RUMOUR: Sonic Lost World Details Coming May 29th, Game Features Six ‘Guardians’

Sonic Lost World

According to a couple of our readers, the official Sonic Facebook page leaked the Sonic Lost World announcement early this morning, including three images and the promise of more details May 29th. One of the images sounds like the above one released this afternoon, while another is said to have featured the outline of six ‘guardians’ from the game who may be friends or foes. What gives these details some credibility is that both readers say the leaked post mentioned the SEGA and Nintendo partnership for the next three Sonic games BEFORE it was even announced this afternoon.

You can read the 2 comments after the jump. Thanks to M.S. and Bark the Polar Bear for the info.
If you saw the images and managed to grab them before they were removed, please send us a news tip at

Submitted on 2013/05/17 at 6:33 am
The sonic Facebook page just leaked a picture of the lost world, six “guardians”,
And the announcement that sega and Nintendo are forming an “exclusive partnership” for three games.


Bark the Polar Bear
Submitted on 2013/05/17 at 1:41 pm
The Facebook page accidentally leaked 3 pictures of the game with important information:
– Full details will be announced on the 29th.
– the lost world (not worlds) is a partially unfinished planet seemingly made of hexagon tiles.
– the game has six “guardians” who may be friends or foes- only their outlines are shown but they look very cartoony, like characters from Rayman.
– most importantly, Sega and Nintendo have entered an exclusive partnership for Sonic’s next three games.
These photos should still be accessible, they’re just not in posts but rather in the picture gallery itself.
At this point I consider the Somic Excursion rumor to have no credibility.


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  1. I am so, so, SO excited for this. Yet ANOTHER reason for me to buy the Wii U. 😀

    1. Yeah, looks like I’m buying a Wii U! Not that they’re bad or anything, I’ve always kind of wanted a Wii U. Looks fun. And also another good reason to pull out the good ol’ 3DS! (Because there just aren’t enough, right :P)

      1. Honestly, I’ve wanted a Wii U for ages – what with Super Smash Bros., Wind Waker HD, new Zelda, new Mario from the Galaxy team being announced – but this has just sealed the deal for me. Besides, nothing’s been announced for two whole years – there is no way in HELL I’m missing this game. XD

        1. You SAID it!! This game’s pretty much the only reason I’d get a Wii U. Now I need money..JOB HUNTING, HERE I COME!! XD

  2. This sound awesome, but I really don’t want to buy a Wii U just for sonic …

  3. PFFT Lost World…. So no Sonic for me for the next 3 years
    I’m only mad because I love sonic and I refuse to buy an over-priced, clunky pad, game-less Wii U.

    1. That’s the point. It’s a game that no one else will get, which will make more people buy it. I’m exited.

    2. So you’re mad that a game is coming out for a system that has “no games”. Did you fail basic arithmetic in grade school?

      1. Maybe you should understand before you try attempt a smart reply.
        The wii U has so significant games which is not mario, so why should I buy a whole new console just for 1 game, which is this.
        Understand now?

    3. Over-priced? You must be living in a third world country or something. The Wii U, for a fresh newly released console, is cheap as fuck.
      While I don’t like the fact that they’re only releasing it for the Wii U, you gotta give credit where credit is duo.

      1. £250-£300 (over $350 i think) for a console which is just a slightly more powerful wii. Not everyone is willing to waste their money just to buy one game. Give what credit? The fact that sega have chosen to leave out their xbox/ps3/PC fans??

        1. Stop whining!!! Us Nintendo console people couldn’t get the proper versions of Generations or Unleashed a while back, now it is YOUR turn!!! -_-

        2. It’s slightly more powerful than 360/PS3 and WAY more powerful than Wii.

          1. @wizzlekidd you can go without 3 sonic games for a while buddy. or you can go buy a dirt cheap 3ds and get that version

          2. @Terios
            I have a 3DS and may get it for that if it’s the exact same thing just with obvious less good graphics. And it ain’t fair to say I can go without 3 games, 1 or 2 of which are canon mainstream games. It’s like telling mario or cod etc fans to go without a game.

        3. i brought a PSvita recently and just by playing afew games on it, i can comftabley say its stronger than the 3DS and WiiU.
          All-stars transformed is almost an perfect port with afew graphic changes and a big fat zero on lag and slowdown, even when online.

          i want a sonic game for Vita because of how comftable it feels, DS are awkward. and WiiU is just an ipad with a Wii attatched.
          we can hope that Sega releases some minor things. . .

