Sega Announces Sonic Themed Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters & A Range of Outdoor Products For 2013


If you are one of these fans who simply must own every piece of Sonic merch… I hope you’re prepared to have a home extension! Sega has announced a partnership between Global Industry BV and Universal Cycles to bring a huge range of products to Europe later this year.

Global Industry will be making a series of outdoor related products which include…

A skateboard, scooter, roller blades as well as a folding chair, play tent,  sleeping bag, ready bed, water gun, tennis set, hopper ball and frisbee.

In addition to this, a selection of Sonic themed lighting products is also on the cards which are described as Sonic themed torches, projector, camping light, a table light and a push light. Finally, and if you happen to live in an area which sees snow this might be for you. There will be a series of toys and equipment for the winter seasons, this will consist of a snow shovel, ski helmet and sledge.

Now for the bit of bad news. These products will not be made available worldwide, there release so far is only confirmed for Benelux, GAS and France territories. Prices range from €3.99 to €34.99.

The second company partnering with Sega is Universal Cycles, if you havn’t guessed, they make bikes. Universal Cycles will be making a range of Sonic themed products which include bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, helmets and bike accessories.

At the moment for these products are only confirmed for the UK & Ireland. No price points were given, however retailer Argos has already placed orders, and a tentative release date of October 2013 was quoted.

So… Whose going to ask for a bike this Christmas?

Source: Toys n’ Playthings

P.S. First person to get the skateboard and go down a San Francisco hill and upload a video of it with City Escape playing wins… urm… a hearty handshake.

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  1. woa i wish i can have this but im almost 16 too old for this, hog father what do you think about this

  2. Seeing somebody LIVE city escape zone will truly be a sight to behold. He’d (or she’d) be worthy of calling himself (or herself) the ultimate Sonic fan! I really hope somebody takes that offer seriously because that would be insanely cool! 😀 As for the merchandise I hope I can get a Sonic themed helmet somehow.

  3. Sega had a lot of sonic stuffed over to 90s. Also Sega is upload a video about San Francisco city Escape that one person will ride A Sonic Skateboards down to San Francisco hills like Sonic Adventure 2 .

  4. My bad I mean not sega is going to upload a video. Some people is going to upload a video about Sonic adventure 2 city escape in San Francisco if somebody have a Sonic skateboard to go down San Francisco hill wins.

  5. I’m about to be 21 and I want this haha, Your never too old for Sonic.

  6. Just Europe? Noooooooo… well, there’s always eBay. I’m definitely gonna need that tennis set and that table light (for apartment decor, of course).

  7. Time to learn how to ride a bike.

    …Why did I have to be such a wimp when younger…XD

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