Sonic Lost World: 19 New Screenshots


Earlier today we were given a selection of new screenshots for Sonic Lost World which showed off a Casino Night themed level. Well, the person who posted the images has been at it again, 19 new screenshots from the Wii U version of the game, showcasing some of the levels shown in yesterdays trailer as well as some of the new Wisp powers.

The screens show lots of new enemies and dangers for Sonic as well as a potential ‘stealth’ section in which Sonic has to navigate a zone without being spotted by giant owls.

You can see them all in our gallery.

Source: TSS Network Facebook Group.

UPDATE: The original source has been discovered to be Sonic Characters (via Sonic Paradise).

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  1. Pretty awesome stuff! Some of these zones, such as the enlarged one shown at the top, have a bit of an abstract look to them. What is that owl thing?

  2. Again, as I said in the post on the Casino Zone… A lot of these levels seem very uninspired, despite the game’s great-looking gameplay. Though the level with the owls looks pretty neat… and if it’s part of the Forest Zone, I may just find that Zone to be a favorite.

    I have to ask though, just what exactly are Eggman’s badniks attacking us for if the doctor is on our side? Did The Deadly Six reprogram them all?

    1. A lot of the levels “uninspired”? They all look awesome!

      It matters not of the theme, but the gameplay! Plus, you’re pretty much judging the levels/themes off of screenshots…:)

    2. People criticize sonic games for rehashing but its ok when every 2d Mario game has the exact same worlds with different names.

      1. Erm… I’m not exactly a fan of Mario doing it either. The reason for me saying some of these stages’ themes seem uninspired is it either A.) Has kinda been done before in the series, or.. B.) Seems to be too similar to the stem of Mario tropes.

        But again, even with the tropes being this way, I can’t deny the well-looking level design.

  3. Yo..real talk. This game is playing it too safe. 2. SAF

    But before Cris K and his 8 yr old Opinion Nazi party come rolling in, I wanna give a few factoids about myself to help you understand:

    1) I have to spend 60 AMERICAN DOLLARS in order to get this game when it drops. $60 is a lot of money, don’t let your tax collector tell you otherwise.

    2) I have also buy an entirely new system just to play this one game! And I can’t just take it back because re-sale value will always be lower than the initial cost.

    If I just get a 3DS, that would be the end of it. BUT WAIT, DER SONIKU FANZ TELL ME 3DS IS DUM, CUZ DIMPS IS DUMMM!!! Get a WII-YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

    3) Now I’ll have to buy a whole bunch of peripherals because Nintendo is…has special needs 😉

    4) I also have to buy an HDTV because Nintendo is hip now, and yet they still want me to only use it in my living room (or any space where I can waggle) just use the damn thing! DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

    But before all of this, I need to get my hands on a working demo and experience the game for myself. Because so far, based on aesthetics and premise alone, this game is not impressing.

    and guess what doompkhaf?


    1. Don’t worry, SEGA will probably re-release it on the cheap on Steam in 10 years’ time and you can buy it then.

    2. 1. It will probably be cheaper than that.
      2. And you get all the Wii-U’s great games.
      3. You don’t have to buy any of the peripherals separately if you don’t want to.
      4. HD TVs have been around for almost 10 years. Get with the times.

      1. 1) I doubt it. Sonic may be irrelevant in the mass media, but he’s still a franchise icon. He is still worth $60 on launch. Only the 3DS version will be more cheaper.


        3) You do if you wanna play every other game for a system that you just wasted $300 to play on…which brings it back to number 2.


        4) I know the value of the American dollar went to the wastebasket, but spending money on a HDTV is so NOT a frivolous persuit. More people hook up their systems to their computer monitors for HD than waste money on separate monitors. Don’t tell me you’re a YOLO BRO, bro.

        1. Actually, FalconKick… I can list some great games, and safely tell you that none of the games I have, or will get, require a peripheral. In fact, the Wii U currently doesn’t have many peripherals to waste money on. And some (like the Gamecube adapter) can be good.

          Anyway, this is a list of games exclusive to Wii U that I found to be nice, as well as later good-looking games:
          – New Super Mario Bros. U (debatable in most eyes, though some may enjoy it… eh.)
          – Nintendo Land (comes with the deluxe console, which has more memory.)
          – Pikmin 3
          – The Wonderful 101
          – Rayman Legen- Oh wait… not exclusive anymore, but still seems kickass.
          – Super Mario 3D World (which actually looks like a bit of a change of pace, but not much is shown.)
          – Mario Kart 8 (erm, looks great if you’re an F-Zero fan, FalconKick. Though I wish a new F-Zero game would just be made, I think this looks nice.)
          – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
          – The Legend of Zelda (Tentative title.)
          – (While I’m personally not getting this one, some are) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
          – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
          – Of course, Sonic Lost World
          – And more…

          Sorry for the rant. Also, if you haven’t picked up a 3DS… I could recommend some games for that less costly system… but I’m sure you already know of its now well library.

    3. You could just wait for the game to drop in price, which never takes long, you know. I don’t have a WiiU either, but I’m perfectly content to wait two or three years (college and saving up for a car take a bit of precedent XD).

      Be patient.

      1. See…that is a better answer. Of course, by the time I decide to get a Wii-U for the lulz, I will already have a PC and PS4 added to my list of systems, I would be forced to sell my 360 because M$ is acting like Chris K, and by that time, one of the following scenarios will happen:

        1) Nintendo once again lives on, but realizes that no amount of hardware power will allow them compete with M$ and PS4. They officially renounce their claim to the console wars, and begins to officially go to war with mobile gaming. All their new systems will be DS-Like, focusing on eShop and apps while providing traditional console experiences and some light communication features. The Wii-U will be reduced to a glorified iCloud, whose only feature is store all of your games to play on the iPad.


