Sonic Lost World Has Some… Interesting Dialogue…


Not too long ago, a number of people pointed out how Sonic Lost World had been given a higher age rating than previous titles, which seemed a little confusing given how all footage shown shows a very cartoony Sonic game. Even the CG sequences in the trailers give the impression of a harmles cartoon.

However, eagle eye’d fans might have spotted the reason why the rating is higher than usual. According to the notes in the ESRB rating, the game has a few lines of questionable dialogue.

Now, before you all read these and ‘react’ bear in mind, these lines of dialogue are completely out of context… there is however… one which even I have to admit is a tad dark and a little questionable. See if you can guess which one it is. Below is the rating summary in full, I have highlighted the dialogue segments for you.

“Rating Summary: In this action platformer, players control Sonic the Hedgehog as he attempts to stop an evil villain’s plans. As players zoom through fantastical landscapes, they collect items (e.g., gold rings and power-ups), avoid hazards, and use spin attacks to defeat robotic enemies; enemies break apart amid colorful explosions. During gameplay, characters sometimes use aggressive language (e.g., “You’re going home in a box,” ‘I’m going to skin you alive,’ and ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’). Cutscenes also depict laser fire and explosions, as well as dialogue that references violence (e.g., “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts,” “One second you’re contemplating genocide,” and “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.”).”

Erm… thats a tad dark. What do you guys think? some of it can easilly come off as being joky and light hearted… except for, ‘that one.’

Source: ESRB’s website (Thanks to everybody who sent this one in).

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  1. Bloody hell this is turning out to be dark. Have the writers mistaken this for happy tree friends or something.

      1. He’s been writing for Sonic since Colors. It’s weird that he’s suddenly going for a darker tone (at least with his choice of words)

        1. How is that weird? He’s the writer for Happy Tree Friends so the point is it’s not like it isn’t up his alley to write something “dark” (lol yeah right) for something cute and cartoony.

          It’s not really sudden when you realize Sonic Colors wasn’t that long ago… lol

          1. How is Happy Tree Friends relevant at all? It’s a wordless flash animation about cutesy woodland animals that somehow end up in a woodchipper, drown in their own blood/puke, get stabbed in the eyes, etc. Far more dark (comedy) than the use of the word strangle n’ what not.
            Still, the way Sega have been trying to mainstream everything Sonic post -unleashed to begin more family friendly again, and ESPECIALLY considering how cartoony this game looks it’s only natural to question what made them decide to use these words and fuck up the games’ rating. Probably bad choice of words, Ken Pontac is a horrible Sonic writer anyway.. in my opinion.

    1. Man, I REALLY hope that the Deadly Six say all of those lines, especially for Zavok, since he said in the last trailer “Why don’t you give up and die!”.

  2. W-woah. This cant be real. I mean. “I long for deaths cold embrace”. All of it, wow. I’m slightly impressed, I mean, I kinda love this kind of things from other franchises, but Sonic? It’s really surprising. It doesn’t specify who exactly says these lines. Could, could Sonic have said “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, hands are fine”? … Maybe? I guess we’ve gotta wait and see. Oh wow I want to play it even more.

    1. I’m hoping Knuckles said that last one…. because maybe I’ll have respect for him again. D: But Jesus… some of these are… wow.

      1. Who knows, maybe it’s Eggman. Webber did hint at him being more competent in this game

        1. As long as it stays in the Sonic Adventure 2 or SATAM levels of darker and edgier, I’m alright. I just don’t want a Shadow (although that game’s dialogue was laughably and cheesily dark) or 06’ (who’s dialogue was a pain to sit through because it was trying to be something Sonic is not… overly dramatic). Still that’s a rather sudden shift in tone given that Generations and Colors were its predecessor.And given the cartoony and stylized worlds we’ve already seen.

          1. Agreed. (Though again, I really HOPE it’s Knuckles saying that last line.)

          2. It’s a drastic shift in tone considering Colors and Generations was kind’ve a private battle between Sonic and Eggman and this is a battle against you know… someone else.

            The look and sound like they’re just trying to be hardcore and pretend to be tough and I imagine Sonic looking at them and thinking “What a joke. You clowns don’t scare me” and Eggman eventually reaching a point of ditching Sonic (unexpectedly but not really surprisingly to Sonic himself) and also criticizing the deadly 6. Seriously, this is not DARK.

