SpongeBob could be happier! (Yeah, I said it!)………Not really though. No one can be happier than SpongeBob Squarepants. 😀 🙂 😛 😮

  24. *Grumbling* I’m happy he’s back but I clearly saw both animations for “Spin Dash” and “Spin Charge”. The charging animation, and then the faster, wind back and release animation. *Sigh* Seriously I hope it just depended on if it was in the air or not, because, he REALLY needs another move.

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