Nintendo Germany: All Three Nintendo Exclusive Sonic Games Coming This Year

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In a press release regarding yesterday’s Sonic Lost World updates, Nintendo Germany has revealed that all three Nintendo exclusive Sonic games will be released this year. That includes Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U and the unannounced third title.

The portion of the press release containing this information reads:

Today, they (Sega) revealed further details of the second of three titles, which the two companies will release exclusively on Wii U and 3DS. All three games will be released this year.

With the third title being released the same year as the other two games, could it be a spin-off? A small digital game? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.


Thanks to SSMB member Thigolf for the translation and the heads-up!

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  1. It’d be really cool, if it was sort of an expansion on the classic sonic gameplay from generations

    1. This could actually mean that Sonic Lost World could Come out During the Summer. If the 3rd Comes out LATE This year, Then Definitly. YES!!! Though, I hope they still took their time with it. I’m sure they’ve been working on This for a long Time.

      1. It’d be a really good way for Sonic Team to give something to the modern and classic fans, even if it’s only a digital release

      2. If Sonic Lost World was coming out this Summer, we’d know by now. Besides, right now everything points to a Fall release. (Also, I don’t want Sega to rush this.)

  2. I did not see this coming. I literally went “WHAAAAAAA???” when I saw the news. All THIS year? Unbelievable! I guess those angry about the next three Sonic games being Nintendo-exclusive don’t have to worry as much now, huh? It’ll all be over in a year! XD

      1. I disagree, and I could start listing all the ways the Wii/PS2 version was better, but I’ll hold my tongue.

        1. Its best to hold you tongue because for every pro the Wii/PS2 version may have had, the 360/PS3 version will +2 it

          1. +’s of Unwiished:

            – No medal hunting.
            – No useless hub worlds.
            – Nighttime stages are better.
            – Nighttime stages don’t take 30 mins to complete.
            – Eggmanland, nuff’ said.
            – Collecting a certain № of medals unlocks optional gates with puzzles that unlock music/vids/secrets/art.
            – Collecting medals isn’t nesessary to progress through the story.
            Any more?

      2. Well if you get the PC version of Sonic Generations, you can mod it with the “unleashed project” to include all the sonic unleashed levels.

  3. Sonic lost world is going to release Wii u and Nintendo 3ds and second is Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games I don’t, I saw Nintendo and Sega is going to release on Febuary 2014 I check on the Internet .

    1. I kind if want it, I mean a Sonic Shuffle done well, compared to Mario Party I loved the mild Dungeons and Dragons aproach, the event based play and the card system, perhaps some day they could try to make another, but not right now, we already have a minigame filled Sonic for this year.

      1. What if its another Mario and Sonic cross-over, but this time party themed. They could call it
        “Mario & Sonic
        10 & 2.”

        If you cover the right side of the game case it would say “Mario Party 10”, if you covered the left side it would say “Sonic Shuffle 2”.

  4. I want to believe that Lost World is another Sonic gimmick test. I really want to be WOWED in Nintendo Direct when they reveal the 3rd sonic game. Having it be a game with the word, ‘Adventure’ in the title that we all wanted would be amazing! I guess I can dig the rumors of the kart/All-stars cross-over. But still, here’s to hoping!

    1. I don’t think it’s a gimmick test. Lost Worlds is the next main series entry.

    2. Sonic Rush Adventure 2? But seriously, the 3rd Sonic exclusive is most likely not a mainstream game, seeing as Lost World is such a big game and having 2 large mainstream Sonic games for the same console(s) in the same year isn’t feasible financially.

  5. It’s probably Mario Kart. Sega had a hand in it and it’ll feature Sonic characters and Sonic landscapes.

  6. These are my top 4 bets for the third game:

    1- New Sonic & Sega All-Stars (a fighting game or a new sport).
    2- Sonic Chronicles 2 (the first already was a Nintendo exclusive)
    3- Sonic 4: Episode III (the most unlikely because the previous 2 were multi platform)
    4- Spin-Off of another character (Eggman, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze).