            And Shadow The Hedgehog was dark in Art Direction, and it involved killing and cursing but it made it all very cartoony and impersonal in style. So it’s hard to call it “dark”. Despite it’s theme, you could show that game to kids and they wouldn’t be scared. They’d just laugh, which makes it a bad influence. If this game IS dark, it might do so appropriately. The Disney style. XDD

      2. I don’t think Knuckles would strangle. He’s technically a pure heart with a hot head is all.

      3. Actually now that I think about it, it’s only due to the fact that Idk how everyone knows what they’re called or what their names are so I must’ve missed something, but if a Zeti are what the deadly 6 are then it’s definitely one of the good guys. Eggman doesn’t strangle, and Sonic probably wouldn’t be that angry.

        So looking back on it, asking about hands, I think it probably is Knuckles. Sounds like a smartass remark after asking if he’s okay upon rescuing him (As we know he’s captured and thus probably wants to get back at the 6 but with more of a cartoony strangle. “Why you little!!” comes to mind. lol)

    2. Almost all of this sounds like something Zavok would say. Except for the fifth, those sound like part of a sentence Sonic or Eggman would say to the Deadly Six.

  3. Ummmmm, well, I’m kinda glad sonic is taking a bit of a darker approach to be honest, I think as long as they don’t go overboard they should be fine.

    1. As long as “darker” doesn’t equal Shadow the Hedgehog. Too much cursing for no reason and just plain awful.

  4. Sadistic Sonic exposed
    “I long for death cold’s embrace”
    I’m assuming that’s emo boy.

    1. If by ’emo boy’ you mean the deadly six member that looks like a drawing of the media’s interpretation of a teenage boy, then yes.

      1. Less like the media’s interpretation of a teenage boy and more like the media’s interpretation of an emo boy.

        And society’s interpretation. Or rather exaggeration. Some ppl are like that. But you know which one he meant. lol

    1. Well, Summer of Sonic is only a few days away, with Sonic Bomm not too far behind. So who knows, maybe SEGA will show off a new cutscene (which’ll probably just be the intro, but I could be wrong) at one/both of these conventions…

  5. Honestly I prefer it a little more dark than kiddie. I loved Sonic Colors but was disappointed in story lines. Like Baldy mcnosehair and all the lame and too kiddie. I like that they don’t say things that sound corny in this next game. Maybe the last line was a little too much but I’m ok with the rest.

      1. Kiddie isn’t even in the dictionary. Altough “Kiddie Porn” is in my dictionary…

        I’m not lying, I’m a bit scared!

      2. Jeffery, you’re being a negative nancy right now, unless you want us to call you negative nancy you better be a little bit more positive rught now.

      3. It became a word with the N64. All of a sudden cartoony platformers were no longer to be enjoyed by proper adults.

        I guess. I mean, it just won’t go away and I really wish it would.

      4. When the word “kid” came out and people realized certain things were created to entertain those with the mentality and attention span of a little kid.

  6. Holy shit. XD “I’ll get fat from eating your black hearts.” Damn… is that Zeena’s line, or Zomom’s, or… who? That’s some awful stuff. But you know, I kind of like it, as long as it doesn’t try to be ridiculous like Shadow the Hedgehog, or too serious like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006.) These guys seem very threatening now, and if the final line, “As long as I can still strangle a Zeti, my hands are fine.” is coming from Sonic… or Knuckles even, than that is… well… kind of weird… but… wow. o_o I am very very interested.

    1. In Shadow, ridiculous dialogue was “Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald!?” and “You’re going straight to HELL!”
      I don’t see that happening in this game as it has no reason to support so in the way it presents itself.

      Sonic 06 was really serious and even in art direction, taking “realism” too far to the point that they seemed to think realistic meant “uncreative” and “boring”. In that context, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed were more realistic than Sonic 06. If you think about it, aside from City Escape and the government EXISTING, Sonic Adventure 2 wasn’t very realistic at all in any of it’s locations. That said, isn’t not that Sonic Lost World has an unrealistic environment but that it takes on a super cartoony art direction which presents itself as not so serious. You can rest assured this will not be like Sonic 06.

      1. Oh, yes. I am positive it won’t turn out in that way at all… And I liked Sonic Adventure 2’s story as well, even though it had some flaws, and was a bit more serious than previous iterations (though, when you think of it, each Sonic game usually has something that is diabolical in concept… most of them.) I’m sure this game can sort of pull off the same feeling I had with Sonic Adventure 2. It was nice and fun at times, but at other times there was a bit of darkness thrown in to hold interest… in this case, it seems to be making the Zeti more of a threat. Or Knuckles/Eggman for that last line. I’m absolutely curious to just what the others will be doing, and I hope that Knuckles said that last line so that maybe I’ll actually like him again… I mean, they say the cutscenes have “rapidfire and explosions” which is nothing new, but I sort of hope this means maybe Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and Tails will all be more involved with this game’s cutscenes and plot, rather than how usually Knuckles and Amy have been made completely irrelevant to the plot, or made into.. ahem, mcguffins.

