SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World’s Six Guardians

Seems like the “guardians” we have previously reported on are real!

Outlines of the six new characters for Sonic Lost World have begun to pop up via the Japanese website, along with a tease via SEGA’s Twitter and Facebook of a reveal next Wednesday.

Six will rise from the Lost World. Are they friends or foes? Find out May 29th.




Special thanks to Vahkiti for the tip!

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  1. May 29th. Yes. YES YES YES. SO excited for this game!! 😀

    And the big one on the far right looks like a Goron. XD

  2. “If this is Wii U only, I’m disowning Sonic FOREVER”
    *Comes back a week later*

    1. You do know it will be on the 3DS as well right. Bit harsh just to disown Sonic cause he’s only on the Wii U, that’s like you saying that you disowned him cause Sonic Colours, was only on Nintendo consoles.

        1. You’ll be surprised. Some people did find it to swallow that Sonic was on the Wii U, I know I did.

          1. What?

            Sonic has had a number of exclusive Nintendo titles. Jeez, you think some of ya’ll should be used to this by now that Nintendo always get’s the special Sonic treatment by now.

  3. Hmm.
    What they look like are two females, three monsters from Monsters University and a shrimp. Maybe these characters are comic only and being brought into the gaming side of things?

    1. I can tell the one second from the left is probably female in the top one, which one of the others looks female to you?

      1. Third from the left in the second picture.
        I originally thought it to be a female what with the skirt like thing. It looks bird like, so a crane or a flamingo.

        1. I guess it could be a bird, I think it is actually standing on something, like a staff.

    2. The second one from the left does look feminine.. The other one doesn’t look like anything.

  4. The thing with the shark fin protrusion appears to have Knuckles’ knuckles. Some sort of Sonic/Knuckles freak mutant hybrid?

  5. They will probably have a Chaos-like story behind them. Not truly evil, but Eggman will screw up their peaceful home and they will get salty and start messing things up. Then Sonic and friends save the day.

    I hope I end up liking their designs.

  6. The first one on the left is shaded green = Forest Boss?

    Second one is shaded red = Lava Boss?

    Third one is shades yellow = Desert Stage?

    The others seem similarly shaded, so I do not know for sure, but this is just my speculation.

  7. They look very cartooney, so I like that. The one in the middle remind me of the bull that the ghosts formed in “Night of the Werehog”.

  8. I hope these fit in with the whole animal theme in sonics world, random monsters will seem out of place… Also interested to see how Robotnik will fit into all of this!

    It looks like one could be a bull, one an owl/bird, one a small rodent and one a dragon/snake/lizard-thing, no idea about the big blob and the one that looks like a girl…

      1. Are you fucking retarded or blind?? Chip is obviously like a little mouseor something of the such! And wisps….well I mean plankton are considered animals right?…

        1. Point about Chip, but then you have to also think about Chaos, the E-100 series, Gizoids, Black Arms . . .

          1. The wisps I didn’t mind cos they kind of reminded me of the flickies, but as for Chaos, the E-100 series etc I was never a fan of them, but I don’t really like the adventure series. Chip irritated the hell out of me too lol

            I don’t mind if they aren’t animals, it’s just recently it feels that the Sonic series is finally getting back to its roots a bit in sense of the style and direction and I would like that to continue. I imagine/hope that they would be similar-ish to Blaze and Knuckles as guardians, each protecting their own part of the lost world.

            That’s just my opinion anyway, I don’t have and don’t plan to get a Wii U so either way it won’t really affect me lol

          2. Okay, I can respect that. Based on these pictures I don’t think that is likely, but oh well.

          3. I agree, it is unlikely but time will tell I suppose! Either way I am just looking forward to seeing it in action at E3 (hopefully)

      2. Correction: Chip was a chihuahua with fairy wings. Look for hand-drawn pictures of him.

    1. Random monsters, like almost every boss since Sonic Adventure 1?

      Also the Chao aren’t particularly “animal like”, though not monstrous either.
      IDK, I think the recent games have handled that sort of thing quite well, I just hope that if Humans are to return, they stick to the style set by Gurihiru for Sonic Unleashed.

