Extended Lost World Cutscene Emerges at Sonic Boom

“Would anyone like to see that cutscene in English?” asked Aaron Webber to an eager crowd at Sonic Boom 2013 tonight.

The Sonic Lost World cutscene provided by the Japanese Nintendo Direct a few days ago was showcased in full at the St. Louis based event, providing a much clearer insight into the game’s story. Skip ahead to 0:50 for the scene itself.


Hedgehog, you dun goof’d royal.

Special thanks to Son1ctrainer on the SSMB for the heads up, and keep an eye on our Twitter should a cleaner version arise!

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  1. Huh, Sonic, you stubborn Hedgehog you, you should have hide first
    Feels sorry for Tails though being hit,
    And perhaps hiding is the best option here..

    1. I don’t think so. It’s still just a buncha badniks. But it was the best option not to mess with that shell. So Tails was right on that. I’m at least glad that his intelligence is actually meaningful this time and that his personality has some attitude with it.

      I also kinda like Sonic’s arrogance and Eggman’s competence. Not that Sonic is an idiot, but I like that he’s not so generic. Their speech felt very natural.

      What I find most hilarious is that NONE of the supposed translated Japanese lines were in this at all! And they very much simpler lines too.

      1. Probably because they don’t usually translate EVERYTHING from the japanese language, you can actually notice this a lot when it comes to anime. There’s always gonna be some different sort of dialogue when it comes to this.

        1. Keep in mind that the writers from Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are the ones behind the script for Sonic Lost World – so in reality it’s the Japanese dub that’s off – the English dub is written exactly the way it’s supposed to be; you can even see the lips sync perfectly to the English dialogue. This has been happening a lot recently, even since Unleashed.

          In other words, it’s being translated from English to Japanese instead of the other way around, if you catch what I’m saying.

          1. games lead by Sega america ~ english dialogue comes first and japanese recieves dub.
            games lead by Sega japan ~ japanese dialogue comes first and english recieves dub.

            yes it makes perfect sense to me 🙂
            but the japanese always intended sonic to be abit darker than what the americans wanted. so that also makes sense..

        2. Well they didn’t translate ANYTHING the same here from what was supposedly said in in the so called “translations”. lol

          Besides, in anime it’s by different people, but in the games it’s the same game, same companies. They’re supposed to be close to each other. After all, you have the option to choose subtitles in different languages. Meaning we should be able to hear it in Japanese and read what they’re saying in English. But not if they don’t match. lol

      2. Well it’s a bunch of badnicks AND Zetis, also even if those Badnicks look as cartoony as they did in the Genesis games Eggman says they are his best mechs yet.

        1. Yeah that was the only line I didn’t like actually. I was like “best mechs? BS, Eggman! :U Total BS” lol

      3. If by attitude you mean sarcasm, that was in Sonic colors too.

        The Japanese dialogue is obviously gonna be different from the English one and others.

        1. What? By attitude I mean tone. The way he acts in this scene is a big step from how he acts in Colors and Generations.

          It’s not that obvious when it’s a video game and they’re supposed to say roughly the same thing and don’t. All the other Sonic games do. I’m wondering if they’re really that different or if the Japanese translations are just off. lol

  2. Well that makes some sense now! sonic was just looking out for tails that’s all, I don’t have a problem with that cutscenes anymore.

    1. Um… I don’t think that part changed from what we already knew. Since I doubt anyone thought he picked up Tails to go dip his head in a toilet or anything…

  3. And So….THIS is why Tails was be cover and hiding…And got hit by a buzzbomber. Because Sonic decided to screw their cover.

    1. Am I satisfied that not only is Tails a wimp but also displays more useful intelligence than previous games and still ends up in the situation that I disliked in the first place?

      They still handle Tails horrible, as a character. But yes, I am at least satisfied that his intelligence isn’t pointless like in Colors. =)

        1. Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Fighters, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Riders/Zero Gravity/Free Riders, Sonic 4 episode 2.

          Sure, he’s scared easily by some things if it’s a really big deal, but he’s never been too afraid to actually do something about it when Sonic was around, and in SA1 he even learned to do something about it when he WASN’T around.

