10th Anniversary Sonic Crystal Video Review

The Sonic Show begins a new series of indepth video reviews of some of the more interesting pieces in the world of Sonic merchandise.


Our new presenter, “JonoD” takes the first review back over a decade to check out the spectacle of the 10th Anniversary Crystal Cube! Rather nice don’t you think?

Would you want one? Is it worth the money? Share your thoughts below!


  1. As way past cool as this is, this is why I’m not much of a merch man. My policy: if it costs more than the latest game, it’s not worth it.
    Of course, that’s just me. Congrats to the very few who possess this masterpiece.

  2. What’s cool and crystal Sonic stature made by 2012 and 10Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog .

  3. I bought one of Ebay about 8 years ago.
    Haven’t heard much about them recently. Glad they haven’t been forgotten.

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