Sonic Lost World DLC Not Working in Canada

deadly six edition

UPDATE: SEGA’s RubyEclipse has answered the topic at the SEGA Forums to inform that SEGA is now investigating the problem.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your patience – we’re investigating this now. 🙂

If you’re having the issue and haven’t already, please do send in a ticket to Customer Support so we have you in our records.

Original story:
Sonic Lost World has finally been released in North America today, but it appears the wait hasn’t been completely worth it for those purchasing the Wii U version in Canada specifically. SSMB member XD375 grabbed his copy of the Wii U Deadly Six Bonus Edition today at his local EB Games store, but when he got home and tried to enter his DLC code on the eShop, it wouldn’t work. XD375 reports that his Canadian friends at other forums are also having this problem, as is a Canadian user over at the SEGA Forums.

American residents aren’t reporting any issues, so it appears the problem might be that SEGA has accidentally put codes intended for the American eShop in with the Canadian copies of the game, which don’t work on the Canadian eShop. Worse still, XD375 says his EB Games Store hasn’t received the advertised pre-order bonus DLC either.

XD375 has created a topic in the customer support section of the SEGA Forums, but so far hasn’t received a reply. If we hear anything from SEGA on the matter, we’ll update.

Thanks to XD375 at the SSMB for the heads up!


    1. Because Sega made a mistake? They’re working on fixing it. Don’t be offended, because that would suggest they did this on purpose to attack you or offend Canadians. Mistakes happen, after all, and at least it wasn’t a bad copy of the game. Fixing the code is much easier compared to that, and in the meantime, you can play the game :3

    2. You’re literally offended because SEGA overlooked the fact that American codes don’t work on the Canadian Eshop. This is clearly SEGA’s fault for making an honest mistake and they totally need to stop being so offensive to people

  1. “If we hear anything from SEGA on the matter, we’ll update. A”

    First off, I’m pretty sure it’s “eh” and second off just because this is about Canada doesn’t mean you have to put in their stereotypical speech tick.

  2. I had a different issue in Australia. When I first tried to input the code, it said it wasn’t being “distributed at this time” this was the day of release. I waited a day later and put in the code and it registered. I don’t know if it’s the same, because the error message was different to this one.

  3. Well I am going to get Sonic Lost World on November 2 for 2013. Because My parents said no video games on week days only on weekend expect on Friday you could play.

  4. Yeah my codes didnt work either!
    I called it into nintendo, and they are currently “looking into it for me”.

    I hope this gets fixed asap! I feel kind of ripped off..
    The games not quite a “bonus edition” with out the bonus dlc working…..

    But on a positive note the game is AWESOME!

  5. Hey, Canada is part of North America. Man, way to give the U.S. everything. ;P

    Seriously, though, this would explain why we couldn’t download it during the livestream. And here I thought it just wasn’t ready yet, or I was entering the code wrong

  6. Guy, Quit being babies and stop criticizing Shadzter’s article. I bet you guys are scholarly English majors if your criticizing to much.

  7. Greetings from Canada. I actually had this problem yesterday, but I wasn’t overly concerned. Thanks for the news, I’ll make sure to submit a ticket to Sega asap.

  8. I’m slightly worried now…I preordered this and I’m going to pick it up later today. I live in Canada…but I don’t have a Wii U yet..So…how do I report problems if I can’t even check if I have problems yet? :'(

  9. I find it rather humorous people get upset over it not working and are offended by it. Yes, it should work. However, Sega did not do this on purpose, and they are working on fixing the issue. Mistakes do happen, and while this is a rather large one, you will get your DLC eventually, and perhaps even get compensation for it. Play the game without the DLC for now until it is fixed, and submit a ticket.

    No need to get your pants up in a bunch, because everything will be fixed~

  10. I JUST tried it again, and NOW the code worked! also the level is unlocked immediately so you dont have to do anything it seems.

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