Sonic Lost World Gameplay Surfaces via IGN

Hot off of IGN, an extensive amount of gameplay footage of Sonic Lost World has surfaced along with some additional information about the game. That’s right, footage as in both Wii U and 3DS versions got previewed!

For the Wii U edition, “Support Mode” will see to that a second player will assist in destroying badniks and obstacles via a “Radio Controlled Gadget” invented by Tails, utilized through the Wii Remote.

For the 3DS version, SLW has Dimps once again returning in the handheld version development and will feature level design different to that of its home console counterpart. In addition, up to four players can race against one another in Versus Mode both locally and online. Connectability to the Wii U game has also been hinted with players to be able to share items.

Catch the commentary video of the Wii U version between Aaron Webber of SEGA of America and Rich George of IGN first, then the three 3DS videos, for gameplay footage of Windy Hill and Desert Ruin!





If you’re over at E3, be sure to try the demoes yourself!

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  1. Not liking the look of this which is making me upset, I guess that’s just how it’s going to be I guess.

    1. I completely agree, in my completely honest opinion this game looks like complete garbage. I guess the only thing we can hope for is that jokes like “Baldy McNosehair” don’t show up again, hearing that for the first time made me seriously cringe.

  2. Game is looking fantastic on both Wii U and 3DS. Still going to get both.

    Windy Hill music sounds so great!

  3. I’m just curious. When you guys watch the Windy Hill (Wii-U) stage… does anyone else feel dizzy at any point during that stage.

    A simple yes or no reply to this comment will surfice.

    1. Yeah I definitely agree, for both versions. That’s my biggest worry about thisgame no matter how good it is, I get motion sick pretty easy.

    2. Nope. However I’m am a little annoyed by the lack of speed and not resembling the inception of the hedgehog engine style. (since unleashed) but but then again. every single nintendo release of a sonic game hasn’t ever been the same as the other home console counterparts. And either the HD isn’t ready but the graphics still pixelate.

      1. Keep in mind that we’re seeing YouTube footage of the game. The video quality had to be compressed just so it can be displayed. I’m pretty sure playing the actual game on a Wii U will look much better.

        1. i’m not sure if any lost worlds footage is on the nintendo eshop but if you watch the nintendo direct with the new olympics game the quality is much better

    3. No, but I’d imagine my siblings might get a little dizzy, since they get dizzy watching me play Galaxy for more than 20 minutes.

    4. No, didn’t feel any dizzyness.
      Just overjoy with some nostalgia vibes and awesome-looking gameplay 😀

    5. Not dizzy as such, but I get what you mean, it’s disorientating and the Galaxy-esque gravity stuff doesn’t work quite as well as it does with Mario; Sonic’s just a bit too nimble for it.
      But heck, doesn’t look like it’ll be too much of an issue, and I guess you could argue that parts of Generations was just as confusing.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love everything I’m seeing and hearing. The different speeds seem perfect, I’m loving the references, and I love the graphics so far.

  5. This game is looking incredible, both versions! I can’t wait to get them both.

  6. I have very mixed feelings about this gameplay. It seems as if they are combining semi-adventure gameplay with sonic xtreme gameplay. I feel like the speed adjustment feels like how madden football would have you hold the right trigger to sprint like how this game controls your speed. The way sonic goes from planet to planet is VERY reminiscent of how mario would use those stars from super mario galaxy. It looks like they are also bring back mock speed sections from sonic 06 on that second desert level. It looks playable but I am still skeptical. As for the 3DS version, it looks very laggy and slows down. The planet transition looks down right lazy at this point. I did see some good though, the new purple wisp looks great and is a nice idea. I appreciate the return of the elemental shields and I hope they work out like they used to. The speed up theme is the sonic heroes song… What? That’s kinda lazy in my opinion. Overall I am still torn about how I view this game.

