Sonic Generations 3DS Available via NA Nintendo eShop!

Sonic Generations 3DS Screenshots 66

Now you can take your blue hedgehogs on the go… on the go!

Sonic Generations 3DS is now up for grabs on the digital market! North American 3DS owners can purchase the handheld edition of the 20th anniversary title for $29.99 via the Nintendo eShop, as announced via SEGA’s Twitter earlier today.

The Blue Adventure version features an entirely different set of stages and bosses, save for Green Hill and the Rival bosses, and an online multiplayer mode compared to its White Spacetime counterpart, so to those who’ve been on the fence on picking up Gen3DS should be pleased to know that they can now pick it up from the comfort of their living room!

If you plan on going digital with your games, make sure you’ve got a sizeable SD memory card!

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  1. too bad the game mostly sucks

    it’s nice to have the option to choose between digital and physical, though

    1. For a early 3DS effort, i say it was not bad. Sure it felt a bit less fun than the PS3, 360 and PC Generation. But they start working on them years in advance while with the 3DS one, they had to do in it in shorter time since they had the 3DS dev kits for a short time at that point. But In the end of the day, it’s opinions and i respect everyone to have their own opinion.

      1. I like the game, my critisism is that the content is a bit on the light side. I would have been happier with 9 stages, with varied missions and more celebration of Sonic’s handheld history. But for what it is, its still a decent game

    2. Disagreed. For something made in 8 months, it’s pretty good. The only bad thing I can think about are the repetitive missions, the Multiplayer, the rival battles and maybe Modern Radical Highway (I’m talking about the design).

  2. It has completely different stages? You mean when compared to the console versions or the physical 3DS cartridge? If the latter, then that’s one good reason to pick it up again. Kinda wish they just made it DLC, though.

  3. Although the 3ds version was less fun than the console version, it was still a decent game nonetheless. I wish they made this earlier like the console version instead of at the last minute!

  4. I have nothing much to say the 3DS version could be done better but the PS3/XBOX 360/PC – STEAM Version is more fun to beat/complete (I totally 100% complete the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 lol)

  5. I liked it because of the online and jukebox. Other than that, it doesn’t have much replay value. The missions were more fun than the console version though in my opinion. I lost the cartridge though, so I might get this if it goes on sale anytime.

  6. This is cool and all, but I’m more so interesting in hearing about 3D Classics Sonic The Hedgehog coming to the e-shop or even a demo of Lost World.

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