          Now it’s the polar opposite. He won’t do shit when Sonic IS around. Maybe he has to be alone now days to show us his stuff? idk

          1. It’s not very often that I post comments, but I don’t see how Tails has been reversed in his character development. If anything, I say it makes quite a bit of sense the way he’s going.

            In pretty much every classic Sonic game, nothing really stood out to show that Tails was the genius that he is now. After all, his only example of technological dexterity was flying the tornado. SONIC’S plane. Something that Sonic could already do. Unless Sonic only slapped his name on the plane. Which would be a jerk move, but that’s besides the point. Tails was only doing what Sonic couldn’t do… AT THE TIME. Keep that in mind, it’s a major point. On top of that, his “action-readiness” is highly debatable. Sure, he would follow Sonic around, but consider this: Sonic runs through the stages, frees the animals, and stops Eggman. Tails keeps up. Objectively speaking, he was going through those stages too, yes, but just because he’s THERE, it doesn’t mean he’s helping. Aside from those few moments in Sonic 3 (all that comes to mind is Marble Garden Boss), he’s only a 2nd Sonic. After all, what can he do that Sonic can’t?

            Also, “Tails Solo” playthroughs of the game aren’t canon. Just wanted to make that clear before that road starts. Moving on now…

            Tails’ story arc in Sonic Adventure was meant to stand as a turning point in his life. This theme of “catching up” is very much apparent, as each of Tails’ stages always had him daisy-chained to Sonic. None of them truly focused on him, but of his performance RELATIVE to Sonic. That is, can you beat him to the end? Which is, canonically-speaking, just keeping up. This persists until Tails’ finale, where Sonic is nowhere to be seen. All the way up to that point, Tails was depending on Sonic to save the day, and the most he did was give Sonic backup. It was him being thrust into discomfort (alone; he’s all that’s left) that made him spring into action. Him saving the day meant that HE could do things on his own, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, he was doesn’t have to be “Player 2” anymore. That means he isn’t another Sonic. That means he can specialize himself to be an essential member to the team; an individual. He decided to special in his smarts, and that’s why in Sonic Adventure 2, he pilots a mechanized version of the Tornado and uses his intelligence for the strategic advantage. It’s not merely to back Sonic up, but so he accommodate for the things that Sonic CANNOT do.

            That’s why in the more recent games, Tails’ role is to be the tech-savvy. In Colors, Tails even says himself “Good job on creating a translation device for us to communicate with the aliens in the first place, so we wouldn’t be running around the park like idiots. Oh wait! No! That was me!” Sonic couldn’t do that, only Tails could, and that’s the kind of stuff he’s focusing on. He doesn’t have time to get in the face of action, there’s strategy to be made! Fast-forward to now, and he’s doing what appears to be only reconnaissance. Note that they are NOT immediately crashing the party. Cue Sonic’s out-of-nowhere expulsion of the Zeti Conch –which might I add, was NOT part of the plan– and everything hits the fan. Sonic’s used to acting on his feet in the face of danger, which is why he flawlessly dodges the oncoming fire. Tails, no longer is. He’s been immediately displaced from HIS place in the situation.

            But hey, Sonic ’06 has him tagging along again, so there’s always that. Except in bosses, though. Then he’s just there to cheer you on.

            TL;DR: The point is that Tails is a changed person. We all acknowledge his development in Adventure, and his smarts in recent games too, but we have to admit that his “Help me!” moment here is a by-product of this. That, and he was caught off-guard. WAAAAAAAY off-guard.

            But who’s to say, really? There might be a later scene in this game that blows all that I said here out of the water, but there also (more realistically speaking) might not be. It’s all just speculation, from you AND me, so we just can’t make a final write-off of Tails’ character direction in this game based off of one EARLY scene. There’s much more that lies ahead!

            Oh no. I just wrote another dissertation on the character development of Sonic characters.

          2. Well in the classics they don’t talk and there’s no real cutscene. The hint that he might have the mindset of someone older than he was is that he could pilot the Tornado.

            Otherwise none of the characters really display a major personality in the classics.