    1. I didn’t think the game looked laggy so much. About half of the lag was almost definitely from IGN’s video compressor. And besides, this is way less lag than S&ASRT 3DS had at launch; heck, there’s less lag than the Wii U version had like 3 months before launch, and SLW 3DS has twice as much development time left, so frame rate shouldn’t be an issue at launch. Also, the planet transition in the 3DS version seems to be necessary in order to load the next section of the level, allowing for better frame rate and larger levels.
      Just my thoughts.

      1. I’m just saying they could change up the transitions a little bit. It’s the same thing over and over again. I’m sure it will change due to the fact that it is just a demo.

    2. Yes, The Sonic heroes theme for the speed up is a lazy move. I mean, what did they do? Go back to the source audio? Cut the clip? Time it to go with the speed up? format it for a DS card? Those lazy bastards. I remember when they worked hard at creating speed up music. They pushed through the mud and the grime to create a code. I’m not sure any other one knows how hard it is to make a code. But it wasn’t any ordinary code. it was several 1s and 0s. They practically broke their backs putting the code that would; get this: speed up the existing music for the length of the power up. Three developers were diagnosed with median entrapment neuropathy in the wrist for working for no doubt weeks, 24 hours a day, creating that code.
      But Those lazy sons of bitches don’t know how to work at speed up music any more.

  7. this game looks fun and interesting :3 hope to see how everything plays out and when characters appear or what other levels there will be ^^
    MULTIPLE PATHS! ( *O* ) ~ yay

  8. This looks like the best 3D Sonic game by far. I’m really eager to play this, I hope it’s at the Best Buy event.

    1. Well, Nintendo said 4 games would be available at the Best Buy event. I assume that the new Super Mario and Mario Kart will be playable, which leaves two games slots. Possible titles include:
      Pikmin 3
      The Wonderful 101
      Game & Wario
      (Those 3 are coming out soon, though, so they might get an eShop demo instead.)
      Sonic Lost World
      Wind Waker HD
      Smash Bros?
      Wii U Party / Wii Fit U
      There are other titles, but most are multiplatform or are not major titles.

  9. FINALLY, A Sonic X-Treme Remake I Hope there will some point in the future can’t want to see more gameplay footage

  10. Everything looks amazing, the gameplay, the level design, is amazing. I’m just still very bumped with the fact that Sonic is the only playable character, makes me feel limited…

  11. anybody notice the sonic cd badniks in the second zone the ones from palmtree panic

  12. Fianlly Sonic lost world acts Windy Hill and Desert runs. and also Iam going E3 games demo June 11 on San Fancisco.

  13. Holy mother of god o.o I realized the gameplay videos was from 3ds after i watched them 3 times over lol.It looks great on 3ds u.u

  14. Did…. d-did Dimps just make GOOD level design after 3 years?! O_O Oh huzzah! I’m loving how both versions look, though the 2D sections seem really bland. The 3D sections, however, look amazing! Sonic X-treme revival… I approve. Though I’m curious of Desert Ruins Zone, because from the Wii U footage, it looks NOTHING like a desert, and the acts seem so unrelated to each other. Hm… Oh well. Windy Hill looks like a ton of fun. I love the music so far too. I guess these trailers finally shoot down my theory of a Mario & Sonic crossover. Even though the world map looks ball-bustingly similar to New Super Mario Bros. U. Whether I get both versions or not is a mystery though. They both look good, and the wisps are CERTAINLY interesting me this time around.

  15. The game looks AMAZING so far! Love Windy Hill’s music, it makes me smile! Love how cartoony and surreal it all looks! This looks like the best sonic game of all time! For the 3DS version has the blue sphere special stages and not another half pipe special stage. Speaking of special stages, I WISH THEY WERE ON THE WII U VERSION! That is my only complaint so far and its very minor, but they should be on the Wii U version. I’m gonna preorder the Wii u and 3DS version. This game just looks fantastic!

  16. So is “Desert Ruins” supposed to be a play on words? Because I fail to see how that level is a desert in any way….

    1. New Super Mario Bros. U had the same thing with the same gist, so I’m assuming it’s some Nintendo thing that’s clever, or something.

