Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray Plays Sonic Games Before Big Matches


On Sunday, Tennis star Andy Murray made history by being the first British Male to win Wimbledon since Since Fred Perry, 77 years ago. Following his gold medal at the Olympic Games last year, Andy Murray has since won the US open and is currently ranked the world number 2. I should point out, his victory at Wimbledon was against the world number 1.

Why am I telling you this? Well, The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter & Facebook page has claimed that in an interview with The Sun newspaper, Andy Murray told them, that to relax before a big game, he plays Sonic the Hedgehog.

Thats right my friends, in order to relax and ease nerves, Andy Murray aparently plays Sonic games. The paper didn’t say which Sonic games he plays or on what system, so could we argue that technically Andy Murray is a Sonic fan? That might be a bit too far, but this might be scientific proof that Sonic the Hedgehog helped Andy Murray win Wimbledon… .. … though I suspect the fact he’s awesome at Tennis is more a deciding factor.

Andy Murray for ASRT DLC anyone?

Source: Sonic the Hedgehog twitter.


  1. Let’s hope all the youngsters hear of this and become imitators!

    This will probably do far more good than the Danica Patrick thing ever could.

  2. I think he could of been playing sonic and the black knight which i understand you need to do lots of swinging to do the sword actions

  3. I honestly did not know who he was until now. But I am still super stoked to read this article. Way to go Andy! We love you!

  4. First hearing that he has a soft spot for West Ham and now this, Andy’s such a nice bloke!

  5. and here’s where id put my fuck IF I GAVE ONE! my god! why is Andy Murry suddenly the messiah all of the sudden?! all he did was win a YEARLY tennis tournament i give 0 shits about, if anything, Gabe Newell should be treated as the messiah for the steam sale, which BTW, at the sale, the sonic hits collection is on sale for £20

    1. The sonic hits isn’t on sale in the summer sale. Its been around for a while at £19.99…

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