            In later games with stories, starting with Sonic Adventure, Tails is seen as intelligent while still taking action.

            I don’t mind them displaying how much of a genius Tails is now. I just hate when the more they emphasize on his intelligent the more they seem to reduce his ability to actually DO anything. He might as well not even have 2 tails and his flying ability because nobody cares anymore. It used to be something interesting about him, but his personality is so boring there’s really no point except that it’s already his design.

            I DO like that his personality seems to at least be a little more interesting in that he’s been a smartass the last few games. In Colors his intelligence was pointless add-on but at least they play it off like he was useful and then let Tails make a witty remark to go with it. This time I’m glad that his intelligence was actually useful enough that without it Sonic screws everything up, and he’s still a smartass about it. It would just be nice to see him run around and do more. Even if not a lot. I want to see him destroy at least ONE badnik in this game without using a gadget or ring bombs. lol

  4. Just by this one cutscene alone, I can already feel that the story will be more interesting than Sonic Generations’. 😀 This cutscene pleases me, and I sort of like the fact that for once, Sonic dun goofs. This is the one time where I seemingly like it when a protagonist does something stupid. Plus, it’s sort of Sonic’s fault Tails was hurt… o_o Interesting. I wonder how fans will take this situation now? It also seems Eggman will be interesting as well, and Cubot will still have voice malfunctions. And, of course, I think the cutscene is very well presented… actually keeping me interested, I’d say.

      1. Why yes, that game does indeed exist. (Seriously though, what about Sonic Unleashed do you want to bring to my attention, sir?)

        1. The entire setup of the plot is how Sonic’s arrogance/cockiness helped Eggman blow apart the Earth with the giant F.U. lazer.

          1. Well, true.. but I consider it different this time, as Eggman was sort of planning to do that to Sonic anyway in Unleashed, whereas here, things would be less deadly if Sonic hadn’t interfered. But sir, you do have a point…

  5. So everyone raged over Tails hiding when he was just being smarter than Sonic, if Sonic only listened to him he could have taken the the horn to control the Zeti and make them rebel against Eggman only, and is still bugging me why 3 of the Zeti are in black.

    1. Yeah, it’s not like those Zeti are supposed to be surprises or anything. If it’s to put emphasis on the three in front… then.. um… why don’t they just keep the other three Zeti farther back?

        1. Well, I guess that would be interesting as some sort of stealth ability. It seems possible.

    2. He was being smarter than Sonic to not get involved. But after they started shooting it’s the exact same scene we saw in the Japanese version. It didn’t matter who’s fault it was, once the zeti controlled the badniks, from then on it’s all the same. It’s not that Tails is stupid. It’s that they chose to write Tails getting hurt and picked up by Sonic. I do like better that it was Sonic’s fault it all started, giving him a reason to go rescue Tails out of guilt, but the fact is it still woulda been a lot better even if Tails had simply picked himself up and started to fly away as Sonic caught up to him and ran along side him instead of making Tails weak and have to be carried by Sonic.

      I’d say “like I said, it was never this specific scene that was the source of all the disappointment, but the overall treatment of the character”… but not a damn person who wasn’t already disappointed even listened to WHY people like me were disappointed in the first place. So they all seem to think this revelation changes everything somehow.

      However, I liked the overall scene before and I like it a lot better now. So that’s one irrelevant change I actually like. C:

      1. I was there! 😛 seeing this was a retty cool cutscene, sonic you have dun goofed a lot…but this takes the cake!

        all they need now is to drop the load of picnic supplies… WHOOLOOLOOOLOOLOLOLOLOLOOO!