  17. Hmm… well this just reminded me why I’m so disappointed with this game, it’s way too cartoony and lacks everything good that Sega has been slowly building up these last few years. If you look at the gameplay of Unleashed/Generations you will see just how beautiful and detailed all the backgrounds and scenery looks, not to mention it has that slight element of realism to it which really appeals to me. Not only that but the lighting on Sonic is fantastic, in real time it just looks so right, even though it wasn’t perfect it was definitely a huge step in the right direction. Now, when I look at this (I know its a completely different art style than Unleashed/Generations) all I see is what I would like to call a “quality downgrade”. The levels are extremely cartoony and colorful, the backgrounds (not the actual playing field sonic stands on) look extremely cheap and blurry, the gameplay looks slow and the Hedgehog engine appears to have been completely mutilated, no detail on Sonic whatsoever, and overall the gameplay just looks too gimicky. I don’t even have to go into detail with the story because, if you aren’t under 7 years old, I can most likely assume that this story will not appeal to you. However, I do know that there are some people on here who actually like the way this game is going and don’t mind the fact that the game lacks, yet again, proper story, in depth plot and character development, a somewhat serious/mature feeling about it (not nearly as much as 06, closer to the Adventure games), actual challenge, and multiple characters playable with plots that tie snugly into the story. They also seem not to care that this game took everything that was going right with the gameplay in Unleashed/Generations and threw it out the window instead of build on it and tweak it, maybe even apply more Adventure elements into the Unleashed/Generations gameplay and slowly go away with the annoying 2D sections, we don’t live in the 90’s anymore people, get over the nostalgia! Well, other than that I don’t really know what to say. Hopefully this is a one time thing (possibly 2 since Sega has that exclusivity deal with Nintendo) where Sega makes a game that appeals to my friend’s 5 year old son and has absolutely no story whatsoever and most likely contains cheap jokes that won’t even make the little boy laugh. Maybe sometime in the future Sega will get it right, but for now, mediocrity yet again. Enjoy people!

    …and invincibility that uses the Sonic Heroes theme? WTF?

    1. DAMN YOU! XD

      I was gonna point out the Sonic Heroes theme! You tricky bastard!

  19. Ahhh, I love the whole ‘hold trigger to run faster’ thing. Much better for platforming.
    And I don’t mean to be a judgmental jerk here, but to anyone who has ever played the Ratatouille video game… Desert Ruins Act 1 kinda reminds me of Remy’s food Dream World levels XD

  20. The reason why most of them pixelate is because it’s the 3DS version I repeat ITS THE 3DS VERSION!!!

  21. thats clever, it seems as if the 3ds version ‘loads’ a section each time sonic catapults into the air

  22. Got to admit, I may of pre judged this a little too harshly…it looks quite fun and I couldn’t even tell there were two different versions of same game to begin with.
    I’m still not sold on the whole Nintendo-isation of the graphics, still looks off to me after playing the beautifully detailed levels of Unleashed, Colours and Generations.
    I’m happy they’ve brought back so many Badniks as well as huge Badniks! Motobugs and Buzzbombers are getting a bit stale.

    1. I gotta agree with you on how the worlds were designed. I was pretty supportive of the abstract look they took on for the worlds when they first showed off screenshots from this game, but after seeing the game in action I’m not sure if I like them all that much anymore. They lack a lot of the personality the other Sonic levels usually have (seeing a variety of different scenic attractions blast by you was always one of my favorite things about recent Sonic games), not to mention these levels don’t seem to have very memorable designs. I can’t really see myself remembering these levels very fondly after a couple years like I can for Colors and Unleashed, let alone a good chunk of the older games.

      Still, strange level designs aren’t a deal-breaker for me, and now I’m probably going to pick up both the Wii U and 3DS versions after seeing how robust the 3DS version is. I’ve been playing the 3DS gameplay videos in the background just so I could listen to the wonderful music for those two levels and try ignoring the sound effects, haha.

