New Sonic Games & Major Surprises to come in 2014


Earlier this year, Sega were one of the companies in attendance at the Vegas Licensing Expo, whilst news did come from the event with regards to Lost World, something has slipped under the radar which has only come to light just now.

During the event, Global License produced a daily newspaper of sorts filled with news from each day, and on the second day, they had a very interesting segment on Sega and the Sonic license brand.

Fans will get a preview of the action with new videogames and merchandise slated to release at the end of this year. With more games and major surprises to follow in 2014.

Whats interesting is the use of language, notice how they say ‘video games’ as apposed to ‘a new videogame’ or ‘a new game.’ Could this be a hint that maybe Sonic will see a number of releases in 2014? As apposed to just Mario & Sochi,’ ‘The Third Game’ as fans have started to call the third nintendo exclusive might get a release in 2014? Maybe we’ll see another game with the blue one other than Sochi and the 3rd game.

Also, major suprises which are not game related? What could they be? Well… there was also advert for the Sonic brand included in the same publication.

sonic2014advert Aside from the new renders of the cast, I would direct your attention to the top. In previous adverts since last years licensing events. Sega have used the line “Sonic has appeared in over 60 videogames,” they have never put the annimations/cartoons so dominantly on an advert of this kind. Draw your own conclusions, it’s why we have the comment section.

We’ll keep you upto date with more news as and when we get it.

Source: Global License

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  1. So that advert shows character select with some of the sonic characters, so maybe their planning a game with all those characters playabe, i dunno i’m just geussing (and if they do have those characters they need blaze too)

    1. Nah, the Sonic cast is probably for the new anime that will be announced.

      I doubt SEGA goes from “Sonic only” to “BAM, 8 different characters!”, but that’s just me.

        1. Listen pal, as much as some want a true awesome successor to Sonic Adventure 2, it’s never gonna happen.

          You see, Sonic has evolved so much that going back to the Adventure style would be a step backwards. The adventure style and plot elements have been reused in Heroes, Shadow, and 06, and reaction has been unfavourable to the series. I feel if they made a game that had multiple characters, alternate, and different stories in the hedgehog engine style, then there would be complaints that it doesnt feel like Sonic Adventure, but a game with SA3 slapped on the title to please fans. Sega know that we are hard to please, and they care too much for the brand now to take a step backwards and make SA3. We’ve already had successors to SA2, and they were average to terrible. Just move forward. The series is going in the right direction

          1. i mean sonic lost world’s style is adventurey enough they just need to make the stages feel more adventure like and give the characters unique abilities that what adventure was supposed to be, the classics in 3d which lost world essentially is

          2. I have to agree with Sonicguy726, the gameplay of Sonic Lost World is similar enough to the Adventure games so a SA3 with a gameplay similar to Lost World but with some elements of the Adventure games and some new features could work very well, and after the release of games like Sonic the hedgehog 4 and Sonic Generations I think is very posible to see SA3 someday in the future.

          3. It is kind of true that there may never be a sa3, but how about maybe sonic chronicles 2 or sonic 4 ep.3? Those games where originally in developement but they dropped it for reasons. Maybe sega will find another company to work with for sc2. After all, didn’t nintendo find another company after HAL laboratory quitted developing super smash brothers?

        2. I think Sonic Adventure 3, would be a step in the right direction. Fans have been waiting and waiting for that game, and it would be a dream come true for it to happen!

  2. So just when is this year’s Licensing Expo? I hope it’s not too soon, because if SEGA were to reveal a new/the third Sonic game, it could possibly harm the attention/sales for Lost World. Not sure if that would be a smart move on SEGA’s part, but what do I know about business and marketing?

    My guess is that SEGA will reveal Sonic’s next mobile game, and the third Sonic game. Very interesting to see how all of this will turn out…

    1. Not really; she’s just a female clone of Sonic gameplay-wise. The only times she’s had a major appearance in a game’s plot are the Sonic Rush series and Sonic 06. (StBK doesn’t count) In other words, the key word in your statement is “kinda”; maybe Sega won’t bring her back just yet.

