Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer

What is there to say, really? It definitely looks different from past Sonic games, yet still sort of familiar. Anyone care to guess what I’m referring to?

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  1. The spinny feet are back and it looks awkward as hell! ๐Ÿ˜€ But holy crap this looks nice! No boost to win gameplay! And… Sonic X-Treme meets Super Mario Galaxy?

    1. Holy Crap there a roll IN A 3D SONIC GAME!! I Cant’t wait to see all the Awsome moves and I BET YOU theres a spin Dash of sorts! And you’re right this Looks GORGOUS! I HONESTLY cannot Wait for this!!!! cajgvadjfvpjfdn EXCITMENT!!!

  2. Sonic Xtreme meets Mario Galaxy is the vibe I got… Looks interesting to say the least!

    I was over the moon to see the flickers and critters coming out of the badniks, that was what got me most excited about this. That and seeing Sonic’s feet have a spinning/fast/peel-out style animation to them!

  3. this looks freaking awesome…… now if you will excuse me I will be watching this trailer about 200 more times.

        1. Cancel my 4 oClock, i have to watch this trailer a hundred more times!

  4. Nice ^o^ I do not have the WiiU Console (waiting for the price to go down) however I got 3DS/3DS XL so I already order sonic lost world for 3DS from (it will be notify for the released date)

  5. WOW! Awesome I’m officially stoked

    From the look of the levels it looks like there will be alot of platforming versus holding the boost button which is very welcome in my book. Its nice to see the quality of sonic games rising these past few years, maybe we will see an end to the automatic 3d = bad for sonic games assumption that many game reviewers seem to have a bias about, before they even start reviewing the actual game equaling a lower overall score.

    1. Good joke, but this game actually looks about as far from a Sonic Adventure 3 as possible. The world looks nothing like ours and Sonic appears to be the only playable character (plus Knuckles has become obsolete because of the run on walls trick now). If the guardians are the bad guys, how come there are still badniks?

      1. I don’t why the Badniks are there, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      2. My money is still on Eggman being the real villain of the game. If the woodland creatures are returning, they’re obviously in danger. Sonic games have never been the type to kill innocent animals (besides Sky Chase turtles), so if the animals aren’t going to die, what would they have to worry about? Being trapped in Badniks. By Eggman.

      3. I dunno, i don’t think he was talking thematics as much as he was talking (Sonic’s) gameplay, which was a lot closer to the Genesis/Megadrive games back then as opposed to today’s Sonic. Assuming this is a lot like Sonic Xtreme, which was the Genesis games in 3D with rotating levels, this is actually pretty damn close to a Sonic Adventure 3.

      1. “Sonic Lost World is officially the long awaited Sonic X-Treme. With a Mario Galaxy twist.”

        And Correct-Sonic replaced by an ugly-as-hell unfitting character model.

  6. What’s strange is, I was going to make a fan comic a year or so back that took locations from past levels and turned them into these odd worlds, now I don’t have too.

    As for the trailer itself…it’s not the most exciting one I’ve seen to be honest, it hasn’t made me think “I’ve got to go out and buy a Wii U RIGHT NOW” though that’s not to say it doesn’t look good, I like that they’re expanding on the move set. Saying that some moves look a little…off? The running animation looks odd and the homing attack is kind of strange.
    Is anyone else a little bit tired of seeing Green Hill remakes?

    I’ll wait and see what happens…

  7. it looks like a cross between sonic xtreme and super mario galaxy. the level layouts look crazy, but in a good way. also good to see the return of the critters and proper badniks. will need to buy a wii u now.

      1. Nothing inherent. Oversaturation might be the best way to put it. We had five Classic Sonic games, five Adventure Sonic games, and now five Boost Sonic games. It’s time we got something new. And by god does this look new!

        1. Ahh. I was about to say.

          I liked the boost system. I thought it was one of the first times since Spindashing at the beginning of Chemical Plant zone that actually made me feel fast.

          That, and if you are trying to focus on bettering your time, it really isnt as busted as alot of people claim. A very nice phase in Sonic’s history.

        2. Eh, I sort of disagree, seeing that they JUST NOW mastered the boost gameplay with Generations.

  8. While I absolutely love the fact that they brought back the “Sonic Xtreme” element for this game (as well as not seeing any boost-to-win areas…yet), I still need to see alot more gameplay before I make the choice of buying a new system. Lol

    Some areas seemed a little “clunky” in terms of movement in the environment. And there really wasn’t enough footage to see if the game was more momentum based or if it’ll still have boosting.