  7. Huh-wha? When was this game rated? Higher than usual, meaning, in America, T, right? (PEGI 12 for you UK users.)

    Still, that’s some rather surprising dialogue to be had in a Sonic game. And we’ve had things like Rouge calling Eggman a b******, Sonic referencing Hell in SatSR, and Gawain/Knuckles almost committing suicide in SatBK. Course, Dark Gaia was rather frightening when you think about it. But it’s really rare for anything to be upfront about this kind of controversial dialogue, so I can see why there would be a bit of discussion about it.

    1. In which game did Rouge say that? I imagine it’s probably in a Japanese translation…

      But yeah, they’re all pretty great examples of how well it’s worked in the past, you could even consider Mephiles?

      1. I think it was an Episode of Sonic X.. Not too sure though but I remember seeing a vid about it somewhere.

        1. Ahh I take that back, its from Sonic Battle for the GBA when He hacks into the Central Computer before she manages too! 🙂

      2. The sonic battle released in Japan had an English language option. In it, rouge used that word. Obviously, this was changed for the American release.

    2. lol You make it sound like you’re joking and now I can’t tell if you’re being completely serious or sarcastic. lol

  8. I actually like the sound of these lines. I hope some of the lines ARE darker, and it has a different mood from past Sonic games.

    1. I hate how they put these lines in this games, I don’t know why the heck you even like these lines, because Sonic is all suppose to be about kid humor and light hearted things not things like “I’m going to skin you alive” or “one second you’re contempting genocide” no TAKE THESE LINES OUT OF THE GAME SEGA!!!!!!!!!

    1. Absolutely, that sounds completely like eggman after being betrayed by the Zeti, thats the Eggman I like 😀

    2. I really hope that line is from Eggman because that’s the kind of line he would have had in the Adventure games, which was my favorite version of Eggman.

      “You fool! Away! Before I make mincemeat out of you!”
      It’s been 15 years since I heard that line in SA1 for the first time and I still love it to death.

  9. Well, E10+ was rating all major Sonic games were getting until Colors and subsequent titles came around.
    I must say that Im excited about this, Ive always liked a little dark topping on my colorful Sonic game… done right of course, unlike in some pieces like ’06 or Shadow the Hedgehog.

    1. Yeah, I always love a bit a dark thrown into my Sonic. Sonic X had a lot of it, especially in the third season with Shadow trying a kill Cosmo and punching Tails, and then there was Dark Super Sonic.

      Speaking of Dark Super Sonic, the final battle in Secret Rings with Darkspine Sonic? That was SWEET! Good ending, final boss, and a cool dark Super Sonic thing.

      1. I loved that episode of Sonic X! It isn’t often you see shadow try to kill somebody that isn’t Sonic. Tails’ pathetic attempts to stop Shadow were entertaining too. 🙂

  10. When they said questionable they weren’t kidding. Guess as long as it doesn’t go the Shadow the Hedgehog route it’ll be fine. As long as they can do this and still make sure it feels like Sonic, I don’t care.

  11. Finally some villains that are actually evil and aren’t so cartoony and goofy. Who is writing this game it really doesn’t seem like the writers from colors and generations? also if you listen to the beggining of the color powers trailer there is also some dialouge that seems quite dark aswell

    1. I can picture being in Sonic’s speed shoes and seeing these six come up to me saying that smack and I’d probably respond with something like “If you’re gonna try and sound evil and intimidating perhaps you should try and look the part. ‘Cuz right now you’re not coming off as very scary. Heh-just ugly.” lol

  12. Oh I dunno, I say “I’m gonna skin you alive” every time I see something tasty. Perfectly… normal… behaviouuuurrr braaains

  13. I hope they cleverly (cleverly begin a keyword here) replace those lines with something else. It’s gonna hurt the game’s sales that the main demographic (below 10) it’s targeting at may probably not get their hands on it due to concerned parents.

    1. I hope not. The game is colorful and frankly, the games target a lot of ages. Kids below 10 probably won’t know what some of those words really mean (except “bad” because, probably coming from a bad guy), while people in a higher age group would. That’s how I look at it.

      1. Well even if alot of kids don’t (which I agree with) alot of parent will probably be turned away by the +10 rating. It’s not the kids that buy the game, it’s their parents. And I would not risk losing the main target because the game writers decided to add some dark toned lines in an otherwise colorful game that suits all ages and ESPECIALLY kids.

