An Interview With Ian Flynn


Last Sunday, I managed to catch popular Sonic the Hedgehog comic book writer Ian Flynn during the final hour of the Sand Diego Comic Con. Despite being dead tired from 4 days of signings, he generously shared his time with me and Nuckles87 on all things Sonic. From the redesigns to the future of the book and even his thoughts on Sonic Lost World. Sadly, during the interview we were attacked with a grenade! AAHH! Watch the interview to see what I’m talking about.


  1. VERY glad to watch that! I was really worried that it was a complete reboot.

    The characters being re-designed doesn’t really bug me. It’ll take quite a bit of getting used to, but really you could always tell just by looking at the characters, which ones were from the games, and which ones only appeared in the comic. Making all characters more cohesive is actually a good idea!

    So, I took from that interview that pretty much all of Ken Penders characters won’t be returning. They’ll change the world to make it closer to the video games (that way those who are only familiar with the games and joined the comics during Worlds Collide will understand everything that’s happening), and over time re-introduce the comic book characters. But from what it sounds like, only the comic characters that Ian wants returning will be re-introduced,and any character that doesn’t have the same “look” as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc. will be re-designed, to look like they are SEGA characters.

    Wow, I’m actually very impressed and much more optimistic about the future of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe. I always freak out (thought Genesis was a reboot, freaked when I heard about Endangered Species, and freaked when I thought Worlds Collide was going to impact the continuity), and it always turns out fine. I have faith in Ian Flynn, and while change can be hard to accept and hard to get used to (I’ve read the comics for over 8 and a half years without missing a single month), I think these changes will (surprisingly) be for the best.

  2. I blew the Archie booth away with my Shard get-up.. I was told to return in an hour to meet Ian sadly I missed out. Way too much to see on the floor 🙂

    1. Dude, ur seriously the guy with the Shard costume?! That was an awesome suit! Saw it on Sega’s Twitter feed! How the hell did you make something like that? Probably the most impressive Sonic-themed costume I’ve seen! Very nice job! 😀

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