  9. Hm…the title “lost world” makes a lot more sense now, as its basically the finished / tweeked version of Sonic X-treme, which has been LOST for over 15 years!!

    I liked the unleashed / generations hedgehog engine, as i think with a few more tweeks, it would have been simply awsome so i’m a bit disapointed to not see it here, but at the same time, it is nice to have a change of gameplay though. Hopefully, this will be a “spinoff” style gameplay like Black Knight / secret rings to the “all consoles” games .

    Will be pre-ordering on 3ds!

  10. It’s like they took the green hill zone and put it through a pretzel twister!

    And yes Sonic Xtreme, Super Mario Galaxy, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  11. So is it safe to assume we will get a new remix of the green hill zone theme in this?

  12. Damn… dat level design!
    Honestly, that really exceeded any expectations I had. It looks like what Mario Galaxy SHOULD have been even. xD
    I’m not excited that it’s re-using level environments like Green Hill but it can be forgiven for that level design.

    1. Well. Thats always been in the Sonic Formula. Every fist level always has to follow his one rule, (With only a few exceptions.

      A Bright, sunny area with at least some greenery and a Shitload of Water. Which I find funny because sonic cant swim.

      There has to be some level of Similarity for a Series like Sonic because there have been some pretty radical gameplay changes, and if there isn’t at least something that the player can relate with and lets them feel like its a Sonic game, even if the gameplay is completely different.

      Sonic isn’t the only one either. Its very common amongst the iconic characters like Mario and Link.

  13. Super Sonic Galaxy! I will agree they gave Sonic the Mario Galaxy treatment but that’s not bad in a way. I love the new gameplay. It looks fun! I still love the Gens gameplay but this gameplay looks like a Sonic 4/Sonic X-threme(Like everyone is saying)/Mario Galaxy hybrid. And I hope Eggman returns as the villain. He’s gonna be in the 2014 Games so he must be coming back right?

  14. I know what the afterimages thing is right after it says about the new moves… LAG!

  15. looking good (: cant wait to see more perhaps at E3. I do hope the other characters do show up even if its for cut scenes and stuff.

  16. God the guardians look stupid, and the trailer was meh in how it was presented. But man the gameplay looks really interesting! Nice to see that they are taking inspiration from Sonic Xtreme.

  17. but by the looks of the trailor it seems that Sonic will be the only playable character. Man I miss Knuckles ๐Ÿ™

    1. I know man… I know…

      Dont get me wrong, Aside from Metal S0nic, Sonic is my favorite Character. But I want to play as someone else most of the time. Thats why I got Generations for the PC. People have been doing an amazing job in creating other characters down to the very last animation. So it completely makes you feel like you are someone else.

  18. I love the classic style and it looks quite fun, it has a very Nintendo vibe about it, pretty much its Sonic Xtreme back from the dead ^^ my only nick pick is the villains… they look like their from DeBlob.

  19. Oh yes. Oh, YES. This looks extremely promising. The new style of gameplay looks seriously fun, and different from what we usually see from the other Sonic games – albeit with that familiarity, that “Sonic”-ness (catch my drift??). VERY excited now. ๐Ÿ˜€

    (And on a side note, the cutscenes’ graphics are AMAZING, and really fluid rather than that slight stiffness you get from characters sometimes. Not sure if they’ll be IN the game, but it felt like I was watching a cartoon. XD)

  20. On one hand, I like the fact Sega is experimenting with Sonic gameplay again. On the other one, this is not exactly the way I would prefer them to go with main series. Don’t get me wrong, this game looks promising be itself… but “Unleashed formula”, especially as used in Colors, was in all honesty quite closer to my vision of ideal 3D Sonic than this Xtreme and Mario Galaxy hybrid.

    Actually, this is very close to my attitude to villains: I’m alright with them joining in for one game, but Doctor should return somehow. Still, given Generations ending, maybe we’re setting up for Rush Adventure surprise.

    Yet I’m excited for this game. Oh well.

  21. Dude, this game would made my mom throw up in a second. Look at all those twists and turns! My god, not sure what to think… I’ll come out right now and say I hate the multiple Sonic blur. Looks more like a glitch to me than an effect and just adds to the motion sickness.

    From a design standpoint it’s a neat idea but I dislike how cramped some of the areas look. Small spaces are dandy for characters like Mario who walk around for the most part but Sonic is intended to blaze through there. Unless the game is on rails, which I hope it’s not, it seems like it’d be really easy to die by falling off the side.

