Welcome to The New Look Sonic Stadium

Welcome to The New Look Sonic Stadium

Update: Psyche. April Fool! Thanks for being such good sports – we will keep this page up for archival, but as we switch back to TSS’ ‘old’ (or… new… I don’t know!) layout once more, we won’t be able to preserve the 1997-esque design at this moment in time. I’ll hope to fix this as we archive a number of our past pranks – but for now, just enjoy the original post below in all its glory!


Hey there and welcome to The Sonic Stadium. I’ve decided to give the place a little makeover for the new year! Hope you like it – it’s about time we updated the site’s design to take into account changing trends in internet use.

People are using the World Wide Web a lot more, now that 56K Modems are becoming more mainstream. We went for a look that included images so that those on the cusp of modern technology will be able to truly take advantage of their new hardware. But we’ve not put too many images up there – we don’t want those with slower connections to suffer! We’ve basically only picked images that were absolutely necessary.

Sonic 1 Title Screen

The new two-column structure means that a dynamic menu can be situated on the left hand side. Click on a link, and if you have been to a page before the font changes colour! We’ve also centered the content on the right hand column, making for an easier reading experience than ever before.

As we enter an exciting new era in internet technology, we hope this new design serves as one that can stay in step with the web’s evolution for years to come. Let us know what you think of the design using the (new look) comments section below. See you soon!

Stay ICE,

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Founder of The Sonic Stadium and creator/co-organiser of the Summer of Sonic convention. Loves talking about Sonic the Hedgehog in his spare time. Likes Sonic Colours a little too much for his own good, apparently.


  1. Finally! Have had higher speed internet for a while and was wondering when you would implement a new web space design! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Looks good! The comment box is very lively as well; happy there’s a space to include my own website (not like I have one; I can’t figure this webpage design stuff out! LOL!!! 🙂 ), can’t wait for more articles!!! And those lovely pictures haha! Hope that whole Y2K scare at the end of this year doesn’t become real!! 🙁

  2. wow i found this page from yahoo, it looks really good but took me about 20 minutes to load, so far i see some blue spikes, I’m thinking it will be a blue knuckles, i will let you know when the picture loads 🙂

  3. The nostalgia burns. I remember when nearly all websites looked like this.

    Great design this year. Probably my favorite yet.

  4. All these people saying this an April Fools joke, I REALLY hope it’s not. This site actually caters to people with slower connections! I say we keep this design.

  5. lol this is silly…. but the ultimate April Fools joke would be to post that the next sonic game was announced lol that would be funny as hell and make many people mad (:

    but I do like this old web design it takes me back.

  6. lol I love this. Hurts my eyes, but it brings back memories. Used to go to sites, similar to this, all the time. I kind of miss them.

  7. This reminds me of when I first got dial up and first started discovering all kinds of Sonic-related websites that looked exactly like this… oh memories…

  8. This is awesome… So nostalgic right now. ^_^

    I’d make a hilariously retro comment about ‘When’s Sonic Adventure 3 coming out?” but people are still asking about it today, so…

  9. This is much better! /sarcasm I hope it sticks, people with slow connections could use it.

  10. This is an April Fools right? XD But the page is a bit nostalgic I guess. It makes me feel nerdy somehow >.<

  11. Could you put the animated GIFs in the downloads section? I might want to download them sometime in the future.

  12. omg yes! thank you for updating! this new modern look is really cool! i’m so luck to have my new 56K modem! it’s so much faster! as for the sega saturn, i wish i had the money to get it :/ at least i can go to my friend’s house and play sonic r! that game’s awesome! i love the tails doll! and the music is fantastic! everybody super sonic racing! stay cool, sonic stadium!

  13. This design makes me feel really old. ( ;ω;) Ah, dial-up AOL surfing Sonic sites and disconnecting every three seconds. Good times.

  14. Have the April 1st shenanigans started already? I’ve still got two hours left in my time zone.

  15. Very… impressive?
    They couldn’t change the entire layout of their website just for one April Fools day could they?

  16. hey guys gr8 news! i just got my aol so now i can chat with other ppl that play sonic! i love sonic hes so cool and that new game called sonic r is pretty cool too but i think i still like sonic jam a bit more.

  17. Phew…just realized it as April Fools. Only gotta deal with this shittastic design for one day.

  18. dont like the new design at all, prefer the previous one since it looked better and didn’t take 5 minutes to load.
    -stops typing-
    I just realized it’s April 1st – well played..,

  19. Yeah but see, this page is from an era when Adventure 2 wasn’t out yet! 🙂 This is very 1997 or 1998

  20. Wow…its happening again…I just hit the fountain of YOUTH again but it only lasts for 24 hours this time round….AWWW MAN! I love trips back in time like I’m seeing here.
    Man does the wibbily wobbily timey wimey space man have to go away again?

  21. Love the new look.

    Wow, Sonic Jam which contains the best versions of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. Should I buy Sonic Jam or should I wait? I mean it’s not like I will have to wait 16 years before a better version of Sonic 1&2 is released.

  22. Love the new design, works great with our new dial up internet connection. Really hoping my mum and dad will by me a dreamcast this year, I really want one.

  23. omg! awesome! sega and sonic are the best! i can’t wait until sega’s new revolutionary console! i heard it will connect to the internet and that we’ll get the best sonic game ever! sega is never gonna stop making consoles! they will dominate the world with their technology and sonic! long live sega! nintendo is gonna be so screwed!

  24. Dreadknux you’ve done a great job with the design of Sonic Stadium. The whole website looks really cool and I especially like the moving text on the homepage. The talk about Sonic R + Jam is funny as well.

    Now this is an April Fools joke done right. I’ve even saved the homepage to look back on in the future.

  25. I just beat Sonic Adventure and I really hope they make a second one and bring back Metal Sonic. That would be tight.

  26. Wow, there is so much jaw-dropping eye candy here that I must get this theme. Where I can I download this WordPress theme? Of course, I think I would probably use Big sprites and images because Sonic is so 1990s and is just so lame compared to our Big feline friend.

  27. The Contact page has now gained a greater, certain significance, quoting from there:

    It wasn’t us, we swear! Oh right, you just want to know who we are, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is the Staff page, where you can get in touch with the right person if you have a triviality with something or other. You can also get the contact details of each staff member here so you can send us praise, gold pieces, dirty socks and “OMFG ju siet teh PwN k!”. All our complaints get sent to the janitor though. We don’t let him out of the house so it’s the only contact he gets with the outside world. You’re doing us a service there.

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