Sonic Lost World eShop File Sizes Revealed


Thanks to Nintendo Life, the file sizes to the digital editions of Sonic Lost World have been revealed, and I’m warning you right away: this game’s been dreaming of pounding your sorry storage device. Those hoping to go digital for either the 3DS or Wii U versions, take note of the following!


For 3DS owners, Sonic Lost World will be clocking in at around 1.25GB. To those curious, standard Nintendo 3DSes come with 2GB SD cards, and XLs already have 4GB ones loaded into the system, so if you’re hoping to go digital, now would be the time to invest in a bigger memory card.

Not that the Wii U version is any better, with the file size going for a massive 8.37GB. Owners of the Basic Edition might as well go for the retail disc or get an external hard drive, while those with the Deluxe Edition might not be better off what with a decent chunk of their console’s memory used up. Another downside, the Deadly Six Edition appears to be retail-only (thank you Parax for the heads-up!)!

What do you plan to go for? Are you picking up your game in the shops or waiting for the midnight digital release? Let us know down below!

Special thanks to YoshiUnity of the SSMB for the tip.

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  1. does this really come in as that big of a surprise? Most games today are burned on Dual Layer DVDs of one form or another. The wii-U is no exception, just means they’re semi-up to date. Twould be bigger if it was a blu-ray reader

  2. This is bigger than Unleashed and Colors o-o. But I am kinda scared now with the size of the 3DS version…

      1. You mention external hard drives for the Wii U. Does it have to be Wii U specific, or will any old hard drive do?

        1. It shouldn’t matter. The Wii U will format the hard drive making it compatible with games. Also, USBs are compatible too, so you could just get a USB over 9 GB for Lost World only. I’ve formatted an 8 GB USB before to test, and it seemed to work fine.

        2. from what I understand any USB device can work (I have a friend who uses a standard 16GB USB drive and he says it works, he did get the basic bundle after all), I would assume SD cards are compatible too but don’t hold me to that one 😛 (It did take Nintendo a while to allow launching saved channels from the SD card on the Wii and I have not experimented with such things on the Wii U)

          1. Oh, no problem then. Another question is, will we be able to use a memory stick with stuff already on it? If so, this could lead to some Wii U games getting pirated somehow.

  3. What’s the UK eShop price for 3DS? If it’s cheaper, like in Japan, this may not be such a bad deal…

  4. It’s a darn good thing I’m a physical copy or death guy…I would be so mad right now. (Glad to know SEGA’s puttin’ a lot in this game)

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with the size for the 3DS. Honestly, if you’re planning on going all digital (like me) then you have already bought a larger SD card. Games like Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem are ~4GB’s anyway. I bought a 32 GB card for $30 and that’s probably all I’ll need considering the e-shop’s really small selection of actual 3DS games.

  6. Im torn.

    Ive been slowly accepting the comfort and laziness that downloading games gives. But I still would like to own the physical copies of my favorites, and this just may be one of them…

  7. Well the 3DS Digital will be no problem since I’m one of the lucky ones who own a 32 gig SD Card. As for the Wii U Digital, I’m sorta torn now. Granted I was planning on investing in an External Hard Drive for it, but the fact that the Deadly Six Edition’s Features will only be Retail exclusive kinda leaves me stumped. ;;

    I guess that delay will give me a little more time to think about it now. xD

  8. it a good thing I order sonic lost world: the deadly six edition -retail version- from (Wii U)

  9. Meh. The retail version is alot better anyways. You get a physical copy with DLC (that is usually cheaper than the eshop ver since, lets face it, eshop stuff are very overpriced unlike steam or even retail Wii U games.)

  10. So what’s the usual size of Wii U and 3DS games? Could this mean that Lost World will have a lot of content?

  11. Good thing my 3DSXL has a 8GB SDHC already and I have plenty of exteral HDDs to use for when I get a Wii U. XD

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