Sonic Lost World: 13 Clean Screenshots

It’s been quite the busy couple of days hasn’t it? Well, you know how IGN posted all those screenshots yesterday? But also added their watermark to the images? Would you like to see those screenshots without a watermark stamp on them? Well here you go!

13 Screenshots from the 3DS & Wii-U version of the game, without any watermarks on them.

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  1. I’m glad that the 3DS version isn’t just sidescrolling. I’ve had enough of the Rush gameplay.

    1. At that size, you could make like a 40 foot / 15 meter long poster without pixelation.

  2. Look at that grass! It’s so stylized and cool! I know it seems weird to talk about grass, but seriously, it looks amazing!

  3. This should be a great game.Can’t wait 🙂

  4. Oh my god Wii U and Nintendo 3ds had butter two graphics how awesome is that.

  5. While I’m already sold for this sweet looking game. I miss The Hedgehog Engine. Looking at the screenshots I see no Global illumination effect that was in Unleashed and Generations. That’s actually the only minor thing I miss.

  6. “The ChaosDoom is a brotherhood of 6 magical monks warped in both mind and body whilst on vacation in the Master Chaos Emerald. Each wields a power from the Elements of the Universe. These include: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, Lightning, Stone. Forming an imaginary circle (i.e. following Stone is Fire again…), each element is more powerful than its neighbor– Thus creating a sort of Yin-Yang sphere of influence.

    Already controlling Robotnik’s machines, the ChaosDoom plan to personally destroy any opposition following their development period. The plan for the sequel is to incorporate these 6 “Bosses” as Sonic’s new enemies- Far out-powering Robotnik in mind and might.”

    And the first zone is called Wind Hill. And this would explain Eggman’s badniks despite him working with Sonic from the onset of the game.


  7. I’m noticing in the screen with the two chompers, it looks like there’s a tunnel in the wall that leads into an alternate path… or the fact that there is a booster right in front of it probably means jumping over it is what leads to the alternate path.

  8. This looks so cartoony and saccharine. I really wish Shadow was part of the plot just to see him try to be cool and angsty next to candy desert and goofy monsters.

    For that matter, what I really want is just for any of the dumb plot stuff from the Adventure era to make a comeback in these lighthearted new games. Like how the ancient Echidnas foretold the Deadly Six and Gerald studied this and left more journals all over, or how the Black Arms are actually Nega-Wisps or something. Hell, even just hide Elise or Shade in some obscure spots in the levels as easter eggs like they did with Big. Nothing would amuse me more than seeing Sega trying to blend the unintentionally ridiculous past with the intentionally silly present.

    1. idk why the words are different. Unintentionally ridiculous past with the intentionally ridiculous present. Because the preset lighthearted stories are pretty ridiculous. Especially if the ones in the past were. In fact I guess that only leaves like 3 out of billions of stories in the entire world that aren’t. Go figure.

  9. Ahh, so many great games to grab this year! Gonna be a number on my wallet, but…
    V I D E O G A M E S

  10. The idea looks interesting… cuz it’s the re-tackle of Sonic X-Treme I predicted.

    But as a whole game, and the fact it’s supposedly a mainstream storyline title, it doesn’t look all that exciting. The deadly 6 aren’t interesting. idk the plot. I haven’t seen Eggman, Tails, Knuckles or Amy yet or heard any of the music.. right now it just feels like a fun gimmick I’ll get as a passtime when the price drops. Like most spin-off titles. o0

  11. Actually, I feel like Sonic Remix woulda been a fitting title for this, maybe then I could feel more comfortable with the theme being mainstreme. lol oh well, idc. =p

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