        1. Majoras Mask looked colourful, but boy, it had plenty of dark themes. It’s seen as one of the best games out there.

        2. I can understand that, but at the same time…I see kids ages 7 with games rated T for Teen. If they can give their kids games like CoD and Transformers to those ages, something tells me a Sonic game won’t be as much of an issue XD

        3. Well, I believe all the LEGO Star Wars games were rated E10+, but there wasn’t much realistic violence in that game at all, heck, THEY DIDN’T EVEN TALK IN THAT GAME. So why should a parent worry about an E10+ rating when you will probably get a harmless and fun title like LEGO star wars.

      2. You forgot the idea that things are sometimes considered mature content for kids commonly not because it hurts their feelings or scares them, but because they don’t realize how bad it can be depending on how it’s used and are likely to just copy it to be cool.

  14. I really do think this game is going to be good or perhaps a great sonic game. But …. to be honest…. I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE STORY OF THE GAME. ugh I had a feeling this games story was going to take a darker turn… but ugh. oh well. The gameplay looks great… aside from that casino level which is just about as linear as you can get.

    1. How in the world did you get a feeling that this games storyline would take a darker path? 😐 I don’t think any content of the game that was shown could possibly give that notion.
      P.S. I care about the story. 😉

      1. I care about the story too. Unless the gameplay and graphics are going to be simple, the detail draws in my attention and curiosity that requires a good story and character personalities to entertain my all around expectations as well as sense of purpose. This game got the simple graphics down, I have very little interest in it. But not simple gameplay.

        Even now, I still don’t have a feeling the story is going to go down a darker path. Maybe he’s a psychic.

  15. …Wow. I approve of this. I don’t mind the games being colorful but when you give dialogue that makes you feel stupid, it’s not as fun. Yes, I admit I laughed at Baldy McNosehair (I honestly wasn’t expecting THAT…And I doubt Roger was either XD), as I do like humor. But I also like a bit more maturity. The lines will probably not make sense to really young kids (a good thing) but add a lot more interpretation to teenagers and adults playing it.

    Zeti, huh? Dohohohohohoho Sega, I z what you did there.

        1. Yeah Jeffery is having a dicky day, he’a been a negative nancy to everyone he has replied to

  16. Me like! It’s not totally dark, and like you said, these lines are taken out of context. We don’t know who says them and what is going on. It’s better than uber cheesy “BBBE” and “Damn, not here”, so yay!

    1. Well, better than calling “Baldy McNosehair” a “good one” that needed to be “written down”.

      I wouldn’t call it better than BBBE in cheesiness because… that joke was all about Sonic trying to hard to be cool and failing, resulting in Tails giving him a blank stare. So technically it’s not bad writing. I think sometimes older audiences need a little kid-oriented assistance and that maybe a “Womp womb” sound would’ve helped people understand it better. lol

  17. This is better dialog than Shadow saying “Where’s that damn forth chaos emerald.”
    But still cartoony and violent threats, it’s Shadow the Hedgehog done right without the motorcycle and weapons.
    All that we need now is a great 20 hour story mode with it.

  18. Hey, as long as they aren’t throwing swear words in for the sake of throwing in swear words, (where is that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?!) I’m content with this. Even if the genocide line is… okay, that one I’m iffy about.

      1. I would die laughing if they had Zitler. Although I doubt Sega would get away with that one. XDD

    1. I am pretty sure most kids won’t know what genocide is. They may know what skinning someone alive is though… :O

  19. Damn, when did everyone start to talk like Shadow The Hedgehog O-O. If Knuckles said that last line(totally sounds like he did) he’s getting a cookie.

  20. Kinda weird though. This game looks childish, but damn the dialogue is just crazy! I kinda like it though.

  21. I kinda like where this is going. Sonic always reminded me of a 90’s cartoon, cartoonishly dark.

    1. I know what you mean. Like in Tom and Jerry or Looney Toons. They would shoot guns at each other in a commical way and if someone got hit, their head would simply look burnt or briefly disfigured. It was funny for me, even as a kid. You’d never see a gun on a kids cartoon these days.

  22. Sonic Adventure 2 had worse. I remember my parents never really liking that game because the characters were constantly badmouthing each other. (Knuckles flat-out calling Rouge an idiot in the first cutscene with the two)

  23. With dialogue like that, I think they’ll be some Sonic villains I can finally get behind. Eggman’s lost his touch after all these years, he doesn’t seem sinister anymore.

