Sega Trademarks “Sonic Lost World(s)”

Looks like we now know the possible title of the next Sonic game. Today, Sega of Japan has registered the trademark “Sonic Lost World”.

Also, the domain has been registered to Sega of Europe (so is it “Sonic Lost World”, or Sonic Lost Worlds”).

It’s not uncommon for a game to be announced after it’s trademark has been released. Plus, with E3 coming very soon and many games being announced this month, so don’t be surprised if we hear about Sonic’s next big gaming adventure very soon.

Big thanks to Deefy and Will from the SEGABits forums for helping me with this info.

Thanks also to TSSZ for finding the domain.

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    1. LOL Yes. Also there was a book and another film about dinosaurs called “Lost World” even way before that film.

  1. Wasn’t unleashed called “Sonic World Adventure” in Japan? And it’s considerably the first step in the modern Sonic world?
    Sonic World Adventure n’ Sonic Lost Worlds.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Worth mentioning that Sonic Unleashed was originally going to be SA3, though I kind of doubt that means anything for this

      1. Shadow, 06, and Unleashed were all going to be called SA3 in the beginning stages.


      Also! There’s a fangame called Sonic The Hedgehog – The Lost Worlds

      I think “lost world” doesn’t mean a jurassic world in this case, I hope not.

    2. I thought that on the first glimpse also. Does this mean we are going into the roots of Knuckles again? Aww… (or yay, if it is done right then fine.)

    3. There’s also a Sonic 4 level called Lost World I think… but I doubt that anybody cares about that xD

  2. Expecting an anouncement around the new Xbox anouncement or end of the month. Seeing as E3 starts on june 13th i believe

    1. This. So want this. I think its about damn time Sonic gets the ultimate chance to traverse levels never before previously released. Ahh the return of the infamous Hidden Palace Zone of Sonic 2!

    2. Seriously cool. I’ve been a strong supporter of Sonic CD DLC, and I can’t deny that I’d find other lost levels profoundly interesting as well.

  3. This actually sounds a little exciting! I’ve been kinda bummed out at the lack of new-game Sonic news, but this sounds cool. My immediate thoughts were the level ‘Lost World’ in Adventure, but I don’t think this game will have anything to do with it (although that’d be cool xD). I hope it’s a big, all-consoles (including PC) game, like Generations. Getting kind of sick of the XBLA/PSN/Steam stuff. Hope to see some more news. Oh and also…some Crush 40!!!! 😀

  4. I can’t even imagine what the premise of this game would be, but it seems really interesting.

    God, I love this exciting “speculation” time of unannounced Sonic games. It’s like my Christmas. 😀

    1. Could it be like how they did it with Unleashed? (I don’t know much about that though).

  5. Sonic in Jurassic Park………..ok now I want Balena Productions to finish that video

  6. The title would kinda makes sense if you compare it to the rumors the other month about the branching storylines. Depending on how you play the game will take you to the different “lost worlds”… I’m just speculating though. Lol

    1. Oh ho ho! I remember that rumor! Gosh I think I am the only one who didn’t call bull shit on it yet.

  7. A Sonic and Jurrasic Park crossover game eh?

    What’s next? Sonic to the Future? The Simponics? Spongic The SquareHog? Anything?
    Nether or less Steve from Balenaproductions will be happy with this.

  8. Uhm. Remember that rumor about dimensions? That could be the development of that early idea. Like Sonic going to different thematic worlds to do something, like the Colors themed parks or the Unleashed continents.

  9. “Lost World(s)”? This sounds like another, “Oh no! Sonic got sent to a whole other world all by himself, but all his friends weren’t so they are left out of the game being, once again, unplayable!” type of thing. I am making a very big guess about Sonic being the only playable character… again, but from what I can get from this, it won’t be easy to incorporate Sonic’s friends coming along to other worlds with him. Unless if….

  10. Watch this turns out to be another iOs game.
    I’m sorry, I almost feel Sonic is dead. I’ll be more excited once I see details.

