ONM Releases 30 Hi-res Sonic Lost World Screenshots

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 9

Following the recent Sonic Lost World screenshot leaks, Official Nintendo Magazine UK has released hi-res versions of those screenshots, a few old screenshots and a few new previously unseen ones. ONM also revealed that the forest stage is called Silent Forest.

Check out the full set of screenshots in our gallery after the jump.

Source: ONM UK

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  1. Hm, the forest seemingly turns into a factory or mine as you move on… interesting. If it’s true that the castle area is linked to the forest, then this game has some very diverse worlds upon it. Now, if they bring back the world map-ish style of Sonic Colors, I would look forward to that just to see how the whole zone in its entirety looks. The tropes may seem a bit boring, but if it constantly mixes things up like this but still keeps a good general idea… then that would be swell and unique.

  2. Shadzter, get to bed! It’s past your Bedtime lol.

    On topic- I’m really liking the look of this game, first time I’ve seen any screenshots, look’s polished and as though It’s not beed rushed, unlike alot of SOnic games these days. This might keep me interested ­čÖé

  3. …this is hi-res?

    On-topic, the fidelity of graphics is more evident with these images. It’s also relieving to know that along with 2D and inverst-pipe-3D there are going to be “proper-3D” stages as well, if I understand that right from the desert and casino stages

    1. I know that free-roaming ability of open space in a stage is interestingly the part that’s making me finally a little more… well interested in the game itself. Before I was justl ike “looks fun. I’ll buy it” but that was it.

      I’m still iffy on the story and the cartoony style, but at least some of the stages look interesting like the castle and casino parts. c:

  4. I have something to say about this game but Chris K may show up to censor me and detain me in Egg-tanamo Bay for speaking my mind, so I’ll just say this:



  5. In one of the screenshots, you can spot the face-looking platform Sonic lands on at the end of the honeycomb section of Desert Ruins, only this time it’s now become buried in the sand. If this means to imply that Sonic started off in the donut-filled sky, and then descended down to the actual desert via the honeycomb section… then I do think that is an interesting touch… However, with that said, I kind of hope in some of these levels, you can actually see some of the past stuff like, in the sky or something. Wouldn’t it make sense if we still saw a little bit of the popsicle sticks, honeycombs, or twizzlers in the sky as we traversed through the desert. Only a small nitpick, but I’d just like to see it.

  6. Silent Forest, eh? Makes sense with the stealth sections! Something tells me though, telling Sonic to be silent will not work well…(Geez, it’s Shadow’s dream come true if he actually shut up, eh?) XD

    Aw, I just noticed Asteroid he has a little ring around him along with the ring of asteroids. That’s pleases me.

  7. According to Sonic Wikia (which means this may not be true) the not!Casino Night area is part of a place called “Frozen Factory Zone.” … Hm. Well, Zeena appeared in a snow place in the trailer, so it could be likely. It’s also claimed there is an unknown beach place. Windy Hill, Desert Ruins, Silent Forest, Frozen Factory, and others… Interesting.

    1. What reason does Sonic have for attacking giant organic derpy cacti? XD

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