Sonic Lost World OST to be released in November

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A listing on the videogames music website VGMdb has revealed that the soundtrack to the upcoming Sonic Lost World is set to be released on 27th November in Japan. The OST will have a physical release spanning 3 CD discs, similar to that of Planetary Pieces (Sonic Unleashed) and Vivid Colors x Hybrid Sounds (Sonic Colours) before it. The soundtrack will be published by Wave Master Entertainment and will cost 4200 Japanese yen, and can be pre-ordered right now through HMV JP.

As the time of writing, the soundtrack currently has no official title beyond “Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack” and no track listing has yet been unveiled, though you can of course expect to find all of the game’s level music as well as the main orchestral theme on there.

Credit goes to SSMB member Blue Wisp for the find.

What do you think of the music in Sonic Lost World so far? Do you have a favourite track from the few we’ve heard? Let us know in the comments!

Source: VGMdb

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      1. Europe release: October 18
        Australian release: October 19
        North American release: October 22
        Japanese release: October 24

  1. Man, I love this game’s music so far. The only problem I have is that there are no clean, full rips of any music yet (Windy Hill’s rip is only about 60% of the actual song). Usually by now we’d have at least 3 rips, along with several SFX+music-rips too. I can handle the SFX fine when listening to a song, but having a Japanese announcer drowning out the music doesn’t make for good music.

    1. I have no doubt that they’ll release the soundtrack on iTunes, for a time it seemed that SEGA was obsessed with iTunes and released a TON of albums. As far as when? I wouldn’t be surprised if they released around a month or two after they release the game. But it sure would be cool if they released it on iTunes around release time wouldn’t it!

  2. I honestly haven’t heard any track besides the ones in the trailers, I’m trying to pay attention to the least news of this game as I can so that when it comes out I could have an amazing experience. But doing this has caused me to have low hopes for the game, I’m hoping it’s as they say tho and that it’ll make for a big comeback for my favorite video game character.

    1. Definitely look some of the tracks up on YouTube. They’re some of the best songs in the entire franchise, outside of BtS and AtS of course. Very NiGHTS in their vibe, but classy. There’s plenty of decent SFX rips if you snoop around. I’m not sure how much you’re trying to avoid unofficial spoilers, but I’d definitely recommend Desert Ruins Acts 1 and “2” (the honeycomb level), and Frozen Factory Act 1. They’re spellbindingly gorgeous.

  3. My favorite track is Silent Forest Zone 2, besides the boss fight. >:3 It’s such a lovely and fun song to listen to. It sounds like a haunted forest, which is what I LOVE. 😀 It’s a nice refreshing touch to the other stuff. ^^ It’s too bad there isn’t a clean version of that song on the ‘Net, though. 🙁

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