      2. Sonic: We got the Conch back!
        Tails: What do we do now Magic Conch Shell?
        Sonic Tails & Eggman: ALL HAIL THE MAGIC CONCH! (sits down)

    1. Sonic kicks the magic conch shell and all hell breaks loose. Lesson learned.. don’t mess with the conch.

  6. YES!!! Finally I saw it all!
    And it makes much more sense now. Tails was thinking, Sonic was acting, and Eggman was controlling the Zeti.
    Also, now I lnow that they both were hiding behind blocks, and the buzzbomber shoot the block behind Tails, making it explode right in front of him, making the pieces hit him hard. That’s why he was like that, the badnik didn’t directly hit him, it hit the BLOCK and the block hit him.
    This whole “HURR DURR I HATE DIS GAEM TAILZ IS USLESS FUCK SAYGAH” was nothing but a misunderstanding! This proves once again the saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover”, much less when it isn’t a FULL cutscene, and seriously guys, you come to conclusions very fast. I knew they were going to show the full cutscene someday (before the release of the game) , you really need to watch the WHOLE thing before criticizing. I mean, you CAN give your opinion based on what you have seen, but if it’s not the full thing, then don’t come to conclusions right away.

    This game is gonna be big. I feel it. I know it.

    1. While you do have a decent point, I’d rather start off negative only to be proven wrong with a positive outcome than be positive only to be proven wrong with a negative outcome.

      That said, I am thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of the full cutscene. I’ve never been more glad to be wrong. <3

      Also, Sonic, ya dipshit! You dun goofed! D<

          1. We means you, me, and everyone else who thought the same thing as you. Meaning if you were wrong we all were. But technically we weren’t. As in I wasn’t, others weren’t and neither were you. lol

    2. Who said anything about hating the game because of it? I STILL hate how Tails is treated as a character. I will say it has an extremely mild improvement in that he was at least thinking smarter than Sonic in a useful manner rather than pointlessly like in Colors. Buuuuut… he’s still portrayed as a wimp. He even had a nasally nerd tone in his voice with that second to last line, as if he was gulping too like he had anything to be scared of. Sonic didn’t. I mean, I get Sonic saved him and all but Tails didn’t say “Don’t worry about me” or anything.

      So I mean… it’s not like it’s “OMG THE GAME SUCKS”. It’s just SEGA’s overall handling of Tails sucks lately. lol We just reached a frustration point. xD

  7. Yes!
    Good character development.
    Sonic making a mistake in judgement made this cutscene far more interesting than it would have been otherwise.

    1. That’s not development. That’s just the showing the flaw of impulsive behavior Sonic has. He has been shown to be impulsive before, this is just one of 2 times it wasn’t the best time for “No talk, we must act now.”

      1. Yeah but it’s in the case of his attitude toward Eggman who had everything under control and was actual right for a change. Sonic specifically CAUSED the whole thing then. It’s just interesting to have to see the villain scold the hero for his mistake that effects them both.

  8. “I even gave you a GIANT SANDVICH!”

    Damn it Eggman! Haven’t you learned from Prof. Pickle that you can’t please just anyone with a sandwich?

    1. Did you even play Unleashed? That giant sandwich was the most delicious confection ever computer generated. The fact that the Zeti turned even after being given such a magnificent giant sandwich is all the convincing I needed that the Deadly Six are the most heartless foes Sonic has ever faced.

    2. Well, he could. Pickle even told the Doc how to make the perfect sandwich!

      Here’s the thing. If he wants to keep his prisoners and slaves compliant, Eggman’s sandwiches should bear the following criteria: the bread no less than 3/4 inch thick, one tablespoon of mayo, a pinch of black pepper, and fresh, thin slices of cucumber.

      If Lost World is of any indication, EGGMAN CLEARLY FAILED.

  9. Dayum. I like the scene a LOT better and have less of an issue with Tails. But it sounds like there’s a band wagon thing going on here.

    Either people who didn’t have a problem with it in the first place are pretending like they “got over it” or people who did just wanna get out of this whole “whiner” brand by claiming to get over it because the scene somehow makes Tails’ position make more sense when all it does is present the exact same thing. lol Oh well.

    On another note, Sonic and Eggman stole the shole here! I really think Roger gets better as Sonic every game so far! =) It’s funny tho, I feel the scenes feel too cool for how the gameplay looks.

    1. Or maybe people are actually capable of calming down, reevaluating the situation and admitting they were wrong and can move on from it?

      Seriously, not everything is a damn bandwagon. You make it seem like people aren’t capable of learning from their mistakes and assumptions.