    I don’t think is a story book game cause we already have an action-adventure title for this year.

    1. a stratagy game featuring eggman as you try to take over the world but team sonic always getting in the way. feel the fustration eggman feels. be the eggman. build machines.

      except theres a chance of winning :3

    2. 1. i can’t see it happening since we got transformed only last year
      2. bioware made the original and ea now owns them and with ea making fun of nintendo this is almost impossible
      3. it could be a nintendo port of episode 2 since they never got that
      4. seeing what went down in 2005 this might not be a good idea

    1. Oh god that would be amazing!!!

      Honestly I don’t know if Sega alone could do a good fighitng game but there’s always hope to see a Sega VS Capcom game in the future, or even a Sonic VS Megaman!! (just like the comic).

  7. How do we know that the third sonic game isn’t just the 3DS version of Lost World?

  8. At this point, the 3rd title is looking to be either another Sonic & SEGA/All-Stars game, or possibly Sonic 4: Episode III because of the whole “Red Herring” thing Aaron or whoever was talking about a couple months ago.

    1. I agree with the Sonic & Sega All-Stars game, it would probably be a fighter, a new sport game or even a board game, but I don’t think it could be Sonic 4 Episode III because the previous ones were multi platform, but perhaps it could be Sonic Chronicles 2, the first one was already a Nintendo exclusive and Bioware already has plans for the sequel.

          1. I think they did a good job with the characters, a regular job with the story and a bad job with the gameplay, I think the next Sonic RPG (if there is one) needs to be an action RPG, something with the gameplay of Tales of Symphonia perhaps:


  9. Maybe the Sonic and Mariokart cross over they hinted at a few days ago. If it’s Nintendo exclusive, it kinda makes sense, considering Nintendo seem pretty set on having Mario appear on only Nintendo consoles.

  10. Ahh…now I can love Sonic and Sega again, and hope for more Sonic games to come to Vita.

  11. It should be interesting to figure out what this title is… Could it have anything to do with the summer of Sonic’s mysterious homepage? If not, Then Sonic Chronicles 2 all the way!

  12. I’m hoping they are counting the next Smash bros as the third game (with Sonic Playable of course). Wouldn’t that be amazing to get the new Smash bros. this year!

  13. My guess is that it will be Mario Kart with two or three Sonic characters. I’ve always thought that the “partnership” was more ceremonial than a long term commitment, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not a “Sonic game” in a traditional sense but rather a major cameo.

  14. Sonic X-Treme is finally confirmed again… in a new name: Sonic Lost World

  15. Here’s a list of what I think the last game will be:

    1. Sonic Adventure 3 (because we Sonic fanboys/fangirls pray for it)

    2. Sonic Chronicles 2 (as Dante Sparda pointed out, the first sonic chronicle was a nintendo exclusive)

    3. Sega and Nintendo crossover (Sega VS Nintendo, A Sega And Nintendo RPG and Sega And Nintendo Sports game excluding another Olympic title)

  16. 2D classic game or Mario and Sonic platformer is all I’d care for even if they’re unlikely.

  17. It’s doubtfuly that they will release two major 3D games in the same year, so I have a feeling the 3rd game will not be a cannon/major release.

  18. I want at least the third game to be another main sonic title, have the same gameplay as Sonic Lost World, but also have Shadow the Hedgehog as a playable character, with his own unique abilities, but same gameplay as Lost World.

  19. You know what I think it is. Sega Smash Bros. Yes I said it. (Well I don’t think its going to be called that more like Sega Superstar Smackdown or something like that)

  20. You guys remember when someone on twitter said something about a 2.5D sonic being released this year right? I bet thats it if theyre not referring to lost world.

    1. Sonic Retro just reported that, “somebody at Nintendo Germany screwed up” and it turns out the third unannounced title WILL NOT be released in 2013! I hope somebody reads this so enough attention gets brought to the fact. Once again, Sonic retro has the original message so go there for further detail! MAKE SURE WORD SPREADS ABOUT THIS!! 🙁

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