Sonic 1 Android Gameplay


Video for the upcoming re-release of Sonic 1 for the Android has been released. The gameplay is only of the Green Hill Zone however it does offer us some clues as to what the final product will be like as well as one or two changes.

First thing you might notice is that the game appears to be running smoothly, no frame rate drops or any sign of lag or other slowdown issues. If you live in the EU, unlike our US counterparts, we had to put up with Sonic running at a lower rate on our EU Mega Drives for… reasons we don’t understand, so this is a big deal.

Also, it would appear that tiny details have been added. During the boss fight if you pay close attention to the wrecking ball, you might notice that it’s now been animated slightly and moves with each swing, giving it a sense of weight and destruction.

No your ears are not playing tricks, the music has been turned off, but it should be there in the final release.

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    1. You did! Reminds me of the hours spent playing the Sonuc Jam version of Sonic 1 back in the day 😀

  1. Still waiting to hear that remastered soundtrack. That’s my main reason for (potentially) getting yet another copy of this game.

    1. Christian Whitehead said in an interview that “remastered” in this case means that the music uses the exact sounds and sound engine Sonic 1 had, meaning it sounds more like the original than the .mp3-or-similar file they were using for emulation. So I guess it’s like a midi file being converted to an mp3, then being rebuilt in a separate midi sequencer, if you get what I’m saying.

  2. Looks great so far, though I did notice that little derp where the wider screen revealed nothing underneath those floor-hugging spikes on act 2, before the camera locked to prevent you seeing below. Hopefully they’ll fix such moments by filling in those gaps.

    1. Agreed. STH 1 and 2 are already on iOS (granted they arent great ports…), but I’d much rather have a revamped version of Sonic 3 and/or Knuckles, which is NOT on iOS already and has gotten less releases. Between this, Sega saying theyre primarily targeting the age group of 7-11 year olds for Sonic games now, and that Mega Man cross-over interrupting both comic series, my inner Sonic fan-boy is pissed right now. I’m really not even looking forward to the announcement Sega has. I’m usually not a troll or a downer, but I need some place to vent, so thanks for letting me XD At least the Sonic Stadium music album has given me something Sonic related to enjoy…And I’m very excited for the new Jazwares collectibles; they’re doing a fantastic job with their Sonic line 😀

  3. ANOTHER RE-RELEASE. When is Sega going to get it through their heads that we want a new 3D platforming Sonic game announcement and not this mobile crud! I’m sick of the re-releases of games that everyone’s already played, and I’m sick of the lame 99 cent apps that are usually just clones if other iOS apps (what’s next, an Angry Birds clone with Sonic in it?), and new 2D Sonic platformers that only take an hour to beat with no replayability at all (referencing to Sonic 4 episodes I and II)! ANNOUNCE THE NEXT 3D SONIC GAME! Please… stop making us suffer.
    Why is Sega so hesitant about announcing that game anyways? It’s far in development, and I already know it is. I don’t know why Sega has to be SO hesitant about announcing this game, because Hedgehog Day seemed like the perfect day to announce something, but NO. Sega continues to make us suffer by throwing dumb 99 cent games at our faces instead of showing us what’s in store for Sonic’s next main game and putting an end to our misery. Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks this?

    1. First STFU, they will announce when they are good and ready to announce. Second I’d take it that you have never played Sonic CD on XBL, granted that this is another Re-Release, but it is a slight remake Christian Whitehead (aka the taxman) has went through and fixed any and all bugs and glitches. Third and Finally this was made available to those who don’t have or cannot afford Sonic 1 on the other platforms. So please take a bloody chill pill.

      1. I bought Sonic CD on XBLA a while before I sold it, an I re-bought it for iOS. But that’s not the case here. Sonic 1 is pretty much on every console, and that’s okay if they’re releasing it to folks who don’t have any other systems except for iOS or Android, or both, but they NEED to announce the new 3D platforming Sonic game! Why wouldn’t they be ready. That game has probably been in development for about 2 1/2 years now.
        I don’t know that, but that’s how long it takes to develop almost every 3D platforming Sonic game. The game was confirmed in the works 5 months ago and we haven’t gotten ANY INFO AT ALL. This is the best time to announce a new Sonic game after over 2 years since a main Sonic announcement, but as usual, Sega will CONTINUE to be secretive and throw $0.99 apps at our faces instead of putting us out of our misery and finally announcing Sonic’s next 3D platforming adventure. I’m sorry it sounds like I’m mad at you, because I’m not. I’m mad at Sega for being too darn secretive!

