Casino Night Inspired Zone for Sonic Lost World


It would appear from these screenshots that a Casino Night inspired Zone is going to be in Sonic Lost World. The screens were posted by SSMB member Gatestormer on The Sonic Stadium Message Board a short while ago and appear to show a new unannounced zone for Sonic Lost World. No name has been given yet, however long term fans will instantly recognise what it looks like. The Zone appears to borrow heavilly from the Sonic 2 stage Casino Night, with the pinball section and even Casino Night badniks.

Check out the rest of the images in our gallery.

Source: Gatestormer – Sonic Stadium Message Board. Edit: Actually they were originally posted on the TSS Facebook group page… We have a facebook group?

UPDATE: The original source has been discovered to be Sonic Characters (via Sonic Paradise).

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  1. You know what? I think there is a theme going on here.

    Sonic Heroes: Has a Green Hill and Casino Night inspired level
    Sonic 4 Episode 1: Has a Green Hill and Casino Night inspired level
    Sonic Generations (3DS): First two levels are Green Hill and Casino Night.
    Sonic Lost World: Has a Green Hill and Casino Night inspired level

    Sonic is tired of going through these two levels, Sega. Stop making him suffer over and over the same thing just to make money.


      Dude are you fucking kidding me? The last time we’ve seen a proper casino game in mainstream Sonic was in the PS2 era, in like 2004 (9 fuggn years ago)
      Also, Ep1 and Generations 3Ds aren’t considered mainstream since one is handheld and the other is a mini-app thing. It will be refreshing to see an actual 3D casino stage.

    2. You forgot Sonic Advance 1. Neo Green Hill and Casino Paradise.

      but really I have no problem of having a green hill and casino night themed levels as long they have original content.

    3. I agree with this. We had a dresser desert level in colors. Multiple reiterations of green hill and casino. Its true, completely unoriginal in terms of level themes. I want unique. Its like playing new super Mario bros. Every game has very similar zones. No originality.

  2. When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a screenshot of Sonic Heroes!
    This came out of nowhere!

  3. Well, this Casino stage definitely stands out compared to all the other stages we’ve seen, art-wise, that is.

    Anyone else notice that?

  4. The thumbnail screenshot screams Sonic Heroes 10 times more than it screams Sonic 2. If I didn’t know this was official I would’ve thought someone photoshopped Sonic a shot of that stage.

  5. Also, the Casino stage is not a part of the Main Stages. It looks like it just going to be an act or two for a certain stage.

    Looks like Iizuka wasn’t kidding when he said that he wants us to have a different experience with each level! 😀

    1. Hope the 3DS gets stages like this though, If it doesnt Im gonna be really upset D=. Since I dont have a Wii U, just a PS3 and a 3DS. With 7 zones and 6 acts in each, thats 42 acts in all and the best part is there is probably at least 3 unique stages in each zone meaning we’ll probably see at least 21 unique and fun stages to go through =P.

        1. I mean like in the future when they reveal all 7 zones. And Sega’s gonna give us 7 zones because of the 7 chaos emeralds so thats what I ment

          1. Right, because there are special stages on the handheld version so there must be a zone for each special stage unless if there is some exclusiveness going on.

  6. Woah! I cant wait to play this level, I think its going to be one of those type of unique levels like the honeycomb and sweet mountain look, if not I think this level could fit well with the Haunted Castle level for some reason.
    Windy Hill
    Desert Ruins
    Unknown Snow Level from the Trailer
    Unknown Jungle level from the Trailer
    Unknown Casino Level from Screenshots
    Unknown Castle Level from Trailer

    That only brings us to 6 so I wonder what other level could be placed in the game. There is that Volcano area at the very top of the Map though.

    1. Castle? I think that ruins area with a forest in the background is a part of the forest stage.

      1. Lol Right, Sorry ^.^ Im so hyped though, hope the 3DS gets good coverage like the Wii U though.

        1. I already knew the Wii U version was going to be awesome, it’s the 3DS version that keeps me pondering! I hope it lives up to expectations!

    2. Actually I think the level in the trailer where the short blue zeti was shown is a beach due to the palm tree ^.^

  7. Well, seeing all of the changes in game play and adding new characters I guess you can say that Sonic Lost World is a real GAMBLE…

  8. Wait a minute on a planet inhabited by animals and weird creatures theres a casino. WHAT!!!

    1. You know, I always wondered that inconsistency in stories, they had Carnival night zone in s3. A carnival… On a sparsely populated floating island. Once inhabited by a tribe that went extinct (except Knuckles). Maybe it was built for Eggman’s stress relief therapy, like this was his favorite ride: barrel rodeo. 🙂

  9. Hmm in curious but to think since there is no part of planet hex that looks like this maybe a pre order dlc stage like generations?

  10. Time to feed those gambling habits again. I bet Sonic never thought he might possibly get run over by something wearing his face. How humiliating XD

  11. Ehhh… this would be cool and all, if I didn’t already see Casino Night Zone in Sonic Generations… as well as Casino Street Zone. And man, this level isn’t even like Casino Street Zone where it’s similar, no, this actually looks exactly like Casino Night Zone! Just.. with dice from Casino Park/Bingo Highway. Hm… I like this stage and all, and I like the trope.. but to be honest, this looks more like additional DLC for Sonic Generations to me. Sorry.

    … Actually, on that note.. so far it kind of seems the level motifs are very.. well.. uninspired, eh?

  12. Oh final comment, i promise.

    To stay on topic, i really like the level geometry of the Casino Zone. I love how the buildings are popping up all lopsided, all cartoony like. it feels right for a Sonic game. If there is one thing about this dude I like is how natural he can fit in different genres.

    Ok i’m done.

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