Sonic Lost World Now Available in Europe


It’s Friday 18th October! Sonic Lost World is out now in Europe! If however you cannot wait until the morning, it’s available for purchase and download via the Nintendo eShop on both the Wii U and 3DS.

So if you don’t want a physical copy of Sonics latest adventure you can download the title on both systems for £39.99 (Wii U) and £34.99 (3DS). Should also point out, if you buy the game before October 27th, the NiGHTS DLC is also included.

Keep checking TSS as we’ll have a review of the game up by early next week for both the Wii U and 3DS version of the game.

And to celebrate the release of Sonic Lost World, here is a gif that made me chucke…

P.S. Still not sure where to buy Lost World from? Check out our handy price guide.


  1. Cool! I hope you guys have fun! Judge this game fairly ya’ hear! 😉
    P.S.: Okay, just one more week, one more increasingly bastardizing week of school until I can finally get my hands on Sonic Lost World here in America. I can do this! Charge! Parkour! RAAA! Seriously, I hope you guys enjoy having the game a little over a week before us! 🙂

  2. Oh, but COME ON! Japan gets a bonus by getting the demo early, The U.K. (and Australia I guess) get a bonus by getting the game first, and even Mexico or whatever region it was gets a bonus by getting the game even before the U.K. because they get their street date broken! America (and Canada I suppose) get the most bitter part of the deal by getting the game a little over a week later than the rest of the world (Three and a half weeks later if you count the street date broken area), we don’t get the Demo, and we have to dodge spoilers all over the web for that entire time! (YOU REALLY DO NOT HELP TSSZ!) I know in the long-run this all means nothing, but I’m talking about the short run here! I want my Sonic! 😛

        1. Europe Gets It Right Before My Birthday….I Have To Wait Till The 29th……Come ON SEGA! At Least Give Us A Demo!!!!

  3. Hogfather did you change the calendar to Friday October 18 , 2013 It support to be Thursday October 17, 2013 how could you!

  4. GAAAAAH!!! I want this game to come out.SO… FREAKIN’… BAD!! If the game gets delayed again I may have to shoot someone… LOL, Just kidding!! But seriously, I think it may be safe to say that we Americans have been screwed royally, but I digress!! What really matters is that everyone living across the pond gets to enjoy this awesome game down to the last drop… And I look forward to your review of this game, Hogfather(or whoever’s reviewing it)…Peace out!!!

  5. Note to self: stay the hell away from the Sonic-related part of the internet until Christmas…at least, if I DO get a Wii U, that is.

    1. I should be getting the game later today. If I think everyone should stay away, for whatever reason, I’ll leave another comment when I’ve tried it out.

      The IGN and GS reviews seemed rather harsh though, we’ll see.

  6. What a disappointing game, I’m playing the 3DS version and it’s a bit of a mess, floaty controls, stupid special stages and unfair pitfall/enemy placement.
    It’s the first Sonic game in a long time I’ve had to put down.

    I played the Wii U version at SOS and didn’t like it much, though the 3DS played a lot better I thought. (familiarity with control scheme rather than holding a bulky tablet thing.)

  7. I’ll be getting the Wii U version through the post today. The game has been getting average review scores for most sites which doesn’t surprise me; I don’t get downheartened that much if a Sonic game isn’t stellar anymore.

  8. I’m enjoying the game so far! But it irks me to see the reactions here…

    I guess it’s true. Sonic fans will never be satisfied. They will bitch and moan, no matter what Sega does. How selfish…

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been satisfied with most Sonic games, but to use your words, something about this game in particular irks me. I’ve been playing it all morning and am over halfway through, and it’s been far from enjoyable.
      I made a point not to read reviews until after i’d played the game for myself so as not to taint my view, alas a lot of what I’ve seen in my playthrough has been echoed in the various reviews.
      It’s a nice looking game, the story is ok but the gameplay is just lacklustre. I should point out that I’m on the 3DS, perhaps the Wii U fairs better, but from what I played of it at SOS, I wasn’t a fan.

      Sadly they’ll never please everyone, this game is going to be a divider.

      1. Well then, I guess Hogfather was correct after all in his first impressions post he made a couple months ago. He specifically stated the game will divide a lot of fans, and I guess he was right. Congratulations Hogfather, you told the future.

  9. Whats the wii u version like? Is it really as bad as all the reveiws say it is? I havent played either of them but i thought the wii u version looked really good and was shocked to see it get a 5. Either way im still buying the game

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