Mash-Up Monday: Collision Chaos Light

Nice and relaxed? Headphones on? Then you’re good to go, for it’s Monday business as usual here at the Stadium – Mash-Up Monday!

KenJones3023 decided to combine the Japanese iteration of Collision Chaos Good Future, by Masafumi Ogata, with Lights by Ellie Goulding!


Kinda fitting… the lights of Collision Chaos only shone for Sonic once he was alone.

Special thanks to Hyper-Shan of the SSMB for the tip. If you want to submit a mash-up you’ve found or made yourself, feel free to send in what you’ve got over at!

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  1. This isn’t the JP version of CC I’m used to. The instrumentation sounds different, almost like a midi version?

  2. This one goes right up there with rooftop clarity…maybe. Either way, it’s another brilliant Mash-up. Keep’em coming! ­čśë

  3. Hey VizardJeffhog, got a question for ya.

    About how large of a quantity of mash-up submissions do you get on a regular basis (like in a week or whatever)? Just wondering cuz I believe that I’ve sent you two or more emails, and haven’t gotten a response. I hope I’m not being a nuisance or anything of that sort.


    1. Sometimes about two a week – I’m sorting through a backlog of stuff at the moment, but I’m putting up your submission next week! I don’t normally respond to submissions and just surprise ’em with the article when it’s up bUT THERE YA GO

      No problemo.

  4. It started out a little weak, nut then I really got in to it.

    Someone needs to mash up Cyan City Act 1 (from After the Sequel) with Lights. The track is called “Tea with Ellie,” after all. Perfect, no?

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