  24. These lines are most likely from the Zetis and Eggman. They wouldn’t go as far as turning Sonic and Co. into Batmen.

  25. This. Is. AWESOME!!! This is what Sonic needs. Darker territory. Look at how epic, dark, and even a but scary something like Adventure Time can be but still have perfect comic relief and whimsical-ness to be for an all-age demographic. It’s adored by kids, adults, and has cult status among teenagers. That’s the kind of thing I’ve wanted from the Sonic series since I was 10. I grew up with the Adventure Saga, so I saw how epic Sonic can be, and Adventure Time is a perfect example of how fun and carefree a fictional universe can be, but still have a underlying layer of realism with it’s dark backstory (post-apocalyptic world, one real human left), down-to-earth or straight ip rediculous characters (compared to the world they live in, characters act unbelievably casual and their own age, the teenage Sonic characters don’t feel like they interact like teenagers), attention to modern issues (certain characters have been confirm by the staff to be homosexuals), and actual story arcs that don’t drastically push the chronology of the story. Unleashed – Generations was nice, but the series should get back from G to PG. It can get to the point where the story, settings, characters, and overall universe can be taken seriously but are still fun enough to feel like its carefree. Since Sonic Heroes, everything’s just been Flanderized (look it up on TV Tropes, Flanderization) to the point of being boringly predictable: Eggman is silly more than evil, Amy is borderline psychotic, Earth is only being referred to as “Sonic’s world” now (ambiguity in this series ticks me off, because it seems Mario-like, and I hate seeing the Sonic series become more & more like Mario, which is why we need a bit more seriousness), and everyone except Sonic & Tails has been useless lately (Tails has even been demoted a bit in importance).This truly villainy in this dialogue is a glimmer of hope for me.

    1. “certain characters have been confirm by the staff to be homosexuals”
      Excuse me? Who? When? How?

      1. Reminder, I’m talking about Adventure Time: All of the Gladiator Ghosts from “Morituri Te Salutamus”, plus the female versions of the Lemongrabs in Fionna & Cake’s universe.

    2. No, no, no. Everything you said is fine except for that homo-sexual point. Maybe in a very strange show like Adventure Time it would work and maybe some other videogames, but not Sonic, no way.

      1. I don’t think gay characters should be a priority either (no offense to any homosexuals here), but to see some characters with some depth, personality, interesting story arcs of their own (with Sonic being involved as the main player character but the story’s deuteragonist would be interesting) is something the series is missing. It feels like a ripoff to get SA 1 & 2 as greats but now have Colors to be the example of what a Sonic game is expected to be. I’d like to see a game where Sonic loses a fight and feels like he failed as a hero, gets re-inspired by his friends, then saves the day.

        1. What you just described is basically the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. But Yes, I’d love to see all of those elements in a Sonic game, it would make the storylines more of a thing to look foward to y’know? Overall, I agree with you.

          1. There’s a reason I like the games and don’t read the comics. The comics feel very un-Sonic to me because it’s nothing but drama. Granted, it’s a comic and I expect that. I like that they exist because those who want to see Sonic The Drama can read the comics and thus it has a large fan base.

            However, in the games they don’t have this and it’s one of the reasons I like the series. They’re not drama queens like most other shows and games who either have that are are just “blaaaaaaaaaah deep” like Mario. Who’s cool, but not big on words or thoughts.

            I think Sonic comes close enough to drama his own way by doing things like in SA2, Sonic & the Black Knight, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. Aside from the voice acting, I won’t use Sonic 06 as an example because that’s too much drama like we’re talking about… that and Sonic didn’t do much in the game. That was everyone else. lol

    To all the people who complained about the game looking kiddy, I guess you have nothing to worry.

    1. To be honest, I am pretty sure they are. The strangling one sounds pretty closing to me.

  27. I haven’t heard anything like that in a Sonic game since Shadow the Hedgehog in 2005. I’m liking it, too. Unleashed, Colors, and even Generations felt way too kiddee. We’ll see how Sega plays this game out.

  28. For me most of those lines sound very cool! Are they really that “dark” to you? I mean of course its more serious than Sonic Colors and Generations, but I think they hit the right tone for a Sonic game, now these lines and the recent interview with Aaron Webber gave me high hopes about the story of this game as well as for the Deadly Six. Picture me excited.

  29. YEAH! 😀 I love the darker tone this is taking! These “Deadly Six” definitely sound deadly! ^^ I can’t wait to see how they live up to their name!
    Plus, I was one of the “eagle-eye’d” fans to notice this. 😉

  30. Well, you know what they say…looks can be deceiving. I still can’t get it through my head that this is from a Sonic game. It’s wierd, but somehow I like it and it gets me more interested. I am so going to buy it when it comes out!