      1. People are capable of calming down. But as I already pointed out, that’s not what just happened.

        It just feels like everyone’s in denial now. Tails STILL got treated badly as a character. They DID make his intelligence useful finally tho, so that’s good. It being Sonic’s fault and such is irrelevant though, since we’re talking about Tails.

        I don’t see how people can claim they were wrong by seeing something that was irrelevant to the original point. Sonic himself made the mistake and he was STILL doing something about it. Which is kinda interesting.

        It’s not my fault that everyone seems to think having built up disappointment with how a character is treated lately as a character compared to before somehow means sudden RAGE over one specific scene. No one’s listening. Oh well. At least the overall scene is still cool.

  10. Proof of a better story than we’ve seen in five years. The writers have finally been given the chance to write a story how they want, and it’s bringing Sonic in a wonderful new direction. I can’t stress enough how great it is to see these characters being more than what they’ve been for the past decade. Really can’t wait for the release now!

    1. 3 years.

      5 years implies that Black knight and maybe even Unleashed have worse or just as bad of stories than Colors and Generations.

      1. Unleashed’s opening cutscene was awesome…And that’s about it.

        Black Knight was fine, but people try to ignore it cause it’s a storybook game.

        So yeah, 5 years.

        1. I agree. And even then, it’s not the same writers. And I believe they were given the chance when they were first hired. It’s not like suddenly this is where they get their freedom. lol =p

          But I will agree this scene interests me story-wise much more than Colors or Unleashed. I can’t count Generations. I feel like it was meant to be simply a 20th anniversary special.

          1. Actually, this WAS the first time that Warren and I were asked to come up with the story. On Colors and Generations the stories were already in place.

          2. Really?? That’s interesting. Now I’m wondering how all the stories in the franchise as a whole has gone through development.

            So wait does this mean Ken and Warren will be writing pretty much many of the future Sonic games? Cuz now I’m starting to think this is why the moon is fixed after SA2. lol

      2. To be a bit more accurate, I meant this is the best story /since/ Unleashed, which is in my mind the absolute best Sonic storyline, though this game is coming close to topping it. Black Knight I have issues with, but that’s more personal complaints than outright bad writing.

    2. I think people forget a couple of things about colors and generations when it comes to story.
      Colors wasn’t supposed to be the grand story ark that Sonic Adventure or Adventure 2 was. It was a simple story hearkening back to the genesis days of “Eggman does something, sonic stops it”
      Meanwhile, Sonic Generations was a game designed to remake levels in both classic and modern style. The story was an after thought to make it fit within the continuity.

    3. AustinOnSugar, I appreciate your comment, which is (almost) absolutely accurate. Nobody EVER gets to write a story EXACTLY how they want unless they own the project and have total control of the edit. That being said, I’m very happy in the way that Warren and I were allowed to inject so much of our vision into the project.

  11. Well that cutscene was freakin’ EPIC!!!
    It makes so much more sense now.
    That being said

  12. Awesome cutscene!

    Also, has anyone picked up on who the red Zeti (name escapes me) is voiced by?

  13. I realize the original script is in English. But the Japanese translations from their version of the cutscene just seem to fit so much better. I like the Zeti and their “kill the fat man” remark. Sonic’s retreat to strategize tactic. Even Eggman’s fall back comments seemed to gel better. The only thing I like better in the English version is Tails and his smart remarks. His “I believe in you” type comments in the Japanese version towards Sonic do kinda give off a dependent vibe that he was spose to be over by now.

    Overall tho I like the more descriptive writing in the Japanese version of the cutscene over this overly simplified English one.

    1. The “kill the fat man” remark was a mistranslation by the translator, so no, not really

  14. By the way, the last part of this awesome cutscene kinda brings back memories of another certain cutscene:
    -Wow, it’s changed shape! Did you see that?
    – -_-‘ … Darn! This makes it harder for us to get to the bridge!
    -I hate it when he doesn’t listen…

    1. I’m glad I Wasn’t the only one! lol Good ol’ Sonic. Letting us know when he doesn’t care since 1998.

      1. Sonic Adventure, after they finally board the Egg Carrier and it transforms causing you to have to go through the stage “Sky Deck” to get to the bridge.