      1. (I meant to mean “rather” but my grammar sucked at the moment)
        Then how is Silver more important than her? Only real time he appeared was 06 and not much else.
        She may be game-play wise, but she has a totally different story to her and has a comepletely different design, and last I checked, people wanted characters that pretty much played the same.

        1. Agreed, as a matter of fact I don’t understand why so many people still like Silver, but yeah I thought Blaze was more important to the Sonic universe, specially after playing Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic & The Black Knight and the fact that she’s the only other Sonic female playable character other than Amy in the M&S Olympic Games, also she is an important part of the Archie Comics.

  3. I was gonna say that I wonder if it’s worth assuming that those characters are who Sega are considering the main cast now… Buuut, Metal isn’t on there. And I consider Blaze more important or at least on the same level of Silver.

      1. Funny you should say that. I get the feeling that Super Sonic IS a different character. It started in Sonic Adventure, when Sonic himself referred to his super form as “The Super Sonic”. I like to imagine that Sonic looses himself when he becomes Super, and that Super Sonic is a destructive, angry force that can only be stopped by the depletion of his energy. That’s why Sonic always feels faint and weak afterwards. But that’s just my theory

        1. Super Sonic loosing himself and going out of control has already been done in some sort of fashion. In the comics, there is a character named Fleetway Super Sonic, who is an evil double. Also, Sonic actually feels pumped after he transforms back, read Sonic the Hedgehog #196.

        2. Sonic doesn’t weaken after reverting back to normal after going Super Sonic. He returns to 100%, no matter his state before he went Super.

          1. He faints in Unleased. That scene must have just stuck in my head. Still, its only in my imagination. I’m not aware of the comic’s version, but shows how good an idea it is

    1. You’re saying a flying bat with cleavage and a love for jewels(her favourites being Knuckle’s rubies, huehuehue) has been replaced by a bipedal cat who has pyrokinetic powers and the ability to use the Sol Emeralds? I haven’t even gotten to personalities and already they have nothing in common!

      1. i think he means that rouge was the big female after amy and after 06 blaze basically took over that role

  4. Hmm… could it be related to that rumored Sonic animated series we heard about a few months back?

  5. As long as the main 4 are up there (Them being Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose the Hedgehog [and I suppose Dr. Eggman too.]) I am just fine. My gosh, this fills me with so much hope and excitement! I just can’t wait for Sonic’s glorious future to take place! 😀 😀 🙂

  6. Could this be a new game in the Sonic Storybook series? Am I the only one that likes the Storybook games? These questions and more will be revealed in 2014!!

  7. I have three guesses, 1, a couple new game announcements including Sonic 4 episode 3, 2, a new Sonic cartoon, or 3, Nintendo confirming Sonic in SSB4.

    1. The latter would be a dick move. “Sonic will appear in a collaboration-” “YAY!” “with Nintendo-” “You did that before!” “Where he’s pitted against Mario-” “YAY!” “In the new Super Smash Bros. game!” “… You already did that!”

  8. Basically, this confirms that there will be Sonic games released by the end of the year (Lost World and Sochi Winter Games), and there will be at least 2 Sonic-related games in 2014. It also hints at that Sonic-related cartoon starting up next year. Other than that, all it is is stuff trying to draw in Licensing companies to make stuff for the Sonic brand. The “character select” is just showing off 8 of the most “profitable” characters in the franchise, to give the companies reference to characters they could use to make products with. I wouldn’t get too worked up over why Blaze and Metal Sonic aren’t on the list.