  9. Keep in mind where Eggman ended up at the end of Generations guys!

    Don’t have a Wii U, but I guess it’s Nintendo’s turn, right guys?
    If the 3DS version looks good, I’ll get that instead.

    1. unless eggman finds a way out of space/time limbo – im betting metal sonic to be the villian :3

  10. This will make 7 guardians in Sonic’s world, 8 if you count Blaze. Wonder if Knuckles will get to meet them?

  11. I kinda hope they are foes. My brother pointed out that they could be considered somewhat reminiscent of the Robot Masters, they could have a similar function.

  12. They seem like friends because revealing all boss fights before anything else is a very rare move.

  13. My guess is sonic and tails will just be randomly screwing around in their plane like always and see the lost world. They will land in the stereotypical sonic starting zone, a tropical forest type biome. Throughout the game they will come across the guardians, who will be foes, until they reach the lava zone, which is obviously the last one, and come across robotnik jacking off on some machine that makes the guardians bad. ORRRRRRR….they could pull a 2006 and make them like silver in saying that they learn that sonic is a good guy. But thats just the plot.

    1. Not just Silver, same thing happened to Knuckles. They could also stay bad guys.

    2. This why I would appreciate different villains for the series like Black Doom and Mephiles (more evil, less comedic relief), cause if there aren’t any, it’s just Robotnik jacking off on something as usual. LOL

  14. Maybe the game will be similar to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Eggman has disappeared, Sonic & Tails go to find him and come across the Lost planet where eggman is hiding, he then makes friends with the 6 guardians and they get tricked that Sonic & Tails are the villains until the end they find out Sonic is the hero and aid him in saving the planet. If Eggman isn’t in the game then ill be surprised lol.

  15. Anyone see this on Sonic’s post on Facebook?

    People are getting absolutely enraged on the fact that these are new characters. I mean, LOOK AT THEM! None of them look like they have any real standing on becoming permanent, just on how different they look.

    1. The attidude there is rather appauling on FaceBook. Pages after pages of fanboy/girls claiming they would disown Sonic for being Wii U (& 3DS) exclusive & for new characters. Even worse, I had found some very hypocritical people there where they hate new characters whilst at the same time demanding a Sonic Adventure 3 – the very games that introduse many new playable & non-playable characters!

      Thank God I didn’t act that way when I heard about S&tSR being a Wii exclusive back then (it hasn’t aged too well, but I had so much fun with it) – it was one of the few reasons for me to save up a year amount of money to buy the Wii, & it’ll be the same for the Wii U.

  16. Just occurred to me that, since it is unlikely that they can all move at high speeds like the rivals in Generations, some of them would be the first slow(er) moving bosses in a UnColorAtions style game that aren’t at least ten times Sonic’s size.

  17. WOOOOOOHH!!!! Can’t wait to kick their asses!! ..or team up with them too, that’d be pretty awesome~ 😀

  18. I think that the seventh guardian is on sonic’s world, Knuckles, and somthing triggers them to go to the other worlds guardians of somthing. They Could be bringing the master emerald back into play.

      1. He could be captured by the other gaurdians, and sonic and tails have to go get him?

        1. Or Eggman ends up in the lost world somehow while escaping from the void and tricks the other gaurdians into thinking that knuckles is not doing his duties of guarding the master emerald on sonic’a world so they bring him to the island… Just a thought

          1. Nice idea, though I have to wonder what they guard since as far as I know there is only one Master Emerald.

          2. Those all look like floating islands of some sort or another to me, alot like angel island…. Guarding some kind of elemental power source perhaps?

          3. My idea involved there actually being 7 Master Emeralds, each one of these guarding one of them, Knuckles being the 7th guardian, and Angel Island originating from this “Lost World”.

            Only time will tell, though 🙂

  19. I like the tall thin one the best. You know, the one with the purple tint . . . WAIT A MINUTE! THAT’S WALUIGI! 😉

  20. Can’t wait till the 29th! Still… i don’t think people should be flipping their shit over the new villain’s/allies, make’s as much sense as whining as whining about green ey…oh wait.

