ComicVine Interviews Ian Flynn on Archie’s Countdown To Chaos Story Arc

With the recent crossover of Sonic the Hedgehog and Megman from thier respective Archie comics over with, what’s next for the our blue hero? (Sonic not Megaman).


Writer of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics Ian Flynn recently took some time to talk to Comic Vine to about the next saga, ‘Countdown to Chaos.

The interview goes into detail about the repercussions from the crossover with Megaman and what to expect in the next few issues.

CV: Where did the decision come to have actual repercussions after the crossover instead of just starting a new adventure?

IF: In our last major event, Sonic: Genesis, we did a temporary rewrite of the world. When we returned to the status quo, the main complaint from fans was a lack of repercussions. After the major shake-up that was the Worlds Collide crossover, we knew we couldn’t play it safe this second time around.

Something that will please long time Freedom fighter fans is the return of Bunnie Rabbot and who knows we may finally get some answers as to where she disappeared to.

CV: We’ll be seeing the debut of Bunnie Rabbot as well. How much of a role will these characters play in future issues?

IF: Bunnie’s a mainstay, but you could also argue this entire story arc is about “debuting” the Freedom Fighters all over again. When last we left her, she was stripped of her robotic powers and went missing – So when we see her again in Countdown to Chaos there will be changes!

Oh and of course the return of someone else who has been missing from the Freedom Fighters for sometime now, but I would think everyone would know who that is by now.

Check out the full interview here, (spoiler warning).



  1. If that’s the case, then it’s our job to keep pestering Nintendo to give us a Mario comic made by Archie!

  2. Great interview, and talking about crossover I would love to see a Sonic VS Megaman X crossover, and about Nintendo it would be nice to see a Mario & Sonic story though I would prefer something more suitable for Sonic like a Sonic and StarFox crossover.

  3. To any moderator who sees this, the US Sonic Lost World commercial just debuted! Please make this an article!

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