          1. If you believe that the PS Vita is more powerful and stronger than the Wii U, than you my friend are very sadly mistaken. 😉

          1. 300 bucks is NOT cheap. $60 per game is not cheap.

            You can save up that much if you’re living decent and that’s priority in your life, and to a lot of the nerdlings who argue over details in DBZ or Star Wars fit that pretty well.

            But there are people with jobs or on disability who consider 300 a significant amount even if they do have a lot of money. And it is. It’s pretty offensive to say otherwise.

            It’s like at my school when I was talking to a lower semester Motion Picture class what was in store for them and that they didn’t teach After Effects or Green Screen too much, one student claimed EVERYONE knew how they worked. Maybe to him because his class seems to all be similar in that nerd-like tech-savy way. But a lot of other people have never done it and don’t understand the concept.

            Or when my friend thinks hacking game systems and screwing around with mods is easy and is surprised if a gamer doesn’t know how to do it. As if EVERYONE who plays video games does it.

            Then again, on the internet it’s easy to find someone both intelligent and ignorant.

          2. Excuse me? I do have a job, thank you. Even though I get paid moderately well for a teen, 300 bucks is way too much money to throw around.

        1. It’s called the middle class situation in a failing global economy.

          Look it up kid.

          Oh and unless you really like Mario or Zelda (and conformity and dislike change), there is not a single game out on the Wii U now that would make anyone who isn’t some lazy mom, gullible casual or Nintendophile buy that system. Not even a Sonic game.

          Call me when someone OTHER than SEGA decides to have faith in this system.

  4. The major search engines’ caches of the page were crawled too early to get the picture in question.


  6. I just cannot wait to see how this turns out. 3 years later, what will have come of this stuff we all just figured out today? We will all have to figure out together starting with this one first game. This really is groundbreaking news though, and at the same time it is a very big and risky step so I really can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. A partnership, new games, and an already large portion of the fan base is disappointed. What is to come for the blue hedgehog next? Only time will tell…

    1. …. Next time on Sonic Lost World: The Beginning! *American version theme of DBZ comes out of nowhere*

  7. Perhaps, assuming that the site used client-side cache for that photo as well as provided that it still remains in that cache (and is actually worth the trouble of finding), one could dig through their browser’s cache. Regardless, I believe it 😀

    Release for Xbox please Sega!

  9. Well, a partnership with Nintendo means that the next 3 Sonic games are going to be EXCELLENT.

    So I’m totally OK with that!:D

      1. Chronicles was actually an amazing game. You should try it before you base your opinion on it.

          1. Well in that case you meant something else, cuz if you’re not an RPG kinda guy and it was an RPG game, it still could be considered an “EXCELLENT” game, just not of a genre you like. :3

            Maybe this will be of a genre you like. We’ll see.

        1. Hold up guys. May 29th is NOT the release date. I repeat May 29th is NOT the release date. May 29th will only provide an insite to what is going to be released later on this year. So please DO NOT RAGEQUIT when you cannot preorder at gamestop.

  10. God damn it… I don’t want to have to buy a Wii U, I’m a sony gal…

    Any games coming out for the 3DS with Sonic that won’t suck perhaps?

  11. OH THANK GOODNESS. This Nintendo exclusivity was my worst nightmare! I really didn’t want to purchase a Wii U. But, if it’s only for three games then I figure I won’t miss much.

    1. not dissing u or anything, but i’m going to remember you said that wen these games are the most fantastic sonic games ever. it’ll just be hilarious

  12. You’d think this game would be made for Xbox and all that after all the hype Sega have made about it. Still, the night is young. It may be announced for other consoles too, you never know 😛

  13. Personally, I like this decision. It does make sense due to Sonic selling more on Nintendo then the other systems.

  14. I don’t know about you guys but i don’t like the cartoony looking gaurdians. 🙁

  15. I wonder if the guardians have that sort of psuedo-cartoony look to them, kinda like the dark gaia spawns in Unleashed, where it was obviously cartoony, but also menacing.

  16. I’m personally all for the 3-game Sonic exclusive deal between Sega and Nintendo. What I want is a good game, regardless of what console it’s on (and I don’t even have a WiiU or 3DS). Who knows, maybe Nintendo’s target audience can encourage Sega to focus on the “fun” factor that Nintendo has been known for. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Sonic games start scoring up there with Mario games.