  21. Hm… They remind me a lot of many things to be honest.

    A. Pokemon.
    B. Archie Comics.
    C. Recent Rayman games.
    D. A few other Nintendo franchises.

    Seriously, these guys look like they could be ripped right out of a Mario & Luigi RPG title. Of course, with the background looking exactly like New Super Mario Bros. U’s map…… hm…. these guys certainly interest me INDEED…

  22. Fascinating. Can’t say I’m fond of the super cartoony look, but again, not going to throw a fit. Besides, I don’t even know what they look like completely yet! Can’t judge a book by its cover.

    That being said, if it IS indeed Sonic visiting Mario’s world due to the speculation and map, then these guardians would most likely be in the style Mario is…Which, when looking at the recent games and their villains, would fit a little more in line with this style. Not by much, but still.

    I can’t help but get some extreme Skylanders vibe from the very central figure, a more plumb version of Gorons from the left figure, and the dragon thing…Mushu’s older, lesser known cousin twice removed? 😛

    1. It makes me wonder.. what if these guardians are the people responsible for the mindfuck that may be Sonic crossing into Mario’s world? I mean, the hexagonal planet structures may mean they all teleported it to Sonic’s land or something… similar to Miracle Planet in Sonic CD.

  23. I think its gonna be like Megaman. You know, defeat a boss and you get his power to use it on another stage.

  24. The Bowser/Koopaling style spiked bracelets are what’s piqued my curiosity the most. Can’t wait to see more of what unfolds.

  25. I was hopping its Dark Gaia,and Metal Sonic, my favourite Sonic character then Nazo, fan made character also chaos,make Evil Mephiles, then last one for Sonic character is Black doom .

  26. Anyone else think the guardians look a little like figures from the ‘Skylanders’ series?

    But other than that, I’m pretty excited for this game. If it gives Sonic a larger world to run around in, more power to ’em.

  27. Wow, all that practice tricking Knuckles has finally paid off. Looks like Eggman’s managed to fool 7 whole alien guardians into helping him this time.

    1. And by 7, I mean 6. Sorry, it’s hard to remember that numbers that aren’t 7 exist in Sonic’s world.

    1. Ahem…*hoping. I seriously hope you aren’t older than 12. What with liking Nazo and now this…

  28. “Friends or enemies”, that’s the sentence they keep repeating, makes me wonder if these “guardians” will become allies or enemies depending on the actions of the player in each world, something similar to Sonic CD, now THAT would be interesting.

    Also maybe some people will hate me for saying this but I hope that there will be several playable characters for this game, not more than 6 (hopefully Blaze and Knuckles included), and that everyone will be able to play the same stages as Sonic, NO different gameplay (SA, SA2), just different habilitites (Sonic Genesis, Advanced, Rush).

  29. The Lost World’s six guardians?

    Hmm…Wonder how many will get tricked by Eggman.

  30. Perhaps they were not tricked by Eggman at all… who knows, we’ll find out. Chances are they were tricked by ‘ol egg belly. 😛

  31. Wait if this is the next canon game…Then i wonder how they are going to explain Eggman o.o You know he was trapped with Robotnik so maybe he somehow escaped from nothingless and ended up with a strange world like this ?

    1. Canon sonic games have little to no connection to each other (besides Generations because of the obvious) so I doubt anything will be explained.

      1. well eggman found the time eater because of what happened to him at the end of colours so…? 😛

  32. I hope they aunt like crash mind over mutant because this will fail majorly, but the far left one might me a friend people have thought there is going to be 4 player co-op with sonic, tails and knuckles and the character on the far left. sonic (self explanatory)
    Tails: Flying carrying sonic (like in sonic 3) to unreachable places
    Knuckles: can glide though things do get rings (E.G. trees give 5 rings)
    Silhouette 1: can swing from trees and get to places unreachable

    Over-world: some have speculated that the quote on quote ‘lost world ‘ will act as a giant over world (like lego city undercover) you have to go to a place to carry on the plot

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