Ken Pontac on Lost World’s Story

Ken Pontac

Sonic Lost World Writer Ken Pontac left some rather interesting comments on TSS with regards to the story and development of the previous titles. It’s only a few small pieces of information, but it’s interesting if you have an interest in game development.

Actually, this WAS the first time that Warren and I were asked to come up with the story. On Colors and Generations the stories were already in place.

AustinOnSugar, I appreciate your comment, which is (almost) absolutely accurate. Nobody EVER gets to write a story EXACTLY how they want unless they own the project and have total control of the edit. That being said, I’m very happy in the way that Warren and I were allowed to inject so much of our vision into the project.

Eggman is EPIC in this. He’s SO MUCH FUN to write!

One mistake doesn’t make someone an idiot. It’s how they DEAL with the mistake that makes them a hero.

Source: TSS comments.

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  1. “One mistake doesn’t make someone an idiot. It’s how they DEAL with the mistake that makes them a hero.”

    Wow this one I’ll carry for my life 🙂

  2. “Eggman is epic” … Eggman is epic guys …

    Eggman is going to be epic




  3. No Knuckles/Amy love? 🙁 I wonder if they will only appear in a cutscene or two. Heck, I’m just wondering how they got there…

  4. Oh my GOD. I replied to “One mistake doesn’t make someone an idiot. It’s how they DEAL with the mistake that makes them a hero.” without even looking at who posted it! XD

  5. What about Knuckles and Amy? Not even gonna say anything on how they got into this? Don’t tell me, they’re just gonna make Knux and idiot again like in Generations. =_= Please let them do something good for him for once!

      1. Well then, my excitement for this game is dropping, why make the side characters morons while the main hero gets the spotlight for the enitre damn thing.
        I’d LOVE to see them prove me wrong about Knux and Amy not being idiots in here.

        1. Yeah, I hate that SO MUCH.
          Kuckles wasn’t a genius, but he wasn’t dumb, he was capable of surprising Sonic and Tails with traps and he could always be a step ahead of them.
          But somewhere along the way Sonic Team thought that maybe Knuckles was tricked by Eggman a couple of times before not because he was naive and a little too intense about his duty… but because he is literally a RETARD, a slow idiot who’s only good for comic relief, wich is perfect, because that’s exactly what Sonic games were missing, they had too many interesting, important and heroic characters, am I right?

          1. Exactly! What happened to when Sonic stories had some more action to them and heroes would help each other?
            I wanna see that again! Why can’t others help out more? So many heroes that could help, Knux, Shadow, Blaze, why don’t we have then fighting alongside Sonic instead of just standing around on the sidelines?

          2. “a slow idiot who’s only good for comic relief”

            Wait, I thought that was supposed to be Big the Cat.

        2. guys, calm the heck down. It’s normal for they to tease only the most important part, which is Sonic, Eggman and all the new things (The Zeti in this case). They’ll go on to the other characters later on, or probably we’ll only know when the games comes out.

          1. I’m calmed, I’m just voicing my discontent for the handling of Knuckles for years. The only reason it was a wall of text is because I like doing semi-funny wall of texts for these kind of cases :V

          1. Nobody said Knuckles and Amy would be portrayed as idiots! That is just what some predictable people are predictably saying. Don’t let that take down excitement for the game!

        3. Amy was never an idiot. She’s increased in obliviousness but not really to the point of being an idiot. She just has idiot moments.

        4. id love to see a decent Amy. being up there with my favourite characters its sad to see her being portrayed as defenseless and dependent on others…
          Generations was bad too – making her only care about not being able to flirt with sonic and not able to tell the difference (geez, you love him and cant tell him apart!? … from.. himself…)

    1. He wasn’t being an idiot in Generations “technically”. He was being arrogant in his first cutscene, supportive in the second, and politely admitting that Sonic did a good job just before being cut-off/pimp-smacked by Amy.

      Knuckles was only truly an idiot in the Riders games and “2006”(nex gen)

      SA1 and Sadv.2 he was just tricked(gullible)by Eggman again(4th & 5th time), Tricked by Rouge in Colors(Ds)(6th time)because naivety. Sonic Rivals(both)he wasn’t tricked at all) In SA2 or Heroes wasn’t tricked or played idiot at all)

    1. I’m sorry…but did you just compared Knuckles to Protoman?!

      Wow, ok this is getting out of hand now. I’m not a Mega-Fan and even I know that Knuckles is no where near the personality and occupation of Protoman.

