“Not Enough Rings” Kickstarter Cleared

Fans and supporters of Veronica Vera and Oliver Bareham’s Not Enough Rings webcomic will be pleased to know that the Kickstarter raised to fund a physical release of the complete parody series has been covered – and then some!

not_enough_rings_kickstarter2With the initial goal pitched for $6500, the total went for about triple, reaching $17778 in funds over the past month. With that much money raised, the Not Enough Rings Kickstarter has met the two stretchgoals Vera set forth – hardcover and blue page edges. Final design of the book can be viewed below.

The 355 Not Enough Rings backers who pledged a minimum of $25 will receive the book, cataloguing the entirety of the webcomic before it reaches its end online as well as bonus comics entailing the Sonic 3 Competition Stages, and a full PDF download of the series. Those who pledged more would obtain the Carnival Night barrel Time Over shirt, a signed copy of the book, the Upstage card game based on Vera and Bareham’s Bittersweet Candy Bowl webcomic, a framed Not Enough Rings strip of their choice, and a custom strip based on any Sonic stage.

Estimated delivery of the Kickstarter pledge rewards is set for September of this year.


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  1. Huh… does she have SEGA’s backing for this?
    I’d have thought that would be required to sell any Sonic merchandise

  2. its like the bunny suicide book ~ :3 (shape of book)
    i would so really want this ~ been reading it online and iv laughed several times..

    anyone know if ‘their’ comments (as seen if you scroll over a comic panel) will also be in the book?

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