Iizuka: No Online Play in Wii U Version of Lost World


In a recent interview with Nintendo World Report, Takashi Iizuka confirmed that while the 3DS version of Lost World will have a four player online versus mode, the Wii U version will allow for local multiplayer only:

NWR: The demos on the floor are all single player. Can you discuss the co-op and versus multiplayer?
TI: We’ll have different multiplayer modes on both Wii U and 3DS. On the Wii U, there’s booth cooperative and versus multiplayer. In cooperative play, Sonic will be using the Wii U GamePad and someone can be supporting Sonic in co-op with the Wii Remote. In versus mode, one player will be playing on the TV screen and the other player will be racing using the GamePad so you don’t have to have split screen. You both have your own screen and can race each other. The Wii U multiplayer is not on the Internet. It’s basically everyone sitting on the same couch. The 3DS for the first time we’re having 4-player versus racing over Wi-Fi and the Internet.

This is nothing new for Sonic. Every one of his Dimps made portable entries have had an online racing mode since Sonic Rush Adventure, while Sonic 4 Episode 2 has so far marked the only time Sonic has had online multiplayer in a console game.

You can find Iizuka’s complete interview with Nintendo World Report here. I would highly recommend taking a look, as it has some interesting bits of info.

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  1. I just wonder how knuckles is gonna fit all that cartoony cutscenes.We never saw him in the plot since 06,and 06 does not counts,so since sonic heroes we did not saw him being him in the actual plot.Yes he was in generaions but that game had no story to me,and he did not appeared much.All he did was being saved and shouting like “Yea you can do it sonic,go beat that while i sit here and watch you lol” So i wonder how knuckles gonna fit this game.It would be awesome if he acts like a serious rival,while helping or not helping sonic,and being a…little more cool.

    1. If you’ve ever watched Sonic X, you can easily imagine Knuckles fitting into Lost World’s cutscenes.

      I cannot wait to see a cutscene where Eggman comes begging to Sonic to help save the world (with him)! Oh, the irony.

  2. Bummer, but I had a feeling. I don’t see why they couldn’t make it online racing, though. Seems a little lazy ^^’

    1. Would you rather want a polished game or one with less polishing due to adding in online?

      1. Or we could just get a decent all around game that doesn’t have to suffer from how much work goes into one category when almost every other franchise doesn’t have to deal with this. I swear, people need to stop treating sonic team like this. They are professional developers creating $50+ games. They should be able to deliver a full package without having the gameplay suffer. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a small group of people working on an entire project, which is not the case here. Yes, gameplay is the most important thing, but we’re in a day and age now where just having that isn’t going to cut it anymore for that kind of price tag.

      2. Thats not necessarily true.

        in comparison to others, it really wouldnt be that hard to set up a simple public server access point.

        I have much confidence in a competitive sonic game and I believe it would turn out well.

        Im not saying it needs to have a complex system like Halo or COD. But a 1v1 party setup would be easy, quick to make, and be satisfactory.

      3. They could easily tweak the date to work on it. I imagine it wouldn’t take much to add a simple racing game in. You act as if I complain about everything, when in reality, I’m just a little confused on why the 3DS always seems to get online while the consoles do not, despite being perfectly capable of it.

        That is why it seems lazy to me.

  3. Online play does not equal online multiplayer. Leaderboards are almost definitely returning.
    My guess is that the game can only run 2 people at 60 frames/second, and running HD 2-player servers isn’t cost effective.

  4. Something that I think should have been noted in this article:

    There will be six acts per zone. Since there are six worlds, we’ll be getting about 36 levels (possibly more if there is additional content) plus the Boss Battles!

    1. Hot damn. That’ll beat Sonic Generation’s length right out of the water, and hopefully the individual levels will be more memorable than the levels from Colours.

    2. Sweet! I loved that about Sonic Colors. I really hope that the 3DS version also has 6 levels per zone.

    3. Yeah, no. It does not “beat Sonic Generation’s length right out of the water”.
      People forget that Challenge Acts were basically non-mandatory levels. That means SG had 9 worlds and 108 stages total. And even if you don’t want to count the doppelganger races that’s still 90 stages.

  5. While that seems like a bummer, I’m really excited for 6 acts returning again! Maybe they’ll find a way to make this game longer than Colors and Generations. 6 acts should be promising if they can do it right.

  6. what Wii U is not going to be online for Multiplayer’s how lazy of Sega company do that. Also there is a special stage in Nintendo 3DS of Sonic Lost World is it going to be in Sonic Heroes color balls or get a Chaos Emeralds.

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