The Q&A For The Archie Sonic/Megaman at Comic Con 2013


Get your headphones on boys and girls, cuz this one’s a bit hard to hear otherwise. Alex and I were in attendance at the Sonic/Megaman panel at the San Diego Comic Con Sunday and managed to get footage of the Q&A portion of the panel using Alex’s super nice HD video camera (somebody turn me into a sammich ‘cuz I’m jelly of that thing). There were tons of fans in attendance including some awesome cosplayers including an awesome Eggman and Sally. If anyone can hear this well enough to transcribe it, I’d gladly add it in later.


  1. Are Q&A sessions supposed to be that short, because I am sure there were still many unanswered questions in the audience.

    1. They usually have only 10-15 minutes sometimes they get rushed because the next panel is about to start.

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