        2) Nintendo FINALLY goes out of business and the gaming world is forever changed. Sony gives zero f$%^ and hunkers down for the apperance of a new enemy: The STEAMCUBE! Meanwhile, M$ will attempt to fulfill their long hidden ambition at being the “new Nintendo” by buying them out and bet the WING OF WAGGLE! But Nintendo, being stupid and irrational (e.g. Chris K) instead takes no offers and takes ALL OF THEIR IPS WITH THEIR SINKING SHIP BECAUSE ANY OTHER COMPANY TOUCHING THEIR PRECIOUSSES IS SACRILAGE And with that, the greatest video game icon the world has ever known enters the Sewer Pipe of Oblivion.

        1. Nintendo may make bad choices, but I really don’t think that will happen. They have enough control of the “casual” market to sustain themselves, most likely. It’s capturing the “mature” gamers which is the new goal. Really, I don’t understand why everyone is so negative about Nintendo. They’re bleeding money but still very rich, and it can only get better from here as new games are released for both consoles.

          Additionally, even though you may not like someone, you really should stop attacking the man. It doesn’t make you look better.

        2. Yeah, stop being mean to Chris K., he is 100% entitled to his own opinion about the subject and so are you. Your debates are actually solid and I enjoy reading them until you sneak that quip in. It’s like appreciating an artist painting a good portrait and admiring it until the artist takes a deuce on his hand and flings it at the painting after its done. Some may find it artistic and expressive, but it’s shit from my perspective. So, stop throwing shit on your own opinion so I can take it seriously.

        3. Those are the two most horrifying futures I have ever read. I am pretty sure mobile gaming isn’t Nintendo’s specialty at all; that’s more up SEGA’s alley. Honestly, Nintendo is Nintendo. They could never just fall out of the market. I find it hard to believe that Nintendo is in danger, especially when you have over priced disasters like the xbox one coming. If anything, Nintendo may lose hardcore gamers to things like the PS4, but they could never stoop so low as to leave the console business.

  4. I dont know… this game really feels like if Nintendo was making it…It’s too Marioesque! everything, from the Mario Galaxy type level layouts, Koopaling type bosses, to cactus with eyes? also ugh…Eggpawns are back.

  5. As much as all this stuff you guys are arguing about is important, doesn’t anybody else want to know about the story a bit more? I may have said this before, but how do Miles, Amy, and Knuckles fit into this rather simple plot?

    1. I too want to know that. (And again, sorry for starting all this with my… opinion.)

      Not only do I wonder how Amy and Knuckles will fit in (we all know how Tails will) but also… if Eggman is on our side, why are the badniks attacking us?

      1. According to Aaron Webber (I think?), Eggman is against Sonic until a certain point in the game, after which they end up teaming up together.
        I really hope they’re not pulling a Sonic Advance 3 with this one… It looks like it, but I hope otherwise.

        1. I hope it isn’t like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars… in that game, Bowser isn’t the main antagonist, but his troops still go after you. And they don’t really explain why. Same with Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and King Dedede’s troops. Though the way this looks, I assume Sonic Advance 3… or.. something else.

  6. Well, I’m really starting to enjoy these level themes. Not so much for their familiarity, but for how liberally their interpretation of each given trope is. We got a desert world with open plains, a mayan-egyptian-whatever ruins structure, and inside-the-pyramid levels, yeah, but also flying doughnuts and popsicle stick honey trees. With that kind of variety, who cares if we’ve seen it all before? Never all in one place, with /this/ kind of gameplay! With that said, anyone got a hunch which trope (Green Hill, Yellow Desert, Emerald Coast, Green Forest, White Park, Red Mountain, obvious Grey final stage with the most unexpected of plot twists /evar/)will be housing the Bingo Highway-esque level? From my obnoxious listing right here, I’m gonna guess the snow level.
    So far enjoying everything this new game has to show off. Won’t be able to play it until I get back from school for Christmas Break, but I’m convinced this’ll be one of the Greats.

  7. i know this is off topic but Sonic the hedgehog 3D has been officially announced for europe (maybe america too) by nintendo on their nintendo direct mini today.

  8. K, this is cool and all is the Wii U version is styling but.. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE 3DS VERSION, thats like the main problem, Sega is probaly only focusing on the Wii U version 70% and the 3DS version the other 30% and thats so uncool atm >.>
    Ik i sound like a baby atm but seriously .-.

  9. Guys, I’m sorry for my simple opinion sparking a fan war over… well… the debate of whether or not this is inspired heavily from Nintendo or not. I did not mean to have a lot of… um… argument. And stuff…

    Oh, but before I go out, I do want to say one thing.

    Chris K… telling people to shut up because they have a different opinion is not cool, way past uncool, if you will. Just because you may think the aspects mentioned of this game look much better than what I, or others give it credit for.. does not mean we should shut our opinions on the game down. Personally, I too think it is inspired very heavily off of New Super Mario, or Nintendo tropes in general… But I am not exactly against the people that either think it isn’t, or are alright with it. Please do not tell us to shut up because we criticize a rather minor aspect of the game.

  10. Those cacti have derpy faces. I cannot tell you HOW amused I am by this. Probably more so than I should be!

    The levels seem to be a lot like Mario games, but I won’t attack them because, well, a level is a level to me. It doesn’t matter so much if it repeats a theme, it’s how it DOES it. I do appreciate new levels, yes, but seeing old themes done in new ways is equally grand.

    I honestly do believe Nintendo did play a part in designing this game, though. It just feels very Nintendo-esque.

    Also I hope those owls when they spot you go “Whoooo goes there?”. I love terrible jokes.

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