Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS Launch Trailers


With Sonic Lost World now available in Europe, SEGA has put out one last trailer for each version to showcase Sonic’s latest adventure on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Lots of gameplay and cutscene clips are shown from various stages of the game, and there’s even some dialogue in there. As you’d expect, Sonic and Eggman sure don’t sound happy about having to work together.


Source: SEGA Europe YouTube Channel

Have you bought Sonic Lost World? What do you think of it so far? Speak out in the comments.

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      1. Its at the very end of the game, and thinking in context of where the story lead, I think that Sonic would’ve came up with a much better quip. He just had so much mentally going on at that point, he was emotionally tired from everything that happened.

  1. AAAAH! I don’t care what reviewers say, this looks so GOOD! I’m excited to play it so I can get my opinion out there. 😀

    And this is my first time hearing Sonic’s voice in this game. I’m saying this because people have been saying that it’s different, and “annoying” – but it only sounds a little higher than usual, and still very good. Roger Craig Smith is definitely my favourite voice for Sonic. 🙂

  2. The 3DS multiplayer at last! It actually looks pretty good. IGN, Game Informer… I WILL play this game, and I WILL seek enjoyment from it! No review in the UNIVERSE is going to stop me!

  3. Oh my god now there’s is four Players or online of Battle Area or racing with your friends!

  4. I like Lost World, just two problems for me.
    A) the level design is well….unfair to put it politely.
    B) It annoys me to no end that when you die, a message saying “Try Again” appears…that was really condescending in Super Mario Sunshine and it’s even more so here.

  5. Oh one more thing those choices colors blue green, blue remind me of Luigi Mansion Dark Moon on online multiplayer with four players or people.

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