Sonic Universe #55 Cover Previews

SU55 SU55blaze

Arr matey’s! Get ready for a new venture!

After the “World’s Collide” arc, Sonic sets sail with Blaze, Marine, Amy, Cream, Bean and Bark on a high-seas pirate adventure called “Pirate Plunder Panic!” Ian’s taking a break this time as Tracy Yardley takes the writing reigns for the second time in the comic series. Judging from the covers alone, I’m guessing the story is likely a sequel to both “Sonic Rush Adventure” and the hilarious “Team Treasure Tango”. It’s unknown yet, I’ll bet fifty golden mobiums that Captain Whiskers and Johnny make appearances too. Looks like fun. I can’t wait!

You can find more info and even larger cover images at Destructoid.


  1. Even when sonic has filler the stories are just all pretty dam good and glue together

  2. Looks like it’ll be fun to read, although to be honest I was looking forward to the Sonic Underground Epilogue they had planned. Wonder when they will take it off hiatus.

  3. Seems like Bean and Bark are gaining more popularity after Treasure Team Tango. I wonder where Nack went if he’s not with them in this arc. Might be interesting to give Nack an arc, or have it as a Team Hooligan arc about their pasts etc

  4. I was thinking how Blaze has been underused in the series recently. It’s good that she’s getting another arc, but I’d love to see her used in a “serious” plot at some point, flesh out the character, make her interesting. Her appearances so far aren’t much more than cameos.

    1. Agreed, tought I think we are going to see more of her in the future, specially since Ian Flynn himself said Blaze was one of her favorite Sonic Sega characters in an exclusive interview with Sonic Stadium.

      ALSO I have this little rumor about a future story arc in the comic that concerns Blaze a LOT.

  5. Hmm, Sonic on a pirate ship with Amy, Cream, Blaze, and Marine. This should be interesting. More seriously though, I wonder what the purposes are for Bean and Bark being there. Plus, doesn’t Sonic hate water?

  6. alright, I’m willing to skip the rest of the cross over if Archie is willing to 🙂 (actually, I better get started reading it..)
    Look at the variant cover… oh, and frickin’ Marine? Yes please 😀


  8. Alright! Glad to hear some news post-Worlds Collide!
    This looks very interesting! I freaked at first (in a bad way), thinking that the next Sonic game was part of the Story-Book series and that this was a tie-in story.
    But now that I know it’s not (since, y’know, it has Bean, Bark, Marine and Blaze) I can’t wait! I would love to see more of Captain Whiskers and Johnny; they’ve really only had a cameo in Sonic Universe 1!

    I wrote in to sonic Grams (got my e-mail and picture printed in Sonic Super Special #7! My name’s Bobby H.) and in their response, they confirmed that Mephiles would be appearing; it sounds like the demand for him was too overwhelming to ignore! Just a side-note for those who were wondering…

  9. Oh my gosh, that little Choa skull and cross bone on Sonic’s bandana is epic!!!!!!!
    I would so laugh if they dressed him like that for the comic… Probably not but one can dream :3

    So is the Sonic Underground story officially cancelled, or has it just been moved?

  10. The way this story is protrayed it seems like Bark and Bean are teaming up with the good guys this time. Or at least I hope I love those guys.

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