Tropical Coast Ashore at Sonic Lost World TGS 2013

Hear ye, hear ye! Freshly baked Sonic Lost World footage straight from the Tokyo Game Show! Watch it while it’s hot!

As we have reported last week,  Sonic’s upcoming Nintendo-exclusive venture was to receive a 45 minute presentation during SEGA’s TGS 2013 showcase earlier today. With viewers from all over gathering at the Nico Nico-based livestream, Sonic fans everywhere were ready for the extensive preview held by representatives of SEGA of Japan, including Lost World producer Takashi Iizuka and the game’s Sound Director, Tomoya Ohtani.

The showcase, to the dismay of some, comprised mostly of pre-existing information and video, but one juicy tidbit did satisfy many others, and that is previously unseen video footage of the Tropical Coast stage, featuring the Yellow Drill, a controllable mech, and more! Sea for yourself!


Source: NintendoEverything

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        1. *Insert Feferi Quote here*

          I really Fish you would stop doing that. Its really Sharking to get on my nerves.

  1. Wow… the 3D drill looks very fun. I want to see a lot more of Tropical Coast soon, as I want to see what they could do with it.

  2. Looks like there are 4 main zones (acts) per world. Hopefully there’s more; 4 zones per world adds up to 24-30 main levels in the game, and Colors had 45.

    1. the thing about colors levels were that most of them were very short. Most levels in colors could be finished in less than a minute. These levels appear much larger than colors’ levels, plus it’s still more levels than Generations.

      1. No, only some of Colors’ levels could be finished in less than a minute. Most took no more than 3 minutes. But your point still stands; Sonic Lost World’s levels seem longer.

        1. I know, but… still. I’d rather have more levels than less levels (not counting level quality variance).

      2. They don’t really seem all that much longer, imo. Look at Desert Ruins 2 or the Casino stage. Extremely short, extremely empty, extremely linear. Hell, even the main stages (like this one) look to just be more or less just a straight line with some insignificant platforming.

  3. Ok, this is becoming more and more impressive and the features are quite robust….plus UNDERWATER DA-RRIIIIRU…IN TAREEE DIIII!!! Big ups for over-the-top Japanese voice acting

    It is sad though that this game is sorta of losing it’s visual identity by going the Mario Galaxy route, but thas the price you pay for fame. Plus, there’s always the next game.

      1. Um…yo what happened to the comment? Hmmm.. gotta love the oppressiveness. Yeah, delete everything I said why don’t you?

  4. This level looks really good fun ! Though part of me wishes that every level was completely Tube-3D, as that looks to be the most fun level style. On a side note, It’s nice to see footage of Lost World from a game show with some actually decent playing skills for once !

    1. The tube level structure would get old after a while; I’m glad not every level has that structure.

      But look at those parkour skills; have you ever seen anyone move Sonic so stylishly? 8)

      1. True actually, it would get old. What I really meant is for every level to be in 3D, and be quite wide and open, but not necessarily a tube structure. The 2D sections do look good, but I personally feel Sonic would work better if it were fully 3D ( one of the reasons why I loved Adventure 1 ).

  5. 2:30 Now Sonic knows what it’s like to be a Flicky.

    3D DRILL!!

    God this game looks like so much fun.

  6. Eesh. Not gonna lie, all I got out of this trailer is that the water walls surrounding Tropical Coast tubes looks kind of terrible. I’ve been on board with most of the art direction but I really wish they had gone with a look that wasn’t “solid blue plastic” in this case.

  7. I’d say this is the first track I’m not 100% blown away with. It’s miles ahead of other franchises and passes as a good Sonic song, but I get La Bamba, Beach Bowl Galaxy, etc., and nothing really outstanding. Still, judging by the Desert Ruins remixes, this still has the potential to become something amazing during the underwater mine level. Imagine this feel with something like “the honeycomb level”‘s enthusiasm!

  8. Am I the only one who is NOT liking the Tropical Music Theme? I mean, it just sound’s REALLY slow compared to the likes of Emerald Coast, and Angel Island Zone, which were pretty up beat and memorable. I don’t know, maybe it will leave a better impression when I actually get my hands on it.

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