Sonic the Hedgehog 2014 Calendar Pops up for Pre-Order

sonic2014calendarIt seems odd that we’re only at the start of July, yet here I am reporting on more merchandise with the year 2014 written on it. According to a listing on Forbidden Planet, Sonic will be getting a calendar for 2014.

The calendar will be released at the end of this month, yes you read that right. Despite it being for 2014, it’s getting a very early release date of Tuesday 30th July. However, Pyramid International, the company making it claims the release date is the end of August, so not sure whats going on there.

The price is also very reasonable at only £6.89. Considering most calendars cost over £10 near christmas, this is one heck of a deal.

No teaser pages were given, just the cover page that you can see above, personally, I really hope there are some original artworks in this one like the ones from the early 90’s which look stunning.

According to the product page on Pyramid International, the size of the calendar is 30X30cm.

So, anyone going to pre-order?

Source: forbidden Planet & Pyramid International.


  1. Ugh….I think I’m probably the only one here, but I’m getting sick of Classic Sonic. Just stick with Sonic’s current design for merchandise. It was cool for the 20th Anniversary, but I think Sega needs to stop living in the past with the whole Classic Sonic stuff….

    1. You’re SOOOOO right!!! Classic Sonic is waaaaay to boring nowadays, when Modern Sonic pops up on merch its like a dream come true

        1. Im in the middle of this.

          I dont want Sonic’s past to be forgotten because Classic Sonic has a very likable style to him.

          But the modern style is just as great in its own right, and definitely needs more love in terms of Originality.

          If you ever do see a modern styled look on merchandise, its usually just promo art of that character cropped out from Sonic Adventure 1 or 2.

          Classic Sonic has a bit of the same problem, but there is alot more originality with it. Which is great, but you need a better balance for both styles.

  2. What better way to kick off 2014 than with some stock art we’ve seen 100s of times before printed on high quality paper?

  3. Any word on this coming out in the U.S? We Americans do get some cool merch, but the more unique stuff (like this, the chess set, and especially the Generations collector’s edition, still can’t believe I missed out on that!) seems to only release in Europe. I like my Mario calenders each year, but a Sonic one would be even more awesome, even if it is just frequently-used stock art.

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