        1. This was all caused by that rumor in January indeed, but in the long run and at the end of the day, what really matters is that we have a good sonic game. Yes, SEGA does need to spit out some info, but if it is all worth the wait, than I guess it is okay.

          1. I suppose… E3 is a mere 2 months from now. I guess that’s not too far from now. Who knows, maybe we’ll get an announcement a little bit beforehand? I’ll just put my worries aside and let Sega announce a new Sonic game when they feel they’re ready. All I know is a new Sonic main game announcement is 2 months or less away, and my wait is almost over. I just need to stop worrying about this and focus on games that are already announced, like Mario & Luigi Dream Team! That game will be awesome. Also, I can’t wait for the Wii U 3D Mario platformer announcement at E3.

        2. It took them 3 years to make most Sonic games yes, but most Sonic games got mixed to negative reviews. The next game after Generations is going to HAVE to be something fresh, they’ve managed to rekindle interest in the franchise but now it’s really time to bring out something amazing that doesn’t rely on nostalgia to get our interest like Generations and Sonic 4 did.

          It’s very possible they might need longer this time.

          1. This is why we are so impatient! Very big things are expected from this next Sonic game so we are all eager for some type of hint or clue of what the game will be like! The suspense is killing us all, and maybe the game is so good that they are going to present it at E3. Only time will tell!

    2. Don’t worry, we all equally feel your grief. Trust me, I’ve made comments just like yours on many earlier posts. My piece of advice is to… Um…. Sorry, I am just as frustrated as you. WHY DO THEY SEE THE NEED TO TORTURE US?!

        1. Its people like you who helped create sonic 06. Believe me, I want an announcement as well, but I’m not gonna cry about it. Sega most likely want it to be a secret so the whole game does not leak like sonic 4. Plus, this may be coming to next gen systems and are waiting for Microsoft to announce the next Xbox.

          1. Don’t worry; when they do make an announcement, it’ll be a game for “7-11” year olds or a Mega Man cross-over!!! Every sonic fans dream!
            I feel the guys frustration, but its not over waiting…alright, i’m done now

  4. I was thinking this the exact same game until I saw the spindash.

    Then i concluded it was the Sonic Jam version of Sonic 1.

    Anyways, still not sold. Still holding out for that XBLA announcement that’s never gonna happen.

    1. It’s not that version though. They guy is quasi-remaking the game. It shares some features with the Jam version, but also has some different ones, like the OST and the widescreen.

  5. Since they’re making tweaks, it’d be cool if they put those ufos in marble garden.
    You know. just because. I mean, I think it’d be cool to see where those things were supposed to be floating or if they do anything or …. I dunno I’d just like to see it. XD
    (And lol if they worked like the ghosts in sandopolis. I’d never beat marble garden for sure. XD Sonic 1 has kept me from passing that dang stage. But I honestly love it lol.

  6. I’d like to play this, along with the Sonic 2 port (And hopefully 3&K) on the Wii U. Along with a release of the CD port on it.

  7. spindash? in sonic 1?! haf the challange of sonic 1 was NOT having spindash and having to build up sped and momentum through practice and skill.

    not for me sorry. have bought this far too many times as it is….since 1991!! now, if the master system vesion was released with it as a “bonus” episode…..

  8. SO gonna download this. It’ll be exciting to own a remastered of this on my phone notwithstanding I have MD.emu app!

  9. Wait a minute…
    Now i’m understanding!
    Does anyone here remembers when Sissel Henno said that:
    “In 2013 we’ll create several sonic digital games”
    SEGA will just announce a new Sonic game when they create all the New Sonic Digital Games!

  10. @TheSonicGamer201X
    Um. No. The last digital game could be released in December like sonic cd was (for consoles anyway I forgot when mobile came out) but that’s a good point yeah. I hope it’s more games similar to sonic dash and jump. Not sequels to each other but you know like other genres like jump and dash that are endless. Or if they want to go out and make a whole new bite sized sonic for iOS that has platforming and stuff I’m all for it. I think hardlight knows what they’re doing and sega can trust them to make games just like Sumo Digital.

  11. I’m really hyped for this. Bought the shitty sonic 1 and 2 ports, so we’ll see how well this version turns out. Can’t wait to hear the remastered music.

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