  9. If that’s a hint at a future Sonic cartoon and Sega of America is the one licensing it, please don’t leave it in the hands of some hacks who have no regard for the source material again, SoA. You already made us suffer through the abominations that were Dic’s SINO (ie: Sonic in name only) cartoons. I don’t want to see Sonic get turned into a generic Bugs Bunny wannabe (AOSTH) or a flamboyant manchild who acts like he’s mentally handicapped and has a boring Mary Sue for a girlfriend (SatAM) again, or see him shoehorned into a ridiculous story that has nothing to do with Sonic where he’s the son of a queen in hiding and has to search for her along with his annoying siblings.

    1. Soooo… Basically another Sonic X only with SoA guidance instead of the holy grail of Sonic (as lot of fans see them) SoJ? Meh… long as they do a good quality show that’s actually interesting and/or clever I could really could less on what liberties they take on the less than stellar source material.

  10. Remember when TSSZ reported on rumors that some of the current Friendship is Magic staff are working on a new Sonic cartoon?
    Imagine if that IS true, the fandom would explode the moment they hear “pony” and “sonic” in the same sentence.

    1. Man, that would be hilarious. If a change in gameplay/art style can divide a fanbase as severely as Lost World did (until the TGS trailer made everyone board the hype train), having My Little Pony Staff working on a Sonic cartoon could be more devastating to the fanbase than Sonic 4’s leak was.

      In all seriousness, though, if a group of people can turn a toy brand aimed at 4-8 year-old girls into a very successful (I think, I haven’t seen it) TV show with such a broad fanbase, having the same group work on a cartoon for a video game franchise, whose target audience is so broad that it ceases to be a “target” audience, could result in one of the most successful cartoons ever.

    1. Why the HELL is Silver there? Him and Blaze have been reduced to lame fan service just to please fans of them while they just stand there. If SEGA can not find anything to do with them(which they probably won’t) scrap them.

  11. Oh my god. Eggman love. They are finally giving Eggman some love with merchandise.

    How long did it take you to figure this out, SEGA, that people also want the villain?

  12. This may be a bit off topic, but I pray that Sega acquires Atlus. We all know BioWare is not gonna be making a new Sonic RPG, so who else better than the makers of the ShinMegaTen & Persona series to do it next?

  13. I wonder how much it would be to purchase the Sonic brand? Now THAT would be a giant Kickstarter. :I

    Yeah, I’m not excited for any of the crap that SEGA has in store. They have proven that they have no idea how to handle the Sonic The Hedgehog IP, so I’m not going to get my hopes up for them “surprising” with anything.

    It’s probably just going to be another bunch of iPhone games and/or Sonic Generations clones. ]:I

    (HOLD ‘X’ TO WIN! :D)

    1. did you even pay attention to Sonic Lost World? Or did you read the other comments? We are talking about toys, cartoons, a new video game, and possible a new mobile. And what do you mean “Sonic Generations” clones? Boosting is now outdated.
      So get out.

    2. You should check out Sonic Lost World. I think SEGA has done a good job with it. Especially since they have completely gotten rid of the whole “Boosting” concept. This game is still fast but it finally goes back to how in the classic games you actually have to explore the area around you to fully enjoy the game. I can’t wait for Sonic Lost World. Definitely check it out!

      1. I do intend on ‘checking it out’, but from what I’ve observed, SonicTeam still hasn’t learned their lesson when it comes to character movement or level-design. It definitely looks more playable than Sonic Generations, but still not right. And, ‘going fast’ is part of the problem. At least it’s pretty-looking…

        ( -3-)…

  14. I would like to make a point that we should not get too excited about this. Sonic has seen a fair few releases this year, but they have mostly been mobile releases, like Dash, Taxman’s Sonic 1, ports of games for blackberry and android devices, and Lost World just round the corner.

    I predict that next year’s releases are likely Taxman’s Sonic 2, another mobile game, Sochi for Wii U and 3DS, the third game and that TV show.

