First4Figures Teases Shadow Figure

First4Figures, the company that has become famous for making collectible figures based off of video game characters that are fantastic in both quality and cost, have today revealed their next Sonic based figure: Shadow the Hedgehog.


It’s a pretty awesome looking figure. Going by the teaser, it looks like something that will go nicely next to their modern Sonic figure. Of course, quality always comes at a cost, so you can expect the Shadow figure to go for a few hundred dollars when it finally goes on sale.

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  1. Best sence ever and also Shadow the hedgehog Frigure toys had a few hundred dollars is a lot of sales.

  2. Nice to know they’re making these, but past reviews have been questionable as far as quality control is concerned. We’ll see how this pans out.

    1. Personally, I have Classic Super sonic, Metal Sonic and Knuckles and all 3 are of very high quality; no significant flaws, and I had no trouble putting them together. I passed on Classic Tails (for now), due to the review on here that brought up how there was black paint that seemed to be mixed in with the white paint when it was applied to the statue. I was actually surprised last week that my brother got me the Modern Sonic statue for my birthday! I was a bit worried if it would have any problems, and the statue is perfect! I’m not sure about Tails, but I’ve personally had a very good experience when buying each of the 4 statues I own (although I did buy them at my local comic store, so I can’t comment on F4F costumer support), they’re of very high quality. My point is that there is obviously a chance of getting a flawed or defective statue, but your getting what you paid for (at least that’s my personal experience) when buying F4F products. As far as Shadow goes, i’m guessing a Holiday 2014 release at about $200-$215, just a tad bit more than Modern Sonic.

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