Sonic Lost World: Opening Cutscene Now Online

This is something you’ve all been waiting for.


The opening cut scene to Sonic Lost World!

GameTrailers have uploaded a walkthrough of Windy Hill Act 3. However, at the start of the video, theres the opening cut scene for Sonic Lost World. Having watched it myself, it’s a really nice little opening, quite action packed despite its short length and well worth a view… but… who is going to hold out until October?

Source: GameTrailers

Thanks to Sonic Trainer for the youtube rip.


  1. …Okay. I really want to watch this, but at the same time, I really don’t. Same reason I haven’t watched that other cutscene yet – I want to wait until I actually have the game. Is that bad? XD

    1. Bro, watch it…it’s not only a very cool video it’s also very informative I highly suggest checking this one out! It doesn’t spoil all too much we already don’t know!

      1. But you don’t have to if you would rather keep everything a surprise. But even with a few spoiled scenes, it’s still going to be a surprise. You’ll just have to be careful around the Internet during October.

    2. Nah, dude. It’s not bad. It’s a personal preference.

      Honestly you shouldn’t have come in here though as soon as you saw the title. It’s a temptation.

      I will say this, it’s just an opening scene. So on the bright side it doesn’t really spoil anything plot-wise. Do you remember when Lost World was first teased before they even revealed the title? That picture of them on the Tornado and the planet in the clouds? lol

  2. That…That was…FREAKING AWESOME !
    The CGI cutscenes are absouletly beatiful,and the sonic’s and tails voices is really improved o.o Tho story is kinda like unleashed,which is an awesome thing.Not too dark,nat too cheesy,but balanced.We have a story,its not too dramatic or serious,yet still intereting,basic,fun and strong ! The gameplay and graphcis are pretty good too.Parkour works well,wisps works in 3d,cool.MUSIC IS AWESOME.I can’t wait,and instant buy for me.And i dont even have a wii u lol.
    *Btw gotta love that spindash-abuse lol*

    1. Wasn’t he aiming for Tails? It’s a moving target while he was also moving in the sly. Can’t be easy. Plus, doesn’t he usually prefer to beat them up and “Win” than to simply kill them? He probably thought when he missed that they would fall into the water or something.

    1. Seeing someone else play is not the same as playing it for yourself.

      The people who say Mario Galaxy made them dizzy obviously only watched vids and never played it.

      1. It is for me. lol I can usually get the feel of the game by simply watching it. lol Since when you play it’s merely watching the images move that gives you the whole “feel” of the game. If you pretend to press all the moves while watching it, it’ll feel like you’re playing too. =p

  3. The music was so awesome, but the dialogue was very weak. Also, sometimes Sonic, Tails, or Eggman would not even open their mouths yet still talk.

    1. When? The only time I saw that was with “If you insist” but his mouth was open. His teeth weren’t though. lol

    1. Which will be the inferior version. Didn’t you learn that the lower res version of a Sonic game is automatically worse? Sonic Genesis(GBA), Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, etc. All these weren’t as good as the originals, as they’re half assed.

      1. Give this one a chance. SEGA isn’t pulling off the Sonic Rush crap anymore, they are taking a whole new 3-D approach.

  4. My bad not 3DSXL I already have it last year. I mean for 3DS of Sonic Lost World on October 22 for GameStop!

  5. I dont know the CGI is amazing but I felt the Voice work was alittle weak…but still Sonic Lost world has potential to be the best 3D sonic game ever made, it pretty much nearly has all the great ingredients that makes Sonic great. Sadly i wont be able to play it till I get a WiiU which might be a while.

    1. Aww man. I thought he dialogue was an improvement over most past dialogue in Sonic games. Felt more like a movie and fluid. :3

      1. There’s that awkward silence between when Eggman’s told to drop the animals and he just drops them, saying after he did it ‘if you insist!’. It seems kinda awkward to hear it after he’s done it, doesn’t seem right. I will admit, as awkward as the cutscene is, it looks beautiful. The reflection off Cubot and Orbot is awesome, and seeing Sonic in such high res is a sight for sore eyes, really proving that the Wii U has a great graphics engine compared to previous games.

        1. The reason why he said it afterwards was to catch S&T off guard. If he said “If you insist” before, S&T would of known what he was talking about and saved the animals. So Eggman did it afterwards not only because he knew doing that would work, but to irritate S&T with that troll-like face.

        2. Well the cutscene was a CG animation which we’ve seen even in Shadow The Hedgehog, it just got perfected in Unleashed. We’ve seen it even in Colors so it’s no surprise the Wii U can do it. It probably stands out more thought since the in-game graphics seem to be so much lower standard in comparison when past games were closer up there. lol

          The awkward pause didn’t seem awkward to me. He was being a smartass. Like he drops it when Sonic asks him to even though he’s above water. Saying “If you insist” is kinda like saying “Hey, you asked for it.” As he also sort’ve shrugs when saying it.

  6. I know alot of you people who dislike the upcoming game dont like how it isnt as fast, but you gotta admit its pretty freakin awesome that the Spindash is the Go-To method of speed again.

    Plus, its lookin pretty fast to me regardless.

      1. Actually, I found it weird that it didn’t lose any speed while going for that long. He wasn’t hitting any speed boosters after that, can Sonic really defy physics?… What’s that? He can run on water, run upside down, can kill metal bots by curling up into a ball and rotating quickly, can rev up his speed in a ball shape somehow, and can breathe in space?… Seems logical to me.

        1. Its suppose to work like the boost, and it works like this if you charge it up you won’t stop for a long time until it fades

        2. Wasn’t he going downhill though? That’s why it reminded me of SA2. I remember in 2P model in City Escape always spinning down the road while racing and making those sharp turns, but it still lasted a while and only stopped because we reached the end of the road where these boxes were before that grinding part.

          Hey. There’s not NO logic in Sonic. It’s just it’s own set of rules. lol He can do all those things you mentioned. But when he jumps, he always comes back down. If one of his jumps suddenly didn’t come back down THAT would be illogical. lmao

  7. I’m going to hold off for now, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m getting bored of the game being revealed before release (same reason why I’m not watching the rival trailers), I’d rather be surprised for a change.

    Anyone have any idea whether cutscenes will appear in 3DS version? or is that getting the Sonic Rush treatment? It’s going to be a while before I get my hands on a Wii U…

  8. CGI opening looked amazing. the chase and conflict reminded me of Unleashed’s opening.
    im glad they had fun when writing this script ~

  9. Oh my goodness I am so excited for this game. That cutscene… Sonic and Tails and Eggman, all doing what they do, some action, some good dialogue, great CGI… Eeeeeeeeeeee I’m so hyped. 😀

  10. Every new piece of information for this game makes me want it even more than before! The cutscene is great and I loved Eggman’s troll face that he pulled when he dropped the Capsule lol. I missed having CGI cutscenes in Generations. Like they showed CGI cutscenes in commercials and in trailers for the game but for some reason they wern’t actually in the game. But that game is in the past (All puns were intended!). Great Opening Sequence Sega!

  11. This game is going to be a system-seller. Hands-down. Possibly the best 3D Sonic game.
    And reviewers won’t be paid off to review the Nintendo version better this time because, well, this /is/ the Nintendo version!
    Ah, man, really can’t wait for this’un! Definitely a Day One buy for me (day one of owning a Wii U, that is, but the point still stands).

  12. Nice cgi, but weak for me. I feel like I have seen these characters way to much lately. Why not swap out allies and villians once in awhile, but I realize Eggman is not the villain of this game.

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