  15. Sounds like ol’ Cubots voice chip is messed up once again. Hoping for more Brooklyn mobster accent again~

  16. So to summarize:
    1) Sonic’s been made into an idiot
    2) We have the sonic heroes/sonic 06 method of rail grinding by manually jumping from rail to rail
    3) We have to press a button to make the fastest thing alive do what he does most: RUN.

    Yeah….I admit I’m not liking the game’s concepts very much.

    1. 1)Because god forbid our main characters have flaws. That could lead to *GASP* CONFLICT. I have no idea what Sonic Team is getting at with this whole “not-making-everyone-a-mary-sue” thing.
      2)How do you reach that conclusion at all. There’s nothing at all to suggest that, and the rail hopping looks far too perfect to be done by manually jumping.
      3)Well this is a stupid comment. Not because you don’t like the run button, mind you, but the phrasing of it makes no sense. Like srsly, wut?

      1. lol You don’t have to be an ass about it in your response. Just explain yourself.

        There’s a difference between having flaws and having one hell of a flaw. I’m sort’ve in between on that one. That’s not “just a flaw”. But he’s not an idiot either. It’s a little out of character for SEGA Sonic but it’s interesting. If anything it makes me think he’s even cooler for being so diverse. Technically he’s even more of a mary-sue since we like him more for it. lol Ironic.

        idk about the grinding. What’s going on here? I think I missed something. It looked fine to me tho. lol

        And the last phrase made sense. He is known for running and you specifically need to use a run button to do it instead of just running. I think it’s just a hit and miss control. Oh well. =p

        1. So something qualifies as a Mary-Sue because it’s popular? That’s not the definition I go by when I write :I

          1. No. lol Usually it means that they’re near flaw-less, thus being likable, TOO likable. In this case I was semi-joking that technically because of his attitude here, he’s a “better character” for it, meaning he is becoming closer to being fan service, a mary sue in that he everything about him is likable as a character.

            Sorry about that. lol

    2. Okay… Seems like you haven’t understood the concepts at all.

      1) He hasn’t been made into an idiot. He has always been the impulsive “act before you think” guy. From early games to these days, he has been like that. SEGA wanted to emphasize it in this cutscene, making it a plot starter.

      2) I haven’t played 06 so I can’t really tell, but IIRC, in Sonic Heroes you had to tilt the analog stick to the rail you wanted to switch, and the character did it for you. It wasn’t manual. If you have been struggling to carefully jump from rail to rail over all these years,I’m sorry for you lol.

      3) A major complaint about some “fans” (haters of Modern Sonic’s gameplay) is that Sonic was uncontrollable, that he went too fast, and you didn’t know how or when to react, plus it was like a car racing game. I, myself, don’t think like that. But SEGA did that to make us have more control over him, that way we would walk when we wanted, and run when we wanted, stopping on a dime once we stopped holding the button. I admit I’m not too fond of that, because I loved building momentum in older games, but It’s a fair reason. PLUS, you can’t please everybody.

    3. Right, so an error in judgement, which happens to a lot of characters at one point, makes Sonic a full-fledged idiot?

    4. One mistake doesn’t make someone an idiot. It’s how they DEAL with the mistake that makes them a hero.

      1. Pssh. Sonic’s never been an idiot. He’s always been quite intelligent. He’s just very obnoxious as well. haha

      2. And WOOOW. I didn’t even look at who posted this comment! It’s nice to see you on this site, Mr Pontac! 😀

        1. Thanks, TrueBlue170. It’s fun to read the comments. I can’t WAIT to hear the reaction to a couple of the other scenes. Warren and I tried to push the limits of where the characters could go (but, we ALWAYS try to do that).

  17. I don’t get it when people say “It’s just a bunch of badniks”. Like a badnik is nothing. Remember Slicer? It was just ONE Badnik and he could beat the fuck out of you.

    1. Never had a problem with slicers. Besides, that was years ago. With the skills Sonic and the gang have now, the badniks are honestly obsolete.

