Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Extended Trailer


Sega have released another trailer for Sonic Lost World, this time, it’s not a stage or gameplay mode thats highlighted, it’s the Deadly Six themselves.

Now, this trailer contains every Deadly Six boss fight, so if you’re trying to come to it fresh, better avoid this one. For those who want to be spoilt, I think you’ll really enjoy this trailer, have to say it’s my favourite of the lot so far.

P.S. “Bad news is actually the one thing I enjoy” .. …. you have no idea how many jokes I want to make with this.


    1. I’m not sure if your talking about her voice or not
      But the English voice sounds like a higher pitched rouge the bat.
      The Japanese voices for all the deadly six are epic and make them live up to their descriptions
      Zazz sounds like a psychotic monster
      Can’t remember what zomom sounded like
      Master zik sounded like an old man (the English voice for him actually sounds older to me)
      Zeena sounds like a moody teen
      Zor sounds like a really depressed teen
      Zavok sounds like death itself!! His Japanese voice sounds so dark and like a master of something

      I think the English voices are fine so far
      I hope zavok sounds like he did in the Japanese bosses trailer

  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t care for these characters? For me, its the only thing making me hesitant about this game; everything else looks amazing. I mean, maybe they’ll turn out alright, but they just look and feel really out of place. The boss fights themselves look pretty cool and Im fine with it if the bosses are a bit longer & more challenging than the Colors boss fights. IDK maybe I should just wait and see what I think when I see them in the game, because right now I’m not exactly impressed (w/ the bosses that is; after everything I’ve seen of this game, I have a feeling that it might finally be near the level of the Genesis games).

  2. Did you guys heard it Zavok says hahahahaha playtime is over Hedgehog at 2:07 sound like Shadow The Hedgehog but different words Shadow The Hedgehog says play time is over doctor I guess Zavok is copy of Shadow The Hedgehog and Vegata. Then one more thing Zenna is actually look like Rouge the bat or sound like Grandmama and different voices.

  3. Wow. I admit, I sort of do like the voice direction. I see the craziness and zanyness they tried to pull off with these vicious, but rather silly beasts. Sometimes, a game antagonist doesn’t have to be threatening to be awesome (Fawful, I’m looking at you.) Plus, some fans complain about true threats like Chaos anyway. This trailer truly brings out the feeling of the game to me, and I am very excited, despite the flaws I see in the game.

    “SIGH! *flies away*”

    1. While I agree completely with you, I’d like to be “that guy” and clarify something.
      Characters like this are still incredibly threatening. You brought up the example of Fawful who, if I had to say, had an incredibly daunting and evil plan in BiS. So it’s not bare-bones that the villain’s awesome /because/ he’s not threatening. Rather, he’s incredibly fun to watch and follow in his evil plan, so that when the serious-face final boss shows up and that funny element is gone, it’s even more threatening.
      I’d say the Deadly Six are going that same route: they’re fun to watch, and the writers were able to have a blast making these crazy, zany personalities. They’re all parodies of stereotypes (The Emo, The Girl, The Fat One, etc), but when you hit that Lava Mountain fight with Zavok, all humour’s devoid of the scene and we’re left with one terrifying conclusion (asuming Lava Mountain is really the last stage and the fan-predictions of the possible seventh world aren’t true. In that case, the awesome and threatening climax may go on a bit longer). This same sort of balance between awesome-for-humour and awesome-for-threat has been following Eggman since Unleashed. Everyone enjoyed the Orbot-Eggman antics, but the Egg Dragoon, Egg Nega-Wisp, and Time Eater (in concept, anyway) were all huge and epic threats to finish off the game.

  4. Also, the boss battles seem top notch. Admittedly, when I first saw the game, I thought every boss fight would be like the character battles in Sonic Adventure or something… however, these fights seem downright daunting, especially Zavok’s. I should also note the fact that each Deadly Six member has the location changed in the world they’re in with their boss battles, so perhaps you fight them twice per world.

  5. It’s a real pity I’ll have to skip this game as it is a Wii U exclusive. I can’t justify buying the system for just one game.

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