      1. I agree. I am still not 100% certain what will really push me to but this game other than that I am a huge Sonic fan. If the level designs are more exciting and memorable, which I’m not sure they are, maybe I’ll give in.

  23. Am I the only one who noticed the drill wisp in the last video as part of the animal collecting? Pause at 3:30 to see it.

  24. I’m very pleased with the product. I’m glad they mentioned the Super Peel-Out from SCD as well as seeing the robo ants from the same game, but I’m pissed they still didn’t mentioned that this was a throw back to Sonic X-Treme. The honey comb secetion from Wii U nostalgia for Chaotix Special Stage. Ok WTF since when Sweet Mountain-esque level refered to as a desert? Nice return of the Elemental Shileds, but no fireball spindash? WTF. Again as mentioned above both Invinsibilty and Super Sneakers (yes the Super Sneakers, rewatch the vid if you missed it) have the Sonic Heroes theme. The only major gripe I have is those boulders, I would rather have to push those boulders as opposed to have them to chased me to get them to activate the switches. Seriously those things creep me out, dunno whats worse that or the fuckin tails doll. *shudders*

    1. True, I feel like they are going to shove in as much nostalgia or slight references as possible to try to please all sorts of fans. That might have worked in generations, but they might be going to the limit here. The Heroes theme is downright lazy and we all know that. As for the Chaotix reference, can someone please point that out for me, I want to see it. Also I don’t think the shields are going to work out like they used to. One last thing, I think Mr. Weber lied to us aboutother characters having their own time in the “spotlight”. They will just force them in with no real story relevance so that they can please the fans.

    2. it uses the word desert with all it’s meaning. desert, the after meal treat, and desert, the dry sandy expanses. It’s quite brilliant really.

  25. It all looks great aside from the poorly-disguised loading times in the 3DS version. They happen way too often.

  26. Nope. I’m denying the existence of people who dislike this game. They’re all trolls.

    This game is amazing.

  27. this game looks like the 3d Sonic game I have been waiting for! :D. The gameplay and the design of the worlds and the throwbacks to past Sonic games all look amazing 😀

  28. Nothing but praise on this end, for both versions. I’ll be honest — first time watching the 3DS footage it didn’t register that it wasn’t the Wii U version. That’s nothing but promising in my eyes. Lovin’ the new look to Void, Sonic’s motions are fluid and innovative, and the music is, as is par with Sonic, phenomenal. From this footage I can’t honestly raise a single complaint. As the guy who honestly wasn’t impressed with Colours /or/ Generations, this is looking like both of those games done right!

  29. Take this gameplay, EXACTLY THIS GAMEPLAY + A semi-serious story a lá Teen Titans (2003) meets Adventure Time + some sort of sandbox aspect + a plethora of (optional) minigames + 6 playable characters (Sonic & Shadow as the pro- and deuteragonist respectively) that have unique moves and stats and AREN’T SLOW + some RPG element for gaining new moves/stages/anything else, but not necessarily (or exclusively) through leveling up + Chao World + online/offline multiplayer that has plenty of variety and ISN’T JUST A REHASH OF SINGLEPLAYER OR JUST RACING (think some party games or the aforementioned minigames) + DLC that people would enjoy like characters (not clones, entirely new skills & abilities), story expansion, stages, and crossover costumes (like FFXIII-2 did) + a killer soundtrack with jazz, rock, hip-hop, Sonic Rush style pop, and orchestra scores f