    Also, the design of the villains DO NOT fit with Sonic. They look like Skylanders to me. And the lack of detail and texture in the level itself hurts. It looks like Sonic is running on some kids toy rather than actual ground.

  22. i like the villians designs, they are cartoony and colourful – not “MAJOR SERIOUS BUISNESS” – like.
    after googling “the deadly six” i got things come up about the sins such as greed, jeliousy and stuff so maybe those features will be present in the game. (e.g. you are given two paths – one has loads of rings but is difficult and the other is simple but barren with lots of enemies).

    i like the moves aswell. being able to wall run and climb up the walls aswell to change the level around is interesting. i hope the other characters are present in this game and that since eggman is in limbo (or they pull a stunt to bring him back), metal sonic will be the villian.

  23. This looks like another tight controlled, badly written, 2D based game. Everything I hate about recent Sonic games.

    The villains look like they are going to be lame stereotypes. The “fat guy”, the “sexy girl”, the “big bad leader”. How very unoriginal of them. Meh, I’ll still wait for more info and gameplay videos, but I highly doubt I’ll be buying this.

  24. I was kind of hoping for a Mario/Sonic crossover, but whatever. And is it just me, or do the game play graphics not look totally finished? Other than that, it looks really cool, especially the new moves! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. I’ve watched this trailer countless times, and I’ll admit, I’m very excited! Looking forward to E3 to learn more about it! I’ll list some things I’m excited for, not fond of, and some of my hopes:

    Things that I liked:
    -Graphically is very impressive; love the stylized, cell-shaded approach to the overall look
    -Loved the small details, like the small animals being trapped in the Badniks again
    -I loved the look of the Badniks, they stick very closely to their appearance in the Genesis games, not the “updated” look that they all had in Colors and Generations
    -As much as I love the gameplay present in Colors and Generations, it was time to try something new before the series became stale again. There wasn’t much more they could do with the “boost to win” gameplay. It still seems fast-paced and that you can still perform all of Sonic’s moves, just seems more about platforming than previous types of gameplay.
    -Sonic’s “new” powers seem to really enhance the gameplay, not hinder it (like some previous gimmicks) and don’t break the flow of gameplay (like the Werehog)
    -Sega did seem like they took some inspiration from Nintendo; the graphics and gameplay look like they are reminiscent of Mario Galaxy. In that regard, it looks more like Sonic X-Treme to me, but who knows. Now that Mario and Sonic have similar graphics and concepts, maybe there still is a chance of a Mario and Sonic adventure game, featuring gameplay from Mario Galaxy and Sonic Lost World!

    Things I’m concerned about:
    -The Guardians. Period. I was very concerned when I saw their shadows, and I definitely had reason to be. To me, it looks like Sega wasn’t lying when they said that their focus for sonic was the 7-11 year old age group. Sonic already has so many great characters (Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc.) why make more that seem unnecessary and don’t really fit? I’m sure it’ll turn out fine, just like the Wisps and Chip (sort of Chip) did, but right now that’s the one part of the trailer that I very much disliked.
    -Where is Eggman? There’s obviously badniks, so he’s gotta be there somewhere. Why isn’t he the main villain? Everything in the trailer seemed to point towards going back to Sonic’s roots (more platforming, old-school badniks, less realistic) so you would think the good Doctor should be the main villain.
    -I’m still concerned about the difficulty level and how long the game is. The last Sonic game that had a sizable amount of content and was somewhat difficult at parts was Unleashed. I loved Colors and especially Generations, but both could be beaten in a few hours (I’ll say, at least Generations had side-missions and 30-second trials; going through every level in Colors could be done in 3 hours). Both Colors and Generations presented little challenge as well; the first boss of Colors I beat in 20 seconds on my first go, and I don’t think I ever died more than 3 times during a boss fight, even the final boss of Colors. However, i will say that the new type of gameplay looks like they can do more with the levels, almost making them longer where they had to be short with the “boost” gameplay. So I’m hoping with longer levels, a larger world, and maybe some extra content (especially since the Wii U is much more powerful than the Wii) that it would have more content than Colors and last longer than Colors or Generations.

