New Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Trailer, Release Dates Revealed


In additional crossover news, we’ve got more intel concerning Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games!

Announced in the recent Nintendo Direct (along with a smashing reveal), release dates have finally been set in stone for the fourth instalment of the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics series. European fans can expect it on their shelves on November 8th, with North American players receiving it on November 15th. A bundle package containing a themed Wii Remote Plus is also set to go retail!

Along with the dates came the surprise announcement of online multiplayer for the Olympic Games sponsored sports title, so friends can now go head to head via the Nintendo Network rather than viewing global rankings alone as in previous instalments. A major plus!


Source: Nintendo Direct

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  1. Let’s be honest here

    With Sonic’s reveal in Smash Bros, there’s no hype for this game whatsoever.

    I’ll still buy it tho

  2. Online multiplayer? Finally! About time they add that. 🙂 Granted, it’s for something like this, but at this point, I don’t care. I have wanted online multiplayer for these games for quite a while Today is a wonderful day for Sonic.

  3. They have milked this whole Mario & Sonic Sports games too much to the point I don’t care anymore, I wish they would do a Crossover platformer or an RPG.

  4. Why, WHY have they kept that hideous rendering of Sonic? They’ve gotten rid of it for SSB4, so why not this?

    1. Agreed! It’s the return of fat-face Sonic, as I like to call him.

      Sonic just looks better with his mouth on the side of his face to me…as i said, it makes him look like he has no chin when it’s centered.

      And why are there no new characters??? All of the boss characters (Birdo, King Boo, Dry bowser, Dry Bones, Omega, Rouge, Jet, Eggman Nega) are already in the game, with their own stats, character models, animations and voice clips; it would be pretty damn easy just to even add 2 or 4 of them to the playable character roster at least.

      Ah well, hopefully this’ll be the last M&S game…although with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze being delayed until February 2014, I’m sure I’ll end up buying this game regardless of how tired I am of this series, for whatever reason 😛

      1. And it’s not just the mouth. His EYES really weird me out, too. The pupils are too big and shiny – coupled with his middle mouth, he goes straight into the Uncanny Valley (i.e. very creepy territory). XD

    1. I’m fairly certain it’s just a blue Wiimote Plus, nothing that sets it apart from other blue Wiimotes. I’m wondering how much it’ll be with the controller; if it’s only 10-15 dollars more than just the game, I’ll definitely pick it up 😀 Smart move; Wii Play wasnt that great of a game, yet it sold a TON of copies, just because you basically got a free controller. This game already sells very well, now with this, I’m certain sales will be through the roof!

  5. This is the only WiiU game I’m looking forward to. Glad it’s looking better than expected.

  6. Bravo!! 😀 I can’t wait for all these amazing games upcoming!! The only thing ruining this moment is my homework!

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