  30. Take this gameplay, EXACTLY THIS GAMEPLAY + A semi-serious story a lá Teen Titans (2003) meets Adventure Time + some sort of sandbox aspect + a plethora of (optional) minigames + 6 playable characters (Sonic & Shadow as the pro- and deuteragonist respectively) that have unique moves and stats and AREN’T SLOW + some RPG element for gaining new moves/stages/anything else, but not necessarily (or exclusively) through leveling up + Chao World + online/offline multiplayer that has plenty of variety and ISN’T JUST A REHASH OF SINGLEPLAYER OR JUST RACING (think some party games or the aforementioned minigames) + DLC that people would enjoy like characters (not clones, entirely new skills & abilities), story expansion, stages, and crossover costumes (like FFXIII-2 did) + a killer soundtrack with jazz, rock, hip-hop, Sonic Rush style pop, and orchestra scores (for those dramatic and emotional moments) – the Sonic Xtreme style (unless applied to certain stages like a space stage, plus I’m really tired of the Mario Galaxy comparisons) + the death of Big the Cat (you know you want it) = Sonic Adventure 3.

    Now is that really so much to ask?

      1. Why garbage? Because it sounds like there’s more you can do besides run in a straight line from point A to B. Or because I suggest other characters and gameplay elements that make it too big for your tastes? I’m legitimately asking for your opinion, so forgive me if my reply sounds a-holish.
        P.S. The Big the Cat comment was a joke.

  31. Hmm…So Sonic can do the blade…air…kick in 3DS, and elemental shields also appear to be 3DS exclusive? Maybe?

    Both versions looks interesting, but I think the 3DS is a little more interesting to me. Or not. I’m not sure XD I’d like to try demos first myself >.> I’m usually a console version person…

    1. That, “blade air kick” is actually Sonic’s Shockwave attack from Sonic Battle for the Gameboy Advance. That’s right, I remembered! 😀

  32. Why does IGN keep getting the name wrong? It’s Lost World, not Lost Worlds.

    Also, why a radio controlled device controlled by Tails instead of Tails himself?

    1. I bet It will be EXACTLY like super mario galaxy’s co-op mode. And if that’s the case that had boring written all over it. It’s rather sad that they wot let you use the king of co-op characters (Tails). Instead we get a cheap and lazy radio? Wtf??

      1. Yeah. They had re-colours in Sonic Colours, but it seems like intentional avoidance now for whatever reason they have in mind. I wonder how the 4 player on the 3DS works.

        I think that the gameplay is alright, but the music and visuals aren’t so impressing. The lolly level reminds me of bhangra dresses, but I don’t know what lollies have to do with desert (unless it’s a dessert pun?).
        I’ll probably be getting a Wii U at around Q4 2013/Q1 2014.

  33. Yay, the Fire Shield’s back! (Desert Ruins Zone 2 gameplay)

    And there appears to be a new kind of Wisp? (Windy Hill Zone 1 gameplay)

    I just hope the graphics in the final are better than this. I was watching in HD and Sonic looked kind of blocky.

    1. oops failed to mention the new wisp. Yah that thing’s got to much Katamari going for it.

  34. Okay, I was bit bit worried about couple of issues i.e. windy hill=green hill, desert ruin=sweet mountain, and the wisps being a cheap way to cling on to Colors’ success,but all my worries are mostly dispelled! Windy hill looks incredible and desert ruin is different enough to claim originality.
    It also looks like the wisps aren’t leaned on, but sprinkled on to add a little extra treat (And gamepad functionality) and I love the deSErt ruin and then dEsert ruin thing. very clever.
    Sonic started gaining his speed back in 2010 with sonic Colors, and it looks like he’s not slowing down!
    Also, I think Sonic 4 episode 2 served as a successful way to put their toes in the water where returning to other playable characters is concerned, I think after a couple more Sonic-alone games we’ll be ready to see maybe some Tails and Knuckles gameplay… I wonder how this co-op thing will be received.

  35. Ok here’s my pros and cons about the game.

    Animal Friends themed.
    Wisps are back, and even a new Wisp. (Gravity Orbital Wisp)
    Elemental shields galore.
    New moves that look useful and Spin Dash that can work.
    Music, as expected is amazing, has a more lively vibe this time…almost like Classic and modern sonic fused.
    Super Peel Out is back, finally!