  17. Fascinating. Cartoony looking guardians? To be fair, I didn’t mind the look of the people and monsters from Unleashed. You had all of these cartoony looking creatures, and then, suddenly, Dark Gaia starts bursting arms in green blood and…tentacles. Cuteness lost XD

    This will be interesting to watch develop! I don’t have a WiiU nor would I buy the game at launch, but I’ll get it eventually. I can at least get it for 3DS XD

  18. I saw the images- one was the one posted above, one was just the Nintendo logo. They were posted in the photo gallery but not publicized, so anyone could see them but no one did. It was much more prominent on the iPhone Facebook browser.

  19. I have a 3DS but, with all these new games… Argh I need to get a WiiU! Sonic! Smash Bros! Possibly Pokémon! And many more. I hope Nintendo treat SEGA nicely ( ^w^)

  20. Fact that nobody at any point thought to printscreen or download these pictures smells of BS.

  21. So that rumour back in Feb that TSS posted about the next Sonic being multiplatform game with 10 playable characters is definitely bull

  22. Wait, I translated a part of it and got this:
    “TBA: Release Date: Fall 2013 ● Price”
    I’m not assuring anything, but that’s what I got in translation for the stuff on the actual site~

  23. This makes all the sense in the world. I don’t have a Wii and probably won’t get one, but you can’t deny Sonic fits better on the console and is generally more successful there.

    Oh well, I ain’t crying over it. Maybe they will rerelease Generations on the Wii and add more levels…

  24. It’s not so much that this game is only for Wii U that’d bother me, since it’s probably made for Wii U. It’s that there aren’t also games for the other systems.

    I don’t mind buying a Wii U. I want one. But I’ll probably wait. Fact is it doesn’t have a lot of games and the few it does aren’t good reasons to buy the Wii U at all. The system itself is cool, but it’s more cool for those who don’t have the other systems.

    But shoot I don’t even know if I’m missing much or not. What if it’s like Sonic 4? I liked Sonic 4, mainly ep 2, but some people didn’t. And when they liked ep 2, that was great, but they weren’t missing much. Not like it was SA1, SA2, Colors or Generations or anything major. And that concept art makes it hard to tell if they’re gonna be tiny in a small-game style or if they’re going on an in-depth adventure with story and acting (in-depth used loosely since we haven’t had a good Sonic story since SA2… I mean we have but not on the same level for their time)

  25. Ye know the old sayin’; Pics or it didn’t happen.

    But seriously, I call bullshit. If they knew they were leaks they would’ve saved the pictures to their computers, Screencap it or something. One does not simply look at such a leak and bypass it then decide and go write about it with no proper evidence.

    1. So these people somehow not only guessed correctly that Lost World would be a Wii-U exclusive, but also that Sega had partnerned with Nintendo… upto 8 hours before it was announced?


      1. Sonic Dimensions also said that and that turned out to be a hoax. It could be a coincidence BUT WHY in the world didn’t they save these pics? They just decided that “um lol leaked pic and im gon rite about it but i dun wanna snatch it” and they go write very long rumor-y paragraphs that could have easily been proven without a single world via these pictures.
        Sorry but it doesn’t make sense to me.

        1. No, they werent expecting for sega to take the pic down. Thats why they probaly didnt take the pic.

  26. They had been in the photo gallery for 13 hours when I saw it on my phone, I assumed Sega wouldn’t care enough to take them down because they had had so much time to do so.
    The planet picture and the Nintendo logo (2 of the 3 pictures) have already been officially posted, so I assume the other picture will be posted in a day or two.
    Also, they were never officially called guardians, but had the caption, “six will rise from the lost planet, are they friends or foes? Find out more on the 29th!”
    The iOS new sonic port has a glitch that let’s the time attack be cleared with zero time (reach the knuckles credit glitch, go to time attack and clear a level)- this needs to be fixed.

  27. So, quickly just did a google image search on Sonic Lost World. Found this:

    Which lead me to this beauty of a site 😀

    Dunno if someone’s already posted a link to the Jap site, so I shall leave it there. I’m pretty excited for this, most excited I’ve been for a Sonic game in a while, but I hate that I’d have to go and buy a Wii U for this ><

  28. This really is true, I looked at it on my phone, it wouldn’t have been easy to capture/send it.

  29. nine more days!!!. Hopefully the trailor will have Sonic fans running to buy a Wii U

  30. I know this is stretching it but what if the planet is Little planet. I mean people assumed the Death Egg MK.II was built around Little Planet, what if it got shattered somehow and these guardians are pissed because of it.

  31. hope they bring in a special bonus for early adopters, because it needs to be reshuffled a bit

  32. Well, looks like i’m skipping the next 3 Sonic games then. Never cared for Nintendo, so i’m not going to purchase a WiiU just for one game.

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