    I think its fair to say that there wont be a Sonic 4 episode 3. Based on it’s none existant ending and the reception. Its fairer to predict that Sega will make a better effort to continue the Megadrive saga with a Sonic 5, based on their statements regarding the matter, and again, the feedback from Sonic 4. But I dont think we’ll see that till 2015

    1. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 episode 4 maybe not because someone is the creatior is ken Balough of 2010 also he leave already for 2013 but I think he will see you in the Future.

  15. AND OF COURSE the Chaotix, Cream and Blaze are not a part of it! On second thought…. that’s good, because it means SEGA won’t ruin them like they did to Sonic.

  16. A big part of me wants that character select tease to be a hint at a 3rd Sonic fighting game. Hopefully it’ll be a 4-Player versus style, fast paced, platformey fighting game.

    It’s time to make a Sonic game with fan service to a big scale. And a fighting game could do just that. Having multiple characters from Sonic games of new and old. Even if it’s just a digital game.. They can reuse the renders for all I care, just make it happen, SEGA! A successor to Sonic Battle on consoles/PC!

  17. It’s great that in recent years that we are getting reacquainted with Sonic Eggman and Tails, but I’m not gonna lie, I’d like to see some more Sonic characters getting involved in future games. Especially now that they all have really great voice actors, I could go for a game where Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, etc are doing something.

  18. Time to break it down –
    “Sega America planning a huge push…” – for sale, your chance to put Sonic on your line of merchandise, come one, come all!
    “Fans will get a preview of the action …” – check out Sonic Dash, both versions of Sonic Lost World and the Jazwares line of toys
    “.. with more games and major surprises to follow in 2014” – Did we mention the Olympics game? Oh, and Sonic in Smash Bros 4
    “Sega Licensing is seeking partners … ” – Yeah, that Sanrio/Sega Summer 2013 partnership didn’t work out, think your company can do better? Then please, contact us! We’re dying to make a Sonic line of Pez dispensers 🙂
    “Also on tap at this years Licensing Expo …” I remember the Genesis!

    tl;dr – Invest with the Sonic brand name!


  20. I just wanna know what this “3rd Mystery Sonic Game” is really. Like we have Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics (Not really geeked about), Sonic Lost World (I am really hyped for this game), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U. Could this next game be something entirely new? Or is it some really upgraded HD re-release of a previous Sonic game. Could this be Sonic Heroes 2 or HD???? The suspense is killing me LOL!

  21. I’m so glad Rouge is there. I wish Vector took the last panel and not Super Sonic though.

    Until they can find a way to accurately handle characters from other dimensions or the future without them bringing unnecessary plot-hole baggage, I’d hope they just keep Silver and Blaze on the down low for now. Of course, knowing them, that might never happen. It’s been so long and they still haven’t even fixed Knuckles.

  22. New Sonic cartoon! Think about it. Last time SEGA pushed the franchise this hard was 2003 when Sonic X was premiering. Remember? New toys, Fast food promos, multiple new game launches, t-shirts galore.

    Remember, Advance 2, Adventure DX, Pinball Party, Battle, Heroes and Advance 3 all released within a year. If 2014 is anything like that, it’s going to be a real hit to the old wallet, oh well! The more Sonic the better! 😀

  23. Just thought of another thing it could be: Sonic the dating sim! Now you can watch sonic eat chili dogs like a creepy stalker!!

  24. So why isn’t Blaze in a character slot? I mean I’m not especting to see her in everything Sonic related but I espected to see her before Rouge and Silver.

  25. Super Sonic counted as another character? I would prefer Cream and Blaze over half of the list. (Don’t kill me)

  26. It absolutely baffles me as to why there has never been an animated theatrical Sonic movie…? (Canon to the games!!) I wanted one in the 90s so badly and now, despite being 28, I would still love to see one. Surely it’s just guaranteed to make a shit-ton of money? Why haven’t they done it yet?

  27. I honestly hope next year is better, than this year. I would be the happiest person ever if they made another Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes 2, and Shadow the Hedgehog 2. I realize not all that would come out in one year, but hopefully in the future.

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