      This is just Sega/Sonic Team attempting to bring them back and make them seem threatening for the sake of nostalgia yet again. Honestly, all this “nostalgia” nonsense has gotten old and needs to end.

    2. That’s when Sonic couldn’t move to the side. lol Now, if this was a series of Slicers, you know I might actually think it a bit more threatening somehow. Though as soon as they through their blades, game over for them. lol

      I guess it’s when you remember Sonic running straight into a large group of robots firing rounds at him in Unleashed you sort’ve see this as being a watered down version of that and think “oh hey, he could probably beat those if he didn’t have to constantly cover Tails and Eggman” lol

  18. Wow. Lotta comments.

    I can’t say I like this artistically. The whole thing looks like it was animated with TF2’s source filmmaker. Very unprofessional looking. Loving Sonic’s attitude though.

    Also, I hope to God you fight the Zeti in giant mechs at some point, because if he’s really referring to his BADNIKS as mechs, that is completely unforgivable. I will kill you SoA. I will kill you.

    1. Yeah. It’s really sad. I like the animation and the acting for the scene and such, it’s pretty cool. But this location, those clowns, those laser bullets… it’s not workin for me. lol But oh well. Maybe scenes in Silent Forest and stuff like that will feel more comforting. idk

      lol The badniks are more powerful than ANYTHING HE’S EVER CREATED IN PAST SONIC GAMES! You know it to be true… lmao

      1. I’m not listening! He can’t be referring to Buzzbomber. He just CAN’T. DO YOU HEAR ME, SEGA??!

  19. I hope it’s just the sound, but Roger’s voice sounds a bit annoying in this scene. Before you say that I whine too much, I liked Roger in Colors and Generations. But here it sounds like he’s trying to be Griffith or Drummond with the nasal voice thing. Again, it could just be the sound quality and it sounds much better in the actual game.

    1. Same here. To me, Roger in this cutscene sounded similar to Sonic’s cameo in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’, which I thought sounded a bit… off compared to Colours and Generations. It might just be the sound quality as you said, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. I think it’s because his voice is higher pitched in this scene. I kinda liked it. Well kinda. Like I liked it cuz he sounds younger but I’ll agree, it did kinda sound annoying. Didn’t wanna say anything tho. I especially noticed it cuz I saw a video of Free Riders recently and remembered hearing him respond to Jet, thinking how deep his voice was in that game. And then I watched this. Oh lawd… lol

      2. I thought Roger’s voice sounded fine in WIR, but it’s great that I wasn’t the only one who thought this.

    2. I think he sounds awesome here. His voice is literally the only part of the cutscene I like.

  20. I has had a pound every time I saw about a how Tails was portrayed in that cut scene, I’ll be rich right now. Ha, in all seriousness though and I’m glad that we have an explanation why Tails was “hiding” from the horde of Badniks, Sonic was being in his impatient self an chaos ensues. When I read the comments about Tails, I was thinking:

    It just ONE cut scene out of who knows how many this game will have so Tails’ character would improve more as the story grows on. Besides, I had a chuckle when Tails was being bit a smart ass when Sonic said he should listen to Tails, he was like, “Oh, you think?” cause that’s my favouite part with Tails’ relationship that started back in Sonic Colours. I also don’t think Tails is a wuss that people make him out to be, in Sonic Generations 3DS Version, instead of just standing there, he took a hit from the Time Eater.

    But hey that’s just my view on the whole deal with this, I’m just glad some of you admitted that you were wrong, its the Sonic Fanbase after all, we are all stubborn son of a guns 😛

  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Sonic fanbase. Where people get into heated arguments over a single cutscene!

  22. I can tell by this scene alone that this story is gonna be a whole lot better than Generations and that makes me happy. Sonic actually screwed up and caused more problems, Tails is being his intellect character again and Orbot and Cubot is Scratch and Grounder. It’s cartoony with some dark twists, familiar yet fresh. 🙂

  23. So, Sonic is responsible for the Deadly Six rising up and being villains in this game… Nice twist. 😀

  24. Oh god, I never get tired of seeing Robotnik running. Isn’t this the first time since Adventure 2 we’ve seen him running around on foot?

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