    I still have my doubts, but hey, I’m going to buy this game (more than likely get it for Christmas) and I’m going to be excited for it no matter what. With Sega now having Nintendo’s resources at hand (I mean, Nintendo opened up one of their Nintendo Direct’s with announcing this game) helping to advertise for this game, I have a feeling that this will end up being the best-selling Sonic title of all time. It probably won’t be primarily directed toward hard-core fans like Generations, more for younger or less-experienced gamers. But that’s not a bad thing, and hopefully it will continue the trend of bringing Sonic back to his 90s glory!

  26. When i saw that it was different yet familiar i thought it would be like sonic advance or something because no one cares about that but the moment i saw that footage i was like “OH MY GOD ITS FCUKING SONIC XTREME!!!!!!!!!!111111111111”

  27. That last laugh sounded familiar- is there any way the red guardian actually IS Eggman?

  28. No comment. Looks absolutely perfect. Classic Sonic gameplay the way it was meant to be in 3D.

  29. Interested to see how this will play, but super pissed about the Nintendo exclusivity. This game looks really cool – if a little confusing. Even Sonic will not get me to fork out for a Wii-U though. It’s already graphically obsolete and I know that it’ll be the same deal as with my Wii; it’ll sit there gathering dust aside from when the occasional Sonic or Mario game gets released.

    1. Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2, Smash Bros. Brawl, New SMB Wii, Super Paper Mario, wario Land Shake it, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby epic Yarn, Kirby Return to Dreamland, Zelda Twilight Princess, Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime 3: corruption (or Metroid Prime Trilogy), Animal Crossing (debateable), Epic Mickey and even Rayman Raving Rabbids (original one). And even Sonic Colors and Unleashed. And the processors in the Wii U are actually technologically more advanced; there’s not as many processors than the Xbox One or PS4 (Wii U has 4, Xbox and PS4 has 8), but they can actually improve over the console’s life-span, there’s actually room to grow that developers can use. Where the Xbox One and PS4 just have 8 processors that do not improve over time. Nintendo’s always been about just doing there own thing; they’ve never had the most advanced console with the most impressive graphics, they focus on what matters in games, and that’s gameplay; they focus on making video games enjoyable and fun. Plus, i’d much rather get a Wii U with games like New SMB U, Nintendo Land (pleasently surprised that it’s a great game), Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic, a new 3D Mario game, Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, Yarn Yoshi, a new HD zelda and Smash Bros Wii U (not to mention downloadable games and virtual Console games like Earthbound) than spending $550 plus for a PS4 or Xbox One.

  30. Ugh… I can already see myself falling off the stage

    Hopefully it won’t be too complex of a game to navigate

  31. The good news:
    They’re making a frigging Sonic game
    Its….a new generation of Sonic? (Lemme guess… the “We decided to team up with Nintendo our former arch enemy and removed the boost to win feature Era”)
    I think Sega didn’t wanna completely abandon Sonic Xtreme so they decided to like….give it a reincarnation or something like that
    The bad news:
    It’s for the Wii U the system that should’ve been an expansion pack for the Wii (Well it depends cuz who knows if we have the techno or not)
    *sigh* 3DS Version’s probably gunna be like Generations 3D….Short. Easy. And barely any effort into it (It would’ve been heaven if they mde it like…I cant say 3D but the Camera facing behind Sonic and its a part free movement and a part side scroller)
    SEGA!!! WE’VE HAD ENOUGH OF JUST PLAYING AS SONIC!! Well I cant say we’re just gonna play as the Blue Blur only cuz of one.trailer
    Uh…..did Activision help ypu guys?… Cuz I see some Skylanders here….
    I camt say this is terrible cuz I would be a terrible judger I’ll just be how I was when 06′ and Unleashed came out (Didn’t have any next gen consoles then ;-;) but I can certainly not wait for Sonic “The Ninth Action Stage in Sonic’s story for Sonic Adventure”

  32. The running animation with the white streaks following Sonic’s hands is the boost, but by the looks of the gameplay footage, we won’t be using it much

    1. You may be on to something about the boost, maybe it just increases your speed without letting you harm enemies?

    1. He must of found a way to escape. Maybe Orbbot and Bubebot have something to do with it.

  33. A first trailer that actually shows gameplay?? Revolutionary!!
    All jokes aside this looks really cool and amazed me that they brought back that whole Sonic Xtreme vibe. Not the true next gen Sonic, but I’ll take it!

  34. Not too much boosting? I’m okay with this. The others I felt were a bit too happy on those. It looks like Sonic has finally learned to climb ledges (he forgot how after the Werehog left him XD), although Shadow still does it one handed so he has catching up to do, eh?