      Look I love Knux above all of Sonic’s rivals (even Metal, bless his funky bassline) but Knuckles was never really any more than an obstacle that kept impeding your progress who you really wanted to punch out in Sonic 3. He’s not as tied to Sonic as Proto is to Mega.

      Oh and btw, Protoman did have a sense of humor: His name was Scott McNeil and he was GLORIOUS!!

  6. Well, that explains the writing of Colors. Not bad, but some of it seemed a bit awkward. Good to see they were allowed more creative control.

  7. Okay, so we know Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Miles Prower are secure in the story, but what about Amy and Knuckles? All we know about them is that they will be involved in the story and not playable. We haven’t gotten any further information on them since. My favorite characters are the main four: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. I believe the first half (Sonic and Tails) is just as important as the second half (Knuckles and Amy).

    1. boiled back to its roots – sonic, tails, knuckles, amy, metal sonic and eggman are the original team and also important characters that should all be treated with respect.

  8. you know the story that he wrote have more adventuring and skill but i think most sonic games have more creative storys during with generations. but some reason it had a little bit in to it you know its just like almost like unleashed well to my knowledge i suppose.

  9. Just like everyone else I want to know more about Knuckles and Amy involement in the story, though probably Pontac didn’t say anything about them because Sega hasn’t showed any footage with them; I’m sure Pontac wouldn’t have said that last line of the interview if Sega hasn’t revealed the “betrayal” cutscene of Lost World.

    Also I hope Knuckles and Amy act more like they did back in the Adventure games or like in Sonic Chronicles, I’m geting tired of Knuckles the Dumb Tough and Amy the Psycho Annoyance.

    1. I wish Knuckles would act more like he did in Sonic 3/Knuckles and maybe Sonic Heroes. He’s not supposed to be so “tough guy”. He is kinda like Sonic but less impatient and irritated. Knuckles is the guy who’s always there with the emerald just chillin’ and punches things while laughing about it.

      1. Knuckles is a Serious(he gets irritated when certain problems aren’t taken seriously or when he gets tricked), Cocky, naive, a loner, and hot headed(to an extent)guy. He does like to put up a tough guy act at times(it doesn’t mean much though)Also holds grudges

        He was prepared(warned by Eggman)for Sonic and Tails and had traps set for them in each area should they survive the last one(gave hearty chuckles when Sonic&Tails fell for each trap). Once out of traps he just fought Sonic and lost because he had nothing else setup(and Sonic speed).

        In Heroes he wasn’t Chill(that was just the tone his voice gave)just calmer than normal(and was bragging a little)

  10. “Eggman is epic in this.”

    Eggman’s been epic in all of the games. That sir is an axiom.

  11. HAhahahaha!! Ahh man, that is just so funny that it’s sad. 🙁

    So for the first two hits they did and all they where doing was post-production editing. If I didn’t know any better, SEGA is more tight ass than Nintendo.

    But at least SEGA is willing let these writers shine now, because what is the point of hiring writers if you’re not going to let them write. it’s one thing to be protective of your IP, but if said IP is squandering, you got to let it be more flexible to survive.

    Now if we can only get these guys to write on a Disney level…

    1. I hope by “get these guys to write on a Disney Level…” I hope you mean by an official Walt Disney Studios animation level, and not a Disney Channel level.

      1. Of course…I’m talking about Disney Animated Features and the Pixar Stuff. Things like the old Mickey cartoons, the 90’s Disney Films, The Pixar Stuff and current Disney outings like Wreck-It Ralph and Paperman. The family friendly stuff that has plenty of in-jokes and wit to appeal to adults as well. That would allow Sonic to bring back the “attitude” in “mascot with an attitude” without alienating the core audience.

        Moreover, there once was a time where Disney cartoons where great, no matter what channel they were on….than they found Miley Cyrus….than they bought Marvel…then they bought Star Wars.

        🙁 Sigh

    2. Well, if I remember right, Generations was in production since Unleashed, and Colors started out as the Wii version of Generations but instead branched off into it’s own thing. So both games already had their core stories made before the writers were on board with the series. Now, hopefully, they’re in for the long haul and I hope that they create many masterpieces like Sonic Lost World is shaping up to be!

  12. What is with you people? First you complain about sonic’s friends taking the focus away from sonic and speed and now you complain about them not being playable as often? I will now listen to tropers when it comes to fanbases.

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