  31. It Black doom all over again”Shadow you must Kill all the humans and annihilation this planet!!”
    Over the top and I’m Lovein it!!:D

  32. Darker tones without tasteless throwing cuss words around without ay real idea of how to use them? So basically SA2 dialogue?

    Count. Me. IN! =D

    1. The last major one I’d say was S&tBK, as Strike Carson pointed out there was the almost suicide of Sir Gawain, and the cutscene leading to the final battle went very dark with Sonic being beaten over and over.
      Generations had a similar scene where both Sonic’s were crushed, though arguably not as dark.

      1. i was okay with sonic being bashed, it just shows that he’s not invicibale and vaugly normal..

  33. Oh, please. I’ve heard worse on Cartoon Network millions of times, especially with what ‘Adventure Time’ dishes out form time to time.

  34. I hope the “skinning alive” part is said by Metal Sonic as a hidden boss. That would be so cool!

  35. I must say, these lines did surprise me (in a good way), especially ‘that one’. I’m glad to see that the Colours writers are actually trying to bring some threatening dialogue into this game without needlessly overdoing it, like SEGA did with Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 2006. But, I guess PEGI think that these lines of dialogue aren’t that dark since the Sonic Lost World website and trailers indicate that the game is rated PEGI 7 over here in the UK. Then again, Sonic Unleashed was also rated E-10 in the US and PEGI 7 in the UK.

  36. People, don’t encourage SEGA to make Sonic darker, we’ll just end up with Shadow the Hedgehog 2. -.-

  37. This is dark? I mean, I understand Sonic games are usually about as dark as a bag of marshmallows, but this is not exactly nightmare inducing or anything. The gameplay quotes are all actually pretty tame in my opinion, and the cutscene quotes I expect are mostly attributed to Eggman where they’re supposed to serve as a joke about how uncomfortable he makes Sonic and co. for working with him. Kids won’t understand what genocide is and just laugh at how Sonic reacts, they’ll just think of the heart thing as a fat joke, and the hand comment still isn’t that bad. The Simpsons have been making strangling jokes for like a century now and I don’t think anyone has accused them of being dark. Any “darkness” to be found in these quotes is just another layer to the joke for the more mature members of the audience to go “wow, I can’t believe they went this far” at.

    1. So I’m not he only one who think these quotes are lame. This isn’t DARK, this is CHEESY. This sounds like the lame attempt at maturity that comes from japanese anime (or any game that stars Shadow), when it’s really just soap opera melodrama. Honestly, this sounds like some SQUARE-ENIX title or some bad fan fiction….which got me thinking this may have been edited by the original poster who reported this. It just sounds too fake.

      Either that or it’s from the Japanese dialogue and it needs translation.

      Though, on the off hand that this is THE ACTUAL DIALOGUE to this game, than well… well that ain’t right. NOPE.EXE

      1. I get ppl talking about Shadow The Hedgehog which was super cheesy. But when you say “any game that starts Shadow” did you mean like that game since it’s the only one? Or did you mean any game where he’s a major character? Cuz I thought SA2 was pretty decent for it’s time (For it’s time referring to animation, lip sync and performance or writing to match it. You tend to have better performance with better cinematic to perform for. lol)

      2. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, saying that this is lame is inaccurate If you want lame lines watch Disney, or play Chais Rings Omega if you want a largely dark game with a cheesy line for the final boss that says “melt into of blood and mascara”

  38. With these lines in mind, I can see a reason why Sega is introducing the Deadly Six. Eggman, although dangerous to some degree such as almost destroying the space-time continuum, has become more of a villain for laughs (at least Sonic does not take him too seriously since he has beaten him countless of times). With the Deadly Six, Sonic has no clue how they act or fight, leaving much uncertainty. In this situation, they can make the Deadly Six very serious and threatening villains, while leaving Eggman to be a little more foolish this time around since he is helping Sonic throughout the entire game (which does set up some interesting interactions between the two).
    With the confirmation of these darker lines, I am interested to learn more of the story that will unfold. If this game has good gameplay, good story, and good replay value, I’m sold. However, I really hope they don’t make it toooooo dark (Shadow the Hedgehog/ Sonic 06). I am hoping for a combination for dark lines from the villains, and comedic dialogue from Sonic.

    P.S. I did admittedly like the Baldy Mc. Nosehair line and a few others from Sonic Colors.

    1. Note: When I mean the lines are darker, I mean comparative to lines from Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. They aren’t too bad.

    2. You have a point about Sonic laughing at Eggman due to his failures and not really warming up to these guys who he barely knows. But honestly, Silver’s more of a threat to Sonic than these guys. They’re just a bunch of colorful bullies.

