Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Now on Intel Ultrabook

Want to play All-Stars Racing in a fairly different way? Sega and Sumo digital have brought Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed to the Intel Ultrabook, the half-tablet/half laptop device that can fold in the opposite direction (meaning you can fold it with the screen and keyboard facing the outside). This version of the popular racer allows you to have up to four players on one screen with traditional controls, or fold it to play the screen alone with tilt and touch.

See the full announcement along with some quotes by Steve Lycett at Sega’s blog here.


  1. – I already own the PC version. Is it not the same? Also, I can’t stand Windows 8 devices. I’d much rather play this game on a real OS.

  2. HOLD THE PHONE! Sonic didn’t bump into the Sonic and All-stars racing transformed logo at the end! It is about time Sonic uses the handling mod! 🙂

  3. For the record, an Ultrabook is just a laptop. Just low power consumptions, ultra slim, and now with touch and Windows 8. It’s an Intel categorization.

    This isn’t so much an Ultrabook optimization (unless if the system specs are optimized for the lower power specs) as it is a Windows 8 optimization, with touch support and all.

    If you have Steam, this is probably the same game. Just gonna get patched in the future.

    @RedYellowBlueBlast – I can’t get over people calling Windows 8 a fake or bad OS. By the definition of OS, Windows 8 IS an OS. God, people, get over the different start screen. No one forced you to get Windows 8 anyways.

  4. Windows 8 *cough* – the best *cough* version of Windows yet…

    Going to have to try the S&ASRT when it gets cheap enough; the only game I paid full price for since Civ V was Sly Cooper 4…then they cut the price to 40.

  5. Except it’ll run and look like crap, because Ultrabooks all run on Intel Integrated Graphics, which are arse.

    Also, touch-screens are bunk and so is Windows 8 – and there’s already a perfectly adequate PC version of this game.

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