    Kicking in midair, it looks like an animation or two was missed. I’m NOT fond of the afterimages on the wall, though. I probably just have to see them used more, but they looked very strange.

    X-treme, it’s been many, many years since you were cancelled, but it seems you were never forgotten. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the engine from that to create the engine for this one, along with some rather obvious help from Nintendo (I barely played Galaxy and even I can see the strong resemblances).

    Also, the purple baddie is the best baddie. “HYAH!” XD Gotta love the crazy ones.

    1. I wonder what the difference is between kicking in mid-air and just staying in a ball? Do you have to push a button with the right timing to do it? If so, why not just use homing attack?

      I like the purple one best too at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Interesting! Love the new gameplay style they are going for. I especially had a good time playing Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and now to have a game with similar level designs but with my favourite video game character I doubt I will hate this game.

    I must agree, the guardians don’t really impress me though. I’m hoping Dr Eggman has something to do with them I mean, the classic badniks are there so surely the Doctor is up to something again.

    Never mind though we will find out in due time. But this game looks good in my opinion. Graphically looks brilliant, love the Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic X-treme level design and also seem to like Sonic’s new moves.

    Only problem I have is not having a Wii U. Aw well I suppose I could always sell my Wii to get one and save a bit on money ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. This looks awesome! Hope there’s more to it than just this though! Cough Chaogardens!

  37. The song is called “Cinema๏ปฟ ft. Gary Go” by Benny Bennasi, in case anyone wants to know.

  38. I knew it six monsters guardians of each worlds are deadly monster guys it could villains are back from the game.

    1. People can be pretty unpredictable sometimes, of not, you can read them like a book.
      Ahhh, this game looks so good! I require a Wii U stat.

  39. Rumor is Nintendo is helping Sonic Team with Ideas and letting them know the small details like the badniks and animal friends, his running cycle and best of all his surreal world is what Made Sonic special in the first place.

    It all started in SSBB where Nintendo stated that what made Sonic great was his simplicity and they knew very well his strength as a character, and it shows in these newer games. Tho the Nintendo Vibes are really obvious hehe.

  40. Aside from the giant evil Skylanders and the fact that it’s Nintendo exclusive, this game looks pretty cool. Could that new power be gravity flipping? If so, I’m so in. I always loved the gravity flipping in Crazy Gadget.

  41. Why do people seriously like this game. I hate this game with a firey passion. It’s just Sonic Galaxy X-Treme. I mean sure they’re bringing something that was cancelled, but they’re changing it into a Mario Galaxy type of gameplay. (sighs) … they say that when sonic runs into a wall, he won’t stop he’ll run on the wall, HE WILL RUN ON THE FUCKING WALL, sure stoping in front of the wall was annoying but it added to the challenge.

    1. Alright, how can you possibly hate this game already? Does it not look fun and thrilling to you? Because honeslty, that is all I feel for this game, fun, excitement, thrill, jesus christ my hype levels are soaring!

  42. Wow~…after seeing this trailier, I can say that I’m glad this isn’t comming out on Xbox One or PS4. This is nothing but a Sonic version of Mario galaxy. Plus the villians look realy childish.

  43. This game looks absolutely incredible! The fun and thrilling sonic experience has always been my favorite, and recently sonic has just been that! Although I was looking forward to the boost gameplay of generations, this change is very welcome and I just can’t wait to see more. This is my reason for buying a Wii U.

  44. Hmm, looks like Super Sonic Galaxy Extreme. (Super Mario Galaxy + Sonic Extreme), which is actually a good thing. It certainly looks a lot more interesting than some of the more recent Sonic titles… and esp. that Olympics one…. :T

  45. Ugh… I don’t like this one bit. It reminds me of Mario Galaxy by the way the stages look, and it looks and feels a bit… I dunno… Awkward. I don’t have the money to keep up with all the new technology, let alone jump at every opportunity for a new game. I love Sonic, but SEGA’s making some pretty weird choices with the blue blur as of late. Get back to the roots… Do something original. As much as I like Sonic, I’ll have to pass. I haven’t liked any of the new Sonic games after 06′ to be honest… Well, except for the PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed. It wasn’t bad.

    The pressure to buy new systems to keep up with the times just makes it worse. Sorry Sonic, but I think I’m gonna have to sit this one out.

  46. Sonic Galaxy X-treme? Looks amazing! I would buy a Wii U just for this game alone if I had the money/job x-/

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