      Zeena just looks annoying. Zor looks like an eye-roller. Zik is a wannabe know-it-all. Zomzom is an idiot. Zazz is a pothead by nature. And Zavok, the only competent one is the jock. Sonic will probably take them seriously, which will make ME take them less seriously because it’s so out of character for Sonic to take these losers seriously that I can see how forced it is.

      I’m surprised these six don’t try to start being a serious threat simply by doing something a bit more extreme like trying out some ultimate scheme where Sonic will probably have to do more than stop them from punching bunnies. In which case, Sonic can just Tails and Knuckles to stop being so lazy, get back into shape (Their vacations have gone on long enough, they’re getting weak) and then call in Amy, Shadow and Rouge. But Sonic probably wants to have fun with all six of them himself.

  39. …. heh, wow.

    those lines are pretty dark but, I get the impression those are all lines being said by the Deadly Six. I highly doubt Sonic or his friends would be those to say those kinds of words.

    hopefully I’m right about that. xD

  40. Why are so many people assuming Sonic, or Knuckles will say any of those quotes, isn’t it obvious that it’s more likely referring to quotes from the Deadly Six? They’re called “Deadly” for a reason!

  41. I’m liking the dialogue here! It’s weird how some people think it sounds a tad dark for a Sonic game, although the darkest moment for me was when Perfect Chaos destroys Station Square – who knows how many people got killed then (& that’s rated 3+ by PEGI)!

    1. For me is the flashback of Maria geting killed in SA2, Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic X, and still I think it wasn’t unbearable dark or tragic, it served a purpose and the rest of the story was light and fun.

  42. The statement: “I long for death’s cold embrace” probably came from that emo looking guy withe the purple hair.

  43. The “death’s cold embrace” line is probably from the emo-looking one. Not to be taken seriously at all, most likely

  44. Wth? How is that dark? And especially darker than previous Sonic games worth the rating that got our attention in the first place? What “Burn to death!” isn’t on par with this? Exploding Sonic in a capsule, shooting a preteen girl, destroying a city by flooding it with water from a liquid life form’s body, an aliens using the Ark to typically blow up the white house (as well as military vessels attempting to flee), breaking the world into parts, “converting” little aliens into dark whatsits as an energy source, turning animals into batteries for robots used in dangerous assignments, sending a space station on a collision course for Earth to kill everyone, a princess trying to commit suicide to avoid letting Eggman go through with his plans, forcing a wizard girl to accept that her world will eventually come to an end, turning friends into CARDS and sending a missile into the middle of the city aren’t all dark enough?

  45. I am glad this dialogue is entering, and these are only a select few! It isn’t really DARK, but it is darker for sure. The Characters in the Sonic franchise are capable of much more serious stroylines because they are so detailed, and this is a good first step I suppose. Either way, I am glad we are getting more info on the story.
    P.S. I can’t tell whether the genocide quote is THE bad one or if the skinning quote is THE bad one :|. But still, skinning someone alive?!?! Ouch! 🙁 That is a bit violent; especially since people usually skin animals and, well, Sonic and crew ARE animals.
    Can’t wait for this game! 🙂

    1. I think the “bad” one is ‘I long for death’s cold embrace.’ because it could suggest suicide, though I wonder what that genocide line is about, could it be part of the story? Or the background story of the Deadly Six?

      1. Well, I’d have to guess that genocide is being used as a noun and not as a verb. “One second, you’re contemplating genocide” may just be someone lecturing somebody else about their plan, actions, etc.. Plus, the statement sounds incomplete. For all we know, the rest of that statement can very well be, “and the next second you are trying to save them!” It would make sense wouldn’t it?

      2. Well they are bad guys in the same game that focuses heavily on little animals compared to recent past games. And Eggman is teaming up with Sonic for some reason so I’m sure there’s a mix in there somewhere considering it was important enough to portray that way in the first trailer for a CGI clip that will never be in the actual game. o.o

        That said, Gerald, Black Doom and Mephiles tried to commit genocide. Emerl would’ve if not defeated. Eggman threatened to commit it in SA2, didn’t care if he did in Unleashed, and tried to in Sonic Colors.

        I guess Sonic’s drifted into being more edgy than he started off and people who got paranoid acted like any bit of darkness or realism was too much for their diapers and everyone pushed Sonic to slowly drift into being more cartoony than originally meant to be. And now that he is, this is considered “dark” to them. lol idk

  46. Anyways I think these ones are good, also have you listened the big red guy’s voice on Japanese????, he sounds so EVIL!!!!

