Sonic Boom Lost World Trailer, New Stage Surfaces


Along with the extended cutscene mere minutes ago, yet another bit of Lost World footage came ’round from Sonic Boom – a trailer, no less!

Paired with the Summer of Sonic trailer, fans attending the St. Louis event were treated with a new zone! With some focus on the Frozen Factory stage, an underwater mine-like level is revealed, and there appears to be much grinding in the Act showcased. Mind the dodgy stream quality, we will be sure to notify you via Twitter if a cleaner version surfaces.

Get it? Surfacing? Underwater? …ah forget it.


Special thanks to SSF1991 for the tip!

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  1. Is it just me or do some of those new levels have slightly bland level design? It seems very straight forward grinding only so far?

          1. Personally, I think the 3DS version may be superior because of the wider areas and its resemblance to the Adventure era.

  2. The underwater tube mine looks very nice to me… however, I hope the grinding doesn’t turn into blandness. The level design itself of this game has looked to be very good so far, so I have truly high hopes for this game. Of course, I still have my problems, but the positives are absolutely.. well.. positive.

  3. WHY are people bitching about a grinding level? HALF the levels in the Donkey Kong Country series are like that and everybody loves those games. Don’t jump ship just because you see one thing you don’t like.

    1. >half the levels in the Donkey Kong Country series are like that
      Can someone tell me what the figgy fug I’m reading?

      1. He may or may not be referring to the mine cart levels. Some find them difficult, so it may seem to him that they are a large section of the game due to the amount of time it took for him to complete them.

    2. The DKC minecart levels normally have a LOT more to them, though, whereas grinding in Sonic games tends to be really boring, repetitive and unoriginal.

      That said, grinding in this game looks a lot better than that of Unleashed and Generations.

      1. How is grinding in Sonic unoriginal, it was a means to get places and contributed to decent level designs. I believe Sonic was the first to introduce and popularize grinding. Sonic utilized it until it became a staple, if you want an unoriginal use of grinding look at kid Icarus uprising grinding segments if you’re going about that way.

        1. And due to a lot of negative in Sonic forum, I’m clarifying that the tone is that is questioning not brash or abrasive in anyway.

      2. A lot more to them? You jump and duck. That’s it.

        There’s also the incredibly terrible Rocket Barrel levels where you do even less.

        So yes, he’s right. DKC gets a pass for a lot of stuff that Sonic gets ragged on for.

        1. Dat’s Nostalgia Logic, at least according to the major gaming review sites:

          Nintendo is responsible for my childhood, so they can do no wrong…except their systems.

  4. Frozen Factory how it’s meant to look

    And that frozen tube section is pretty damn beautiful

  5. I’d also like to mention that even with the generic six level locales, so far, SEGA is pulling them off remarkably, and adding new twists… almost making me forget they are those same tropes! That, to me, is simply smart thinking… and each zone has more variety now, causing them to be more identifiable… with the mild exception of Windy Hill. Yes, I still don’t exactly dig the direct rip of Casino Night Zone, but when the level structure itself seems to be spot-on with what I’d want in 3D Sonic, I think I’m pretty alright with all this. The design choices for this game intrigue me… however, again, I sort of hope that they don’t go through on Iizuka’s idea of keeping Wisps… simply because I think that will make Sonic Colors and this game less unique.

    1. The Wisps are in the trailer, so they’re in the game. we’ve got new wisps anyway, and they probably want to get the Wisps off as a series staple instead of a one time gimmick, which is what people were thinking was happening after ’06.

      1. I believe the comment stated hoping that they don’t go with Iizuka’s idea, which is the Wisps being a staple thing you’re referring to.

        And the comments mentions that doing so would make Colors AND this game look less special because they’d be in every one afterwards. lol

    2. Your ideal level structure for 3D Sonic is a brief series of 3-lane hallways with a couple of badniks and small bumpers to jump over? Those levels have LITERALLY nothing to them, and the parkour/wall run makes them even simpler I’ve seen more ambitious tech demos. I don’t have too much of a problem with most of the other levels, but dat Casino Zone makes a cakewalk look rough.

      1. Okay, take Windy Hill… it has multiple pathways if you go to other sections of the tube, and those will branch off into other areas. That is what I mean. Admittedly, this level of grinding doesn’t seem the same… but it’s probably a single time of grinding.

        1. They worked during several months on Windy Hill because it was supposed to be the E3 level. Consequently, of course its level-design is better, but the other acts don’t look so promising…

        2. I’m pretty sure his point was that the Casino zone sucked. The other levels look fine, but Frozen Factory looks really boring to me.

          1. Yes, that’s basically what I’m saying. I wouldn’t say it sucks, but I would say it looks like the least impressive level.. at least.

  6. Wow, these grinding levels actually look fun. You’re grinding but it looks like you’re doing so much that it isn’t just a level where you press nothing but left or right.

  7. This game might turn out good and all but lets hope sega might manage to show amy and knuckles in the cutscenes if they show more and also the levels are much skilled then donkey kong.

  8. This is a little off topic, but I attended Sonic Boom this year and got to meet Crush 40. I’ve got to say guys…Johnny and Jun are some of the nicest people ever. And the trailer was a pleasant suprise! People went nuts lol.

  9. Is Sonic Boom unable to bring a video which doesn’t lag after two days ?
    Summer Of Sonic guys were more serious with their exclusive stuff.

  10. Can’t wait until this is inevitably ported to other consoles/pc. May not be this generation but even Gta3 was “exclusive” for 3 years

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