Mario & Sonic Game Play Video from Nintendo Direct


I’m sure most of you have already seen it, but now seemed like a good time to finally post the Mario & Sonic game play footage from this morning’s Nintendo Direct on the front page. In doing so, I am also introducing you to our new Youtube page! It’s not much to look at yet, but in the future you will be able to find all of Sonic Stadium’s exclusive video content. We’ll be re-uploading a variety of old interviews to the channel, re-cut into larger, single videos. Keep an eye out!

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Alex Peal has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. Nice, now I wish I had done everything on my family’s other Olympic games. Oh well, maybe I’ll do it this time.

  2. If they lower the price, then my family probably will consider getting this game. Looks cool, combining different events. Even with all of this nice stuff, WHEN IS THE NEXT MAIN SERIES GAME? Sega, you can’t hold it off forever, unless you’re completely canceling the Sonic the Hedgehog series. That’ll be a disaster to Sonic fans and lovers, like me.

    1. I agree, hopefully it will be the rival bosses from the second and third.
      Rouge, Omega, Jet, Eggman Nega.
      Birdo, King Boo, Dry Bones, Dry Bowser.

      1. Scrach that, instead of Birdo; make that Rosalina. She needs to be in more games that she is playable anyway.

  3. Im not gonna lie, maybe its because of the better graphics, but this game is actually looking really fun to me.

  4. Mario and sonic at the Sochi winter Olympic Games 2014 patients by Sega on Wii U and Nintendo 3ds coming soon. Also is listened by Nintendo.

  5. Looking forward to pair figure skating. That event is gonna have so much laughs i can tell.

    1. “Next up! We have Metal Sonic and Amy Rose! Wait Metal Sonic just blasted a hole in the wall and captured Amy! Oh well! I guess we will move on to our next pair, Bowser and Princess Peach! Wait! Is that Bowser’s airship flying in?” 😀
      Yeah, It will be fun pairing people up!

      1. Or just picture Peach, or Amy picking up Bowser or Eggman….XD or….Knuckles picking up Sonic. XD

        1. Oh dear God… Imagine somebody picking up Wario…. The possibilities are endless! 😀

          1. What I am really interested in though is who they will pair up in the opening video! It should be cool to see who Nintendo and SEGA would pair up!

  6. Framerate is horrible in the fast sections. If this is what they put on the highlight reel what are they hiding :O

  7. Finally someone say Mario and Sonic sushi Olympic Games 2014 is announced relase date is on fall October 2013.

  8. Well Mario and sonic Sochi winter Olympic game 2014 I check it on intenet images for this games I bet not for Nintendo 3ds only wiiu because Nintendo and Sega didn’t put pictures for Nintendo 3ds.

  9. I am crossing my fingers for more characters, i mean after 3 games they have to put more in right? If they don’t i’ll still buy the game but i’m gonna be upset. Plus i hope they upload the opening video to the game i am just so anxious to see it! and one last thing i wonder who there gonna pair up in figure skating together? I have some ideas
    1.Mario and Peach
    2. Luigi and Daisy
    3.Sonic and Amy ( doubt it will happen)
    4. Silver and Blaze
    5.Bowser jr. and Peach ( That scene with those two was kinda cute)
    6. Rouge and Knuckles( if Rouge is playable character, and i bet knuckles will be to shy to be paired with her)
    7. Rosalina and Luigi/Mario ( if Rosalina is playable I hope she is!)

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