    And I wonder about some regions censoring because on Spanish the same red dude that on the Deadly Six trailer says:
    “Your fate is to be destroyed, why you just don’t accept that, LYING DOWN AND DIE!”
    On Spanish language says: “I have losing my time & YOU ARE MAKING ME LOSING IT!”

  47. I dunno why this is such a shock. Maybe as of recent games, yeah, but every Sonic game has had a dark side, or moment where you are shocked.

    – Trapping animals and using their life force to power robots – Sonic 1
    – A giant planet destroying space ship called the Death Egg – Sonic 2
    – Travelling to the future seeing Eggman’s impact in the bad future – Sonic CD
    – Lies, deception and betrayal, and the attempted murder of Knuckles, and the return of the Death Egg – Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    – Massive tidal wave and destruction, angering of God of destruction, civilisation wiped out over war, a robot who sees the dark side of life as a machine – Sonic Adventure
    – Playing god, ultimate life forms, madness of a scientist, murder, government conspiracy, destruction of the moon, sadness, dying wishes – Sonic Adventure 2 (perhaps the darkest hour in the franchise)
    – A mad robot who is convinced that he is the real Sonic, even rebelling against his master and imprisoning him to see the death of his rival, also Shadow’s side story of discovering he may not be the real Shadow – Sonic Heroes
    – An unoriginal garbled Star Warsy I am your father over serious mess of a story involving death, memories, identity and lots of out of context language and weapons – Shadow The Hedgehog
    – EXPLOSION OF LOGIC – Sonic 06
    – Inner beasts, light and darkness, the planet’s just been destroyed – Sonic Unleashed
    – Enslaving an alien race, using them for your own good, resulting in Nega Wisps, the capturing of their mother in the DS version, Sonic nearly having to fight Tails – Colours

    You get the picture, even the spin off games had dark sides. Now lets try and match the quote to the character

    1. Pretty much spot on! Even SatAM (in all honesty, not my favourite Sonic show)is rather dark in tone, this includes the Comics on both sides of the pond too! This actually sounds rather awesome – When I first saw the deadly six, I thought they were rather wacky fusions of characters from Spyro & Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, but it seems like they are serious if these quotes really are from the Deadly Six!

      1. I still need convincing.

        Nomatter how hard they try to matter, I still take even the silliest Eggman over the years more seriously than these evil Skittle Ranger clowns. lol

  48. What’s the damn problem with villains uttering threatening dialogue or using the word “genocide”? Children aren’t going to get traumatized or anything, for pity’s sake. I’m so sick of the way modern media censors everything and treats children like they’re uber pussies.

  49. Lots of Sonic games have been rated E10+. Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, to name a few. Sure, the more recent titles are E, but E10+ really isn’t much of a difference. But that dialogue is quite in contrast with the game’s colorful settings, wouldn’t you say?

  50. This is a good thing. The dialog seems to be allot more interesting and cool this time around. Don’t even get me started on how lame and boring Generations cut scenes were… Colors had some good moments but it was also really childish at times. Still better then generations though. I feel that people who thinks that these phrases are “to much” are kinda lame tbh. This is nothing to be upset over. But that’s just my opinion.

  51. Wow, that’s pretty dark dialogue but I’m okay with it, as long as it doesn’t go overboard. ;|

  52. The first four are probably the zeti, I actually think the genocide quote is from Sonic or one of his friends right after Eggman joins their side, while the last one about strangling is either Eggman or Knuckles. Notice how that line implies that someone implied their hands might not be fine, so maybe the character who says this got injured?

    1. “Notice how that line implies that someone implied their hands might not be fine, so maybe the character who says this got injured?”

      I was thinking the same thing.

  53. This is awesome! I was disappointed with Generations’ storyline, and this is sounding MUCH more interesting! Again, all I need is a Wii U…

  54. The actual evilness it feels like these villains are giving off reminds of how kickass the Sonic series can be. Just watch the opening movie of Sonic Adventure, or PLAY Sonic Adventure, and feel the awesomeness of it. Go ahead, take it all in. I just want a new “adventure” that can recapture that feeling, y’know.

  55. That dialogue is so much more darker than Shadow the Hedgehog’s dialogue. And that game had mild swearing in it.

  56. Every sonic game had a dark tone somewhere but this, I can go for it. Even the “You’re going home in a box” isn’t as lame as colors’ cheesiness. Now i’m hoping for Sega to inject that SA1 darkness but not SA2… that was a bit to grim if you think about it.

  57. Oh, well. So the game has some dark dialogue. Are classic fans so immature that they’re even having an obsessive-compulsive breakdown over just a few lines of dialogue? It’s not like this series has ever been for two-year-olds. It’s too juvenile, as it is, currently.

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