    The Mario-like structures, background and some elements seem…odd and too “Nintendo-like” even to Sonic standards.
    Eggman again does do much in this game it seems, guess its kinda refreshing but when are we getting many Eggman battles like in the old days?
    Sonic Heroes Music with the speed shoes? It’s clear there’s a Sonic Heroes fetish, just Make Sonic Heroes 2 then! I know its you Iizuka *vomits* X0
    Huge enemies and elements, ok I’m getting tired of this, its not just Sonic other games have done this too. Normal enemies are now 3 times bigger and it looks bad.
    Desert Ruin’s levels, Yeah…A Candy food theme again? ugh..a weird Mario-like forest with Honey combs? very awkward! doesn’t feel like a desert or ruins at all!
    The Pharaoh Tomb level looks desert and ruin inspired but not much..looks very mario-like and weird…very clunky…I dont like it.

    Final Thoughts,

    I got mix feelings guys (sadly mostly bad)…This game will make or break Sonic again.

  36. Stage one messed with my head a bit, but I’m liking the look of this. I love all the old school refences. I was always baffled as to why they removed this, rather than embracing them like the Mario games did.

    Maybe I’ll have to fork out for a Wii-U after all…

    One criticism: It looks like it may be too much aimed at kids, kinda like the Mario games. Sonic was always meant to be a bit more badass than that.

    1. It looks more like its aimed at kids than it used to be, but Sonic was always aimed at kids anyway just in a cooler fashion.

  37. The references to other games are cool I must admit, (did anyone notice something familiar about Sonic’s jump?) and the level design looks so bizarre it will take me a while to get bored of the game, but this brings us to the main point. Sonic Galaxy. Jesus christ, I remember when Sonic Colors was being called a Galaxy Ripoff. Just look at this fucking game! The levels seem to have no support to keep them in the air, the gravity is centered around the platform, there are multiple ways to achieve Stars(or red rings in this case) and the alternate path onto the clouds just screamed Mario. In their attempt to be new and creative, Sonic Team accidentally ripped off their platforming rival.

      1. Maybe they got some tips from Nintendo, (like stay true to your roots and dont discard them) they’re using LOTS of classic elements not seeing in a while! its pretty overwhelming if you sit down and study them!

  38. Looks like an interesting mixture of the Hedgehog Engine type Sonic games and Mario Galaxy; nods to older Sonic games included. I like how the gameply as been slowed down slightly. Sure, boosting gameplay had its charm but it could get repetitve and frustrating quickly and whenthe game asked for more precision platforming the controls just weren’t suited for it at all: see Sonic Generations. Sonic is a platform game series at heart.

    As long as the game feel is good and the camera stays under control I’m sure this will be a great Sonic game. Also I never felt sick watching the gameplay, probably due to the slower pace.

  39. Hmm..Second thought.

    Its possible that they’re trying to give Sonic’s world personality again (wishful thinking) The Music sounds kinda Ska-ish, which it neat like that SA2 Harbor level.
    Like I said before its like a fusion of Classic and Modern Sonic, even his Spikes look shorter. The Sonic Heroes Music in the 3DS version that are used for BOTH his invincibility and Speed Shoes (Yay speed shoes are back!) might be place holder or only on the 3DS version..kinda odd and retarded but hey if they love Sonic Heroes so much maybe we get multiple playable characters soon!

    So my hopes are rising again, The Badniks returning with NO Eggpawn in sight is a blessing!

      1. Not really, in SA2 it was pretty much Earth fused with some Sonic elements, but the level design was top notch back then and made it feel awesome.

        Sonic Lost World returns to the abstract feel of the classics…yet it feels very Nintendoish specially the back drops…Ah well, lets wait and see more.

  40. There’s a release date for GameStop for the first one for Sonic lost world on Nintendo 3ds 12/13/13 is December 31 and second one Sonic lost world for WiiU 12/31/13 . Also is different pieces for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU not the same as Amazon.

  41. Ugh, the more I see of this game, the more I’m inclined to buy a WiiU… I so don’t want to, but with that and the new SSB, I just might have to…

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