New Mario & Sonic trailer shows us Snowboard Slopestyle


You know, I can’t decide, is it because I have so little interest in this game, I almost didn’t think this was a new trailer? Or is it that most of the footage looks like it’s from previous trailers and clips? Well, it is a new trailer and it does show some new content, most noticably an event called Snowboard Slopestyle in which Mario and Sonic get on a snowboard and race down a mountain, why? Because they’re Mario & Sonic why would they not want to do this?



  1. Is it really that hard to animate their faces? They look so dead… Sonic even creeps me out a little :I

      1. I thought they stopped with annoyed-looking-no-personality-having middle-mouthed Sonic after Sonic Unleashed. Well, I guess that if Sonic makes it into SSB4, we all know where his mouth is going to be.

  2. It’s not just you, Hogfather. This is the same trailer we got as the one we got months ago when the game was just announced (with added cheap text).. Why?
    Why is there no lip syncing? Why do the models look like lifeless toys instead of looking like actual fun full-of-life characters? Why is Sonic middle-mouthed? Why does the game look so fucking bland? Why is the framerate dropping in AN ACTUAL TRAILER? Why does this game remind me of another mediocre game I played 5 years ago? Why does this game look the same graphically as that game?
    Who the fuck are they targeting this game at? There seems to be a serious lack of interest in this game from both Mario/Sonic fanbase ends. Even the general consumer is most likely sick of these games begin released over an over again.
    I hope this game flops, sales-wise. And the rights to Nintendo characters / development becomes alot higher than the little profit cash in they expect to bring.

  3. A game of nothing but Dream Events or nothing but really awesome party-game style races or Judo or something would be nice. These challenges all look the same from the last Winter Olympics.

    I guess taking away the Olympics draw in would be too heavy a strike to the marketing and what not. But don’t delude yourself, the general public isn’t tired of this and the game will do fine sales wise. These games always rake in tons of cash. Although, we don’t know how that will affect anything with it being on the Wii U.

    The only difference is that its on the Wii U now. A system that may make the way to actually play these events feel different. Hopefully that ends up being the case.

      1. Well, for the last game, they did make a 3DS version there too… and it was probably the worst game in the Olympic series. To me, and another friend I know, it was just terribly designed… I do hope that this 3DS version may have some more thought put into it, and time. Granted, I’m speaking about a cash-in game about a plumber and a hedgehog going to Olympics with their friends… but.. you know. I think it’s sad when I sell a game immediately after completing it… especially if it’s for a new-ish console, and sadly, that was the case.

  4. “I can’t decide, is it because I have so little interest in this game,”

    You know, even if you don’t like this game, you should at least fake it and try and sell it to the average customer….or at least, that’s what I’d do.

      1. Hogfather is saying that he has little interest in this game, yet we’ve barely seen anything! He should at least hold off his opinion until the launch trailer or review…

        And I find it kinda unprofessional to show obvious bias in an article, but that’s just me.

        1. lol yeah alright.

          You want me to say nothing but positive praise about this game, get Sega or Nintendo to employ me to promote the game.

          If I think the game looks good, I’ll say it looks good, if I think the game looks like it escaped from a broken down nunnery on the side of a collapsing cliff I’ll say it looks like that. If I think the game has shown that it’s nothing but a boring collection of minigames that is descending down the path of re-cycled ideas factory… then I’ll go with that.

          Right now, the only joy this game gives me is the fact I tend to hum or sing the Jamaican Bobsleigh team song each time I do an update. It’s that uninteresting and dull I sometimes question why I’m wasting my time even doing updates on it.

          1. Nah, I’m not asking you to praise the game (I don’t even like this game so far). I’m just asking asking you to hide some of your hate.

            It’s like you giving Sonic Lost World a 6/10, on a dedicated Sonic site. Don’t you find that a little weird? But anyway, I respect your opinion and now understand why you do what you do.

  5. You all get me angry. The Mario and Sonic Olympic games series is solid wherever you turn. I won’t go into detail, but for the type of game it is, M&S at the Olympic games is a remarkable series. You guys probably don’t like it because you don’t have anybody to play it with. Multiplayer is an important part of the game am I right? Or maybe you guys just don’t have as many fond memories with the series as I do, but whether do or don’t there is no reason to bash the game. If you want my opinion on the trailer I agree that it makes the game look awful and horrid plus I am pretty sure that the trailer is the exact same one from a couple months ago. Still, couldn’t you ever once think that when that aged trailer was made that possibly the game was STILL IN DEVELOPMENT?!?!? Heck, there isn’t even a set release date for it yet! Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a safe & fun way Mario and Sonic can crossover without upsetting any fans from either franchise. Safe is the keyword there. If anything, this series at the least gives hope that an actual Sonic & Mario crossover can exist one day, but NO you guys would rather have the whole thing be scrapped so that we get stuck back where we were before 2007 when Sonic and Mario seemed farther apart than ever. I have strong faith that this installment in the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games series will be better than all the others, and I will hope this game gets great sales and is given great rankings. Long live Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!

    P.S.: If there is indeed a problem with M&S having an actual crossover, it is that for the game to mean anything, it will need to have a story. If there is a story, the story must have dialogue. In order to have dialogue, the characters need to speak. MARIO NEARLY NEVER EVER TALKS! I am serious! I played through Super Paper Mario for the Wii and when the game was over I realized that Mario doesn’t speak for the entire game, excluding the rare occasions when you chose text for him, but that isn’t Mario talking, that is you talking! It just wouldn’t work unless if Nintendo broke their mute Mario tradition. Yes, I am sure that there are a couple spots here and there when Mario talks normally in the franchise, but they certainly aren’t recent or easy to find. Sorry this comment is so long. 🙂

    1. Um. I think you’re forgetting Luigi’s mansion: Dark Moon. Mario did speak in that game if i recall correctly.

        1. You never played that game before did you? Just curious. I haven’t played it either,but I’ve seen some videos of it.

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