Sonic Lost World Hits Europe October 18th


Today, SEGA Europe has revealed via a localized version of yesterday’s trailer and their website that Sonic Lost World will launch in Europe October 18th. That’s four days before the game’s US launch, so our fellow fans in the US may want to stay clear of the online Sonic community for those four days if they want to avoid spoilers.

Sources: SEGA Europe YouTube channel & SEGA’s Sonic Lost World product page

Thanks to Theroonco for the heads up!


  1. We get plenty before the US nowadays. Pandoras Tower, Last Story, Xenoblade, Crimson Butterfly……..

  2. well this is a surprise again we get sonic lost world on the 18/10/2013 than the US and JAP and you know this happened once before and that is EMO the Hedgehog “I mean Shadow the Hedgehog” ^o^

  3. At least ratings will be out by launch day in the US, so ill know whether or not to buy it.

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