Gotta Grrr Fast! Sonic Dog Costume


Sup Dawg’s? I got some Sonic news for you.

A Sonic the Hedgehog costume…. For dogs! A Sonic the Hedgehog costume… FOR DOGS! Erm… Can I fit it on a cat?

This costume has popped up for order on, current asking price is $20 + Postage. I can’t imagine it being official but. If you fancy turning Fido into the worlds fasted hedgehog. Well hot dog, nows your chance!

Pay no attention to the fact that they have just photoshopped the costume onto the dog and not managed to get one to sit still enough to put him in one. It’s a Sonic costume! For dogs! It comes in small, medium, large and extra large, though you might want to get on the dog n’ bone to get more accurate measurements.

Anyone here going to order one? Regardless as to if you own a dog? You’d be barking mad not to take avantage of this find.

Source: HalloweenCostumes

Edit: According to the website, this is indeed an official product.


  1. The puns! They’re about as bad as the Deadly Six’s dialogue in Sonic Lost World…no, sorry that was mean; they’re not THAT bad. Nothing’s that bad.
    But seriously, my chow chow can be Sonic the hedgechow!….yep, that’s the best I’ve got.

    1. Because every one (Bar yahtzee)don’t care when Nintendo is milking the Mario franchise while everyone (Bar the Sonic fandom) complain when SEGA milks the Sonic franchise. (My best guess)

      1. Oh you are mistaken my friend, after NSMB2 all the fire reigned down on “Nintendo is milking Mario!!” Trust me. Mario gets just as much hate for milking. For years people were tired of Peach always getting kidnapped and not having co-op in a console 3D game. We get it and now all you hear is complaining about how it’s too similar to 3D Land or doesn’t have “Galaxy” in the title. Actually Sega’s dialed back on milking Sonic unless we’re counting old games rereleased for downloads.

  2. Fido he can really move
    Fido hes got an attitude
    Fido he’s da fastest thing alive.
    *Woof*. ^__^

  3. That is ADORABLE!! I think you could put it on a cat but good luck. My cat would flail and bite if I put him in a costume. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention this year, us ladies can get a slutty Sonic costume as well. Yes it appears anything can make for a slutty costume. As if all that erotic fanfiction out there wasn’t bad enough, now it seems like Sega said f*** it and just caters to them.

  4. Fido he can really move
    Fido he’s got an attitude
    Fido He’s the Fastest thing alive.

  5. It’s now on sale for $12.99. A Super Sonic mutt is yours as quickly as you can click and FedEx can ship. I wonder if it allows your dog to actually run and fetch instead of sit and sleep. In the worst cast, it better not let the dog go all out Super Sonic and tear your house and, indeed, neighborhood to shreds. Even if you don’t own a dog, you could always dress up your cat, pig, Shetland horse, ferret, turtle, penguin, chimpanzee, or even hedgehog in one of theses with a little expert seamstress work.

  6. I’d get this for my cat. He’s so docile, I can get away with putting clothes on him. He gets treats afterwards, so it’s not like it’s a bad deal for him! XD

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