Mash-Up Monday: Rooftop Clarity

Combining Tomoya Ohtani’s classicized take on Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations with Zedd and Foxes’s ClarityXlovesMiku presents a  Rooftop Clarity – a rather unique combination what with the bittersweet lyrics playing over a jaunty tune!

Perhaps, to those who tragically missed the SoS waves, maybe this Mash-Up Monday could be your remedy?


…and I am not sorry for that pun. No refunds.

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  1. Is there a place higher than heaven? Because I think I just reached it while listening to this mash-up.This was a great way to start the mash-up Mondays back up!

    1. The classic sonic rooftop run song is my favorite non vocal Sonic song. Which is why I am totally in love with this mash up. What is your guys favorite sonic music?

  2. Usually I like the original songs better than a mash-up… but that’s not the case here! Thanks for posting this Vizard, this mash-up is AWESOME.

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