    *Waits for E3*

  11. I think it might be called something different here in America, much like how Sonic & the Secret rings was called Sonic Wild Fire in Japan or how Sonic Unleashed was called Sonic World Adventure in Japan as well. Looking forward to this game though! 🙂

    1. Sonic and the Secret Rings has the same name in Japan, in Japanese of course. Wildfire was the early development name. 😛

      1. Yup. Also, Sega of JAPAN registered the tradmark and Sega of Wurope registered the domain. Meaning the game will have the same name in both countries.

        1. Not really. In Europe it’ll be called Sonic Lost Worlds. In Japan it’ll be called Sonic Lost World. Totally different titles.

  12. THEORY TIME! I think Sonic could travel through several different dimensions (or lost worlds), finding one of his friends in each. Once you find a character, you can play as him/her. Comment if you want Espio playable!

    1. I’d be interested in seeing Espio, and especially by how they implement his gameplay because the aspect of stealth is one that’s not often seen or used within the Sonic franchise.

  13. There is a blank website for and, Strange isn’t it?

  14. I know this is complete dreaming, but I’d love for this to be the next core Sonic game after years and years.

  15. Well, talking about theories here’s one about the plot, but be warned cause its very fanboyish, also I tought about it thinking in the Sonic Adventure stage called “Lost World”:

    Eggman goes to Angel Island to try and steal the Master Emerald, Sonic, Knuckles (and any other important character to the story) go and try to protect the Emerald, Sonic uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to face a gigant Eggman machine powered by the Master Emerald, in the middle of the fight the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald begin to vibrate and create a blindind shockwave of pure energy, causing that:

    1-Sonic and co. go back to the past in the era when the ancient echidna tribe lived, they meet Tikal again as well as Pachacamac and the rest of the tribe, also several mystic creatures and Chaos (who wont be crucial to the story this time), Sonic’s mission is to return to the present.

    2-The ancient world of the echidna civilization is transported to the present, chaotically merging with the present world, bringin along the entire echidna civilization, Chaos, different places of the past and some mystic creatures, Sonic mission is to return the world to it’s natural state, tought Knuckles would be against it because he wont want to lose his tribe.

    Regardless of the kind of gameplay this game has (which I hope it’s more similar to the Adventure games) I think this story could work pretty well.

    1. I kind of like that second one, it’s not too often that Sonic’s friends would have a legitimate reason to oppose him.

  16. Sounds surprisingly not as catchy or as cool as other main games’ titles. Also sounds like it could be dark-themed (with the current story-writer, I think that I’ll mean that like Generations’ dark theme). Although, that’s all I’m speculating on for now.

  17. The sonic Facebook page just leaked a picture of the lost world, six “guardians”,
    And the announcement that sega and Nintendo are forming an “exclusive partnership” for three games.

  18. i swear if it’s a story book game i waited this long for a storybook game *sigh* well it’s still the hedgehog i love i’ll play it

  19. It sounds a bit tragic ‘Lost World’, if that’s even what it’s going to be called. I hope it’s not ramming in a plot too hard. But I have high hopes. E3 COME NOW

  20. The Facebook page accidentally leaked 3 pictures of the game with important information:
    – Full details will be announced on the 29th.
    – the lost world (not worlds) is a partially unfinished planet seemingly made of hexagon tiles.
    – the game has six “guardians” who may be friends or foes- only their outlines are shown but they look very cartoony, like characters from Rayman.
    – most importantly, Sega and Nintendo have entered an exclusive partnership for Sonic’s next three games.
    These photos should still be accessible, they’re just not in posts but rather in the picture gallery itself.
    At this point I consider the Somic Excursion rumor to have no credibility.

    1. Would’ve been great if you saved the images or got screen-caps, but nevermind!

  21. Sonic Lost World exclusifs WiiU and 3DS !!!
    NOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY WORLD IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I DON’T WANT THIS SHIT, WiiU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. It’s coming out on wii u and (3?)DS. Nintendo of America’s twitter said so

  23. This could mean one of two things:

    *Sonic messes up with time traveling……. Again.

    * OR this could actually be another storybook series, does that mean we’ll get to see caveman Tails?

    …ok not really

  24. They just announced this as a Wii U and 3DS exclusive on the Nintendo Direct…ah, person above me already posted it. Still, good news?

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