Sonic Lost World Delayed to October 29th in North America


Above you, we have the North American version of the extended Deadly Six Trailer, showing off the Sonic Lost World antagonists in action… but there’s bad news bears for some.

While this doesn’t affect the October 18th release for eager European fans, SEGA of America has pushed the North American version of the game by another week, widening the gap between both regional releases. This purportedly makes it the last version of the game to be sold on retail, with Australia still getting their mits on Sonic’s Nintendo-exclusive adventure on the 19th Japan still receiving it on the 24th.

That clocks the North American street date of Sonic Lost World to October 29th instead of the previous October 22nd date. Just a quick heads-up before you head into Gamestop to pick up your Deadly Six Edition of the game!

Special thanks to Carbo of the SSMB for the tip.

P.S.: “Bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy…!” Hogfather called it!


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  1. I… I… Wow. Ok I didn’t think that the trailer would actually contain Bad News.

    Though… it’s only a week.

  2. Well, The one positive thing I can say to American fans is that at least Sega feel the need to delay the game before releasing it. It at least shows they’ve truly learned their lessons on when to release a Sonic game 🙂

    1. Though I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with the game’s completion, considering the release date hasn’t changed for any of the other regions. =/

    2. I don’t think I understand what your argument is, but I’m certain the game has already been burned to disc and printed. That stuff is ready to ship. No idea what would force them to wait an extra week, but I doubt it’s for quality purposes.

    3. Or, maybe the delay had to do with the NiGHTS DLC? It originally was included only in the European trailer; perhaps they had to add it to the US version later after hearing fans’ response?

  3. I actually don’t mind the delay. My birthday is a couple of days after the 29th so Lost World will be a major b-day present for me!! SEGA probably pushed the date back in America for Christmas reasons or because of all the games being realesed in October. (Wind Waker HD disc ver. Pokemon X and Y. Wii U Party. Back Flag and so on!)

      1. Arkham Origins is not released 3 day before this game. Maybe it’s got something to do with Roger Craig Smiths schedule.

  4. So I pre-ordered just ‘Sonic Lost World’ MONTHS ago, does this still mean I get the Deadly Six Edition? Because I asked the guys at Gamestop and they said that they haven’t heard about a special edition although if that did happen, I should expect it when I get the game, I’m having mixed info here. PLEASE help me out!

    1. Pre-ordered copies of the game SHOULD definitely be the Deadly Six Edition for EBGames, Gamestop, and Amazon. From what I’ve gathered, it’s like the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Bonus Edition – it’s going to go for all first printed copies and is only available for pre-order or while supplies last. You should be good!

  5. Wait, AUS gets it on the 19th? We never get sonic games on a Saturday it’s always a Thursday… And EB games still says the 18th when I preordered the Wii U version a week ago… Oh well, it’s only a day difference.

    One more miserable week of school to suffer before the game graces me with it’s perfection. Oh well…. I really can’t think of anything positive to say. 🙁

  7. Hm. A fan I know mentioned it could possibly have to do with a voice actor’s schedule. A week is a rather fine wait… certainly nothing like Rayman Legends’ delay.

    1. But the UK release is still the same, why would we be getting it earlier if the games have the same voice actor?

  8. So, Sonic’s coming out the same time as Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4 & WWE 2K14?! Yowza! Good thing I get paid on the 25th then… This may actually work well to my advantage. 🙂 (P.S. I only planned to get the collector’s edition of WWE 2K14 on the